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HCH 双语例句

1. Snce the consumer consders the best frut to be that hch s the most attractve, the groer must provde products that satsfy the dscernng eye.

2. Methods Between June 2004 and June 2005, a total of 30 patients were treated by RFA therapy after suture and ligation surgery (SL group, n = 15, with 18 liver lesions) or RFA therapy without suture and ligation surgery (non-SL group, n = 15, with 17 liver lesions) under general anesthesia.

3. 5 Filter paper, 1 hch (25 mm) square, (3 pieces).
1.5 过滤纸,1 hch(25 毫米)一致,(3 块)。

4. Results Forty three cases were died from cerebral hernia before operation 1 week, in which 30 cases with bilateralis mydriasis, and the other 13 cases with half mydriasis.

5. Objective To explore the clinical significance of Endothelin and Neurotensin on the process of severe Hypertensive Cerebral Hemorrhagecases.
目的 动态观察重型高血压性脑出血患者血浆内皮素和神经降压素的水平含量变化,以探讨其在HCH患者发病过程中的临床意义。

6. CEUS can markedly improve the blood flow signals of hepatic tumor and MFD can provide an important information for differential diagnosis between HCC and HCH after CEUS.

7. HCH什么意思

7. HCH-8200PS to promote, advance thixotropic resin, cloudy appearance for the pingk liquid.

8. The mechansm by hch bran cells store memores s not clearly understood.

9. HCH的近义词

9. Residues of HCH and DDT in typical agricultural soils of Huang-Huai-Hai plain, China. I. Residues in surface soils and their isomeric composition.

10. HCH的意思

10. Hexachlorocyclohexane is an organochlorine insecticide, it has been listed recalcitrant worldwide pollutant due to its toxicity, environmental persistence.

11. HCH的翻译

11. So, two organic pollutants, γ-HCH and 1, 2, 3, 4-TCDD chosen as the main model compounds, a series of batch experiments with 7ml amber glass vials capped with PTFE lined septa employed as the reactors were designed in the lab to study the degradation of organic pollutants by iron, zinc, and bimetal Fe/Pd, Fe/Ag under anaerobic conditions.

12. At early stage (1-3 days), all the patients had only 3 of the erythrocytic indexesraised as compared with the healthy persons (P<0.05), while MCV, MCH, MCHC and RDW were not changed.

13. Promotional advertising gift: plush toys, plastic advertising fan, advertising towel, novelty toothpick boxes, telescopic cup, cartoon cup, HCH, business card folder, nail-modified browser, plastic pen, plastic paper towel tube, album, plastic×°ürange opener, advertising coasters, mouse mats, ashtrays, advertising plastic pens, metal pens, business cards, Block, six-kitchen-bao, pen, binoculars, range of metals, plastics, such as key chain.

14. Environmental endocrine disrupting chemicals does great harm to human being, and the HCH and DDT in soil samples displays the female hormone function, the paper researched that and established a new analytical method.

15. Also, I analyzed PAHs and PAEs. In July, 2004 and February, 2005, I analyzed the raw water samples of six water purification plants in Three Gorges Reservoir Area.
本文运用液-液萃取 GC-ECD 测定水样中的HCH 和DDT;运用液-液萃取 GC-MS 测定水样中的PAHs 和PAEs。

16. This study taking Tianjin as the study area calculated the concentration and transfer flux of γ HCH in all bulks using Matlab based on the assumption of steady state fugacity model.

17. With the temperature decreased, the fugacity capacity of α - HCH and γ - HCH in various environmental media increased.