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flash英 [flæʃ] 美 [flæʃ] 


flash 基本解释

1. Why is that driver flashing his lights at me?

2. The cars flashed past.

1. A car flashed by.

1. A flash of grief came upon her when she heard the news.

2. flash

2. There was a flash of lightning a moment ago.

flash 网络解释

1. 闪客:凡有人群处,就有其尊崇的文化方式,近年来更由于 网络 的盛行, 形成更加多样的的 新文化 :黑客(Hacker)文化、 博客(Blog)文化 、闪客(Flash)文化、以及奇客(Greek)文化 等等,这些文化之间又互有交集.

flash 双语例句

1. China's most authoritative dictionary the most professional mass, sea word dictionary for English learners excellent service: how to say in English flash floods, flash floods of synonyms, antonyms, flash floods in the English translation, a sudden; violent flood; fla.., Most flash floods...
中国最权威最专业的海量词典,海词为英语学习者提供精品词典服务:暴洪的英语怎么说,暴洪的同义词、反义词,暴洪的英文翻译,a sudden; violent flood; fla。。,暴洪最。。。

2. The free-support shuttle design keeps the work area free of cumbersome flash stands, leaving more room to work.

3. After the baby is born, parents prefer to weak light newborns in the maternity ward to take pictures with the flash, not knowing to do so much harm to the newborn.

4. An experimental flash demo of the source code, well used, can be used in teaching.

5. flash的解释

5. Good flash original code, the basis of its own processing, into something of my own!

6. I saw, which was a silver flash, it's my numerous brothers!

7. 911查询·英语单词

7. That star is only a flash in the pan, have several record and then fly low.

8. flash

8. I've heard that some of the teens flash you their bras.

9. Qixian Jinhong Crafts Exclusive sales department perennial supply of a large number of colorful flash LED light-emitting glass red wine goblet!
祁县晋宏工艺品经销部常年大量独家供应发光七彩闪光 LED 玻璃红酒杯高脚杯!

10. But to do it, the normal, downloadable flash file is not suitable.

11. I've pressed the Playback button a second time, and then a third, only to have the image finally flash to the screen after three seconds, then disappear for another two seconds, then reappear.

12. flash什么意思

12. Do not look directly at the flash tube when this thing is on!

13. By making my light source larger than just the area of the small flash tube, I am immediately making my light softer.

14. When the flash tube is triggered, light from it penetrates the ruby.

15. Times via Xe flash tube with discharge resistance of 0.7 to 1Ω.
在5 ~35℃条件下,施加额定工作电压进行5000 次充放电,每次30 秒。通过放电电阻为0.7-1Ω的氙管放电,。

16. flash

16. Searching engine spider is to cannot be read take Flash content.

17. Website of a lot of enterprises can make a begin Flash now, actually this is most abstain from, because the spider is read, do not know Flash.
现在很多企业网站会作个开场flash,其实这是最忌讳的,因为蜘蛛读不懂flash 。

18. flash的解释

18. I'm not the same clay as them; for me FLASH could serve as a carrier of art, he said.

19. flash的反义词

19. All does very well till one flash of defiance.

20. You don't even know how a camera's burst-mode flash works, but you persuade yourself to pay for the extra feature just in case.

flash 词典解释

A flash is a sudden burst of light or of something shiny or bright.

e.g. A sudden flash of lightning lit everything up for a second...
e.g. The wire snapped at the wall plug with a blue flash and the light fused...

If a light flashes or if you flash a light, it shines with a sudden bright light, especially as quick, regular flashes of light.