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overstock英 [ˌəʊvəˈstɒk] 美 [ˌoʊvərˈstɑ:k] 


overstock 基本解释

1. The market is overstocked.

overstock 网络解释

1. 存货过剩:overstepped graben 跨覆地堑 | overstock 存货过剩 | overstrain 过度应变

2. 进过多过多存货:overstep 违犯逾越 | overstock 进过多过多存货 | overstow 叠装

3. 进货过多:overstep 超出...的限度 | overstock 进货过多 | overstock 库存过剩

4. 库存过剩,超储:overseas subsidiary 海外子公司 | overstock 库存过剩,超储 | overstocking 库存过剩,超储

overstock 双语例句

1. I see that it is new, is this a factory overstock/blemished item or something of the like?

2. So we need to know how to find more producters and consumers to control shortage and overstock.

3. We would rather decrease the price than overstock a number of the goods.

4. overstock

4. We would rather cutting the price, rather than overstock a large of goods.

5. We'd rather descrease the price to overstock so many goods.

6. overstock的翻译

6. We prefer to low down price rather than overstock a large number of commodity.

7. It is reported that China is now overstock goods reached 3 trillion yuan worth is huge.

8. Economic crisis is the child of market economy, it is invalid overstock character actually, significant demand is insufficient.

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10. The EVT 168 is available from OverStock for $2999 including shipping.
在EVT 168可从库存的二九九九美元包括运费。

11. My national yes machine output mos statet state in the world, the product competitive power at international market suffer still get off to inferiority level, of the therefor numerically-controlled machine, granted that at home market too be faced with austere posture:on the one hand domestic market versus all manner of tool product especially numerically-controlled machine be covered with demand, whereas on the other hand refuse have got not a little made in one's country tool dull sale overstock, abroad tool product overflow market, had a strong impact on me national numerically-controlled machine independence extend momenta into. show such phenomenal face, except to have got manage upper, product quality upper sum sales promotion instrument good cause besides, the development cycle length of the both one upmost cause namely novelty(include fundamental mode, derivative and special machine), be be incapable of in season aim at user's demand supply satisfied product.

12. Invertory management is the core aspect on enterprises management In China, the invertory management is featured with outdated method and low efficiency, which leads to overstock and expensive stock cost It is very important for our enterprises to improve their management level and economical benefits by promoting the inventory management level?

13. We are an outlet store offering past season, closeout and overstock Jordan shoes, authentic designer mercha

14. This paper, aiming at the contradiction, brings forward the thought of combining six sigma concept with inventory management. using six sigma tools, the root source of inventory overstock will be revealed and according process can be improved, thus to achieve the goal of inventory optimizing and customer satisfactory elevating.

15. overstock在线翻译

15. If you keep an overstock of the inventory, expenses will incur not only in warehousing, but also in many other aspects, such asthe capital cost and interest accruing to it, taxes, insurance and obsolescence cost.

16. If you keep an overstock of the inventory, expenses will incur not only in warehousing, but also in many other aspects, such as the capital cost and interest accruing to it, taxes, insurance and obsolescence cost.

17. An effective supply-chain management is capable of avoiding the overstock or understock in various sections of the chain, through which reduces cost of inventory management.

18. overstock

18. Be fully responsible for stock control (quality and quantity, inventory registration) and related report, prevent both overstock and understock.

19. The combination of linear wholesale price contract and inventory cost sharing contract are provided to coordinate drop-shipping supply chain. Under inventory cost sharing contract, the supplier share a part of retailer's understock cost, while the retailer share a part of supplier's overstock cost.(4) When supplier and retailer cooperate in promotion, the Stackelberg game model is developed and the single-stage and multi-stage Stackelberg equilibriums are obtained.

20. If cost is a concern then perhaps yon should look into online auctions for overstock iphone extras.

overstock 单语例句


1. stock excessively