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朋 基本解释



1. friend:first; unit: 元 | friend: 朋 | friend: 友

朋 双语例句

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1. 我的一个朋侪昨天来看我了指几多朋友中有一个来看我。
A friend of mine came to see me yesterday.

2. 朋是什么意思

2. 他以及我的一个朋侪结了婚。
He was married to a friend of mine.

3. 目的 探讨高校大学生朋辈辅导培训的实效性,为大学生心理咨询与辅导提供实证依据。
objective to discuss the effect of peer counselor psychological systemic training in university, and to provide evidence for coun seling and consultation.

4. 朋是什么意思

4. 出席典礼的颁奖嘉宾包括康乐及文化事务署署长周达明先生、香港艺术发展局主席马逢国先生和「红楼梦奖」赞助人、香港汇奇化学有限公司董事张大朋先生。
Presenting the award were Mr. Thomas Chow, Director of the Leisure and Cultural Services Department; Mr. Ma Fung-kwok, Chairman of the Hong Kong Arts Development Council; and Mr. Zhang Da-ping, sponsor of the Award and President of Y. Cee Chemicals Ltd.

5. 偶是1名小学生,我正在努力做一名环保小卫士,比如,及时关闭电视,电灯,计算机,不上网玩游戏,用洗过衣服地水拖地,(clean the toilet,用作业薄的背面演草,尽量不使用塑料袋,给同学们发电子贺卡等等,不吃并且告诉周围的淖朋朋友不吃铱诎旺动物,在动物园里不随便给可爱的猴子老虎等投食物等等当然,我知道要想保护自然环境还有好多方面,还需要先进的技术和管理经验,所以我长大了要报环保专业,(for a living planet而永远努力(希望用到take off the light /take off the TV/power source/plastic
Now I'm a pulil and I'm trying my best to be a good guard of protecting environment, for example, to take off the TV lightscomputer on time, to clean the toilet with the water after washing clothes, to draft on the black page of exercise book, to try not to use the plastic bag, to send e-cards to my classmates, not to play games on the internet, not to eat the wild animals and to tell my friends to do so, not to freely feed the mokeys and tigers in the zoo and so on.

6. 又从赫市朋直到辣玛特米兹帕和贝托宁、从玛哈纳殷到罗德巴尔的边境
From Heshbon to Ramath-mizpeh and Betonim, and from Mahanaim to the boundary of Lodebar

7. 大家好!意大利种马朋克乐队Smegma Riot终于来啦!
Hi guys! Finally Smegma Riot, Yidali Zhongma Pengkedui, in town!

8. 在哈克与吉姆搭伴沿着密西西比河漂流时,他们亲眼见证了一系列让人难以置信的社会恐怖事件:河里漂着的死尸,格兰杰福特与谢菲德逊两家的世仇,像金和歇朋上校对博格斯的杀害之类的流氓无赖事件,企图凌迟处死歇朋上校的暴民···所有这些发生在他眼前的事让哈克看到了成年人世界的贪婪,虚伪,残忍,懦弱和自负。
During Huck and Jim's drifting down the river, they witness a series of ridiculous and evil scenes of society: the bodies drifting in the river, the feud between the families of Grangerford and Sherpherdson, rascals like the King and the Duke Colonel Sherburn's killing of Boggs, the mob's attempt to lynch Sherburn.…All these are unfolded before Huck and make him see through the greedy, hypocritical, cruel, cowardly, and vainglorious adults.

9. 朋的近义词

9. 在离开前向你的家人朋亚闼吣愕南敕ā⒚蜗牒涂志濉2⑶胰繁T谀愕酱锖笠约捌浜蟮氖奔涠家?胨?潜3志?5牧?怠S胨?
Talk to your close friends and family about your thoughts, dreams and fears for your new venture before you leave and make sure you keep in regular contact after you arrive and during your time away.

10. 曾任历奇训练导师及已有5年补习经验的我不单热爱与学生建立朋辈关系,更善於以互动教学让学生爱上追求学问。
As a former adventure training instructor and a 5 years experienced tutor, Building peer relationship with passion and making student to love learning by using interactive teaching is my goal and key strengths.

11. 朋

11. 但是盖吉斯朋信任盔甲可靠就像他的人马一直前来一般。磨坊主人的儿子马琪就带着方头棒冲出来,狠狠地对着盖的头盔敲了一下,盖就此倒地不醒。
But Guy of Gisborne, trusting in his mail of proof, came on, as did his man, and Much the miller`s son ran out with his quarter—staff and thwacked the man across his helm, so that he fell down senseless.

12. danci.911cha.com

12. 表示,「你看到像李朋这样的人,会说:『他准备好了!
Ike LeBron, and you say, 'He's ready!'

13. 欢迎收听英国问答节目,在这个节目中我们会尽力解答朋
Welcome to Ask About Britain from BBC Learning English. I`m

14. 一个声名狼藉的小气鬼终于决定要请一次客了。他在向一个朋
Friend how to find his apartment, he said, Come up to the fifth floor and ring the

15. 朋

15. 从朋友那里,不管是男的朋大卫友,女的朋友,已婚朋友还是未婚朋友,我可以获得巨大的满足。
I can get tremendous satisfaction from my friends, male and female, married and single.

16. 你有美国没有女朋美国友/男朋友?
Do you have a girlfriend/boyfriend?

17. 我们真的倍受祝福能有家人和朋友爱著蔼伶,并以她为荣。
We are so blessed to have family and friends who love and and are proud of Virginia.

18. 朋在线翻译

18. 的《The Mask of Zorro》和相似的冒险电影使范朋克成为浪漫、勇敢的英雄人物的荧幕代表,使他的知名度大增,与此同时璧克馥还是出演勇敢、魅力实足的邻家女孩形象。
The Mask of Zorro (1920) and a series of other swashbucklers gave the popular Fairbanks a more romantic, heroic image, and Pickford continued to epitomise the spunky girl next door.