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January英 [ˈdʒænjuəri] 美 [ˈdʒænjueri] 


January 基本解释

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1. I was born on 3 January.

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1. 最佳答案: 一月:最佳答案: 一月:January | 二月:February | 三月:March

2. january:jan; 一月份

January 双语例句

1. January的翻译

1. If you say Yiyue Yiri, instead of Zhengyue Chuyi, most people would mistake it as 1st of January (We get used to expressing Gregorian calendar by Arabic numerals while expressing Yinli by Chinese numerals).

2. In 2005, China First Aviation Industry Group and the Zimbabwe Ministry of Traffic signed a new export contract of two Xinzhou-60 aircraft, which is the first time to export this kind of aircraft. In January 2006, the Chinese government gave Zimbabwe a Xinzhou-60 aircraft as an aid.

3. 120 paediatric cases, suffering from Lobular pneumonia by pulse magnetic field treatment, admitted by our department during the period of January 2008 and October 2008, designing observation group; 120 cases, which were Health check-up the same term, designing control group.

4. January什么意思

4. Then in 1562, Pope Gregory introduced a new calendar for the Christian world, and the new year fell on January first.

5. To all this, United Artists claimed not to understand of its presence in the trial since they neither owned theaters nor practiced block booking. The trial ended in January 1946 finding the eight studios guilty of restraint in trade focusing mainly in block booking and theater pooling.

6. Beginning January 28, it will be on view alongside the legendary Hope, a larger stone but a slightly more drab one, and yet a rock whose allure remains potent enough to have drawn five million visitors to the national collection last year.

7. A role player for the Lakers a year ago after coming over from Orlando in a trade, Ariza showcased ball-hawking defense and an ability to score in transition in limited playing time before breaking a bone in his right foot in January.

8. January

8. Gotthold Ephraim Lessing was born at Kamenz, Germany, January 22, 1729, the son of a Lutheran minister.

9. In 1954 Bissell left Ford to become a special assistant to Allen Dulles in January 1954 Ibid, p.

10. The factory was founded in 1994, specializing in the production and sale of a large battery factory, in January 2004 registered as the owner the right to import and export CO., LTD.

11. January

11. In January, the European Commission expected economies in the European Union to contract 1.8% this year.

12. The full moon of January 30 was explosive for most people, but perhaps less so for you.

13. The clinic closed its doors in Manitoba in January after the provincial health department abruptly changed its mind about allowing it to operate.

14. January的翻译

14. I even wrote a Calcio Debate article around January time where I asked if he was the best defensive midfielder in the world.

15. January

15. Lobito, Angola, 24 Nov – The reconstruction of the railroad line linking Lobito to Luau, in the South of Angola, a project financed by the People`s Republic of China, will begin in January 2006, the head of the Benguela Railroad has said.

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16. Then, on January 12, I flew overnight to the U. S. Air Force base in Aviano, Italy, that had been the center of our NATO air operations over Bosnia, where I boarded one of our new C-17 transport planes for the flight to Taszar Air Base in Hungary, from which our troops were deploying into Bosnia.
随后,在1月12日,我连夜飞到意大利阿维亚诺的美国空军基地,那是北约对波斯尼亚空中行动的指挥中心,在那里我登上一架新的 C-17运输飞机前往我们在匈牙利的塔萨尔空军基地,我们的军队就是从那里派往波斯尼亚的。

17. January的意思

17. A $25, 000, andinterestat 10 per cent per year commencing on January 6, 1998

18. We operate as your sole agents in Australia for a period of three years commencing on January 1

19. January的意思

19. The Kamov Ka-26, which has the NATO codename Hoodlum, was announced in January 1964 as a light commercial helicopter with twin-turbine powerplant and a design making it easily convertible to meet the requirements of several roles.
该卡莫夫嘉- 26,它有北约代号流氓,宣布在1964年1月作为一个光与双涡轮发动机,设计使它很容易转换为符合数个角色的要求,商业直升机。

20. Rajaratnam in January 2008, according to the federal criminal complaint.

January 词典解释

January is the first month of the year in the Western calendar.