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壁橱 基本解释

壁橱[bì chú]

壁橱[bì chú]

1. alcove:4 对包括地板、天井和壁橱(Alcove)在内的天花板进行建模 1532 白板(Whiteboard)和辅助出入门的建模和结束 2965 1层和玄关(Porch)的建模 4392 钢缆(Wire)和钢筋构架连接板的建模 537

2. cabinet:Graham Burnett)是普林斯顿大学历史学教授,兼任纽约市布鲁克林区<<壁橱>>(Cabinet)杂志的主编,著有<<陪审团庭审>>(A Trial By Jury)等书. 他的新作是 <<审判海兽>>(Trying Leviathan). 1998年夏天,警察踢开曼哈顿下城一间小公寓的门,

3. built-in wardrobe, closet:wardrobe 衣柜 | built-in wardrobe, closet 壁橱 | chest of drawers 五斗橱

壁橱 双语例句

1. 带来好运的木星现在正在你的田宅宫,这是自1997年以后的第一次,而且你会找到一处宽阔、充满阳光的住所--可能还有不错的视野,和一个很大的壁橱。
Good fortune Jupiter is now in your house of home for the first time since 1997 and will see to it that you find a spacious, sunny dwelling that should offer a view and possibly even big closets.

2. 摘要---加湿器-抽湿机设备的运作,结合水壁橱。
--- A humidifier-dehumidifier device operates in combination with a water closet.

3. 感到恐惧是一件事——Pryrates确实把他吓傻了——而,整个晚上要被困在这黑暗的壁橱里,忍受这样的惩罚,却在同时几乎可以确信,神父已经离开这里,走在返回Hjeldin塔中、他的住处的路上了,这又是另外一件事了。
It was one thing to be frightened—and Pryrates frightened him witless—it was another thing to spend the whole evening locked in a dark closet, and suffer the attendant punishments, when the priest was almost certainly on his way back to his eyrie in Hjeldin's Tower.

4. 主要原因是,空气从二楼装有一个小火炉的壁橱进入到屋里。
Much of the rest was air seeping out of a closet on our second floor, where a small furnace unit was located.

5. 壁橱是什么意思

5. 太阳出来时我一样会笑脸相迎,把太阳镜塞进包堙A从壁橱中取出紧身背心。
When the sun comes out I do greet it with a smile, slipping sunglasses to my purse and pulling a tank top out of my closet.

6. 把你的大皮箱放到壁橱里,一个简易的背包就可以装下外出度周末所需的一切用品。
Leave the trunk in the attic. It is possible to pack everything you need for a weekend getaway in one carry-on bag.

7. 如果你想要一条毛巾,到亚麻布的壁橱里找
If you want a towel, look in the linen closet

8. 如果你需要枕巾的话,可以在亚麻制品壁橱中看看。
If you want a towel, look in the linen closet.

9. 壁橱在线翻译

9. 壁橱上的门安装得不好。
This cabinet door doesn't hang right!

10. 壁橱是什么意思

10. 他在又脏又乱的壁橱里面翻腾着,想找个碗和勺子。
He started raiding the messy cabinets and sink to look for a bowl and a spoon.

11. 灰暗的墙壁嵌板,明**的壁橱,白色的油毯地面。
Paneled walls, bright yellow cabinets, and white linoleum floor.

12. 我会用这个几年前,挥发速度很慢,现在壁橱在那里。
I will use this a few years ago, volatilization is very slow, and now closet are there.

13. 考尔尼太太起身从壁橱里取出另一副杯碟。
Mrs. Corney rose to get another cup and saucer from the closet.

14. 我从壁橱里取出枪,装了两发子弹在衣袋里,出去了。
I took my gun out of the closet and put two bullets in my pocket and went out.

15. 如果你有一个备用单一衣柜,适合于在两三书架昧巾别忘工具等你不会有万丈壁橱或碗柜下楼梯-所有hidey坑洞你代为理所当然!
If you have a spare single wardrobe, fit two or three shelves in to hide away towels, tools etc. Don`t forget you won`t have an airing cupboard or a cupboard under the stairs – all those hidey holes that you took for granted!

16. 耳朵糖果获得的乐器中超过85%都是那些在某人壁橱藏灰的乐器!
Over 85% of the instruments given to Ear Candy were in someone`s closet collecting dust!

17. 庞大的主人套房两个大宽敞的壁橱。
Stainless appliances and tons of cabinet space for storage.

18. 是指住宅分户门内全部可供使用的净面积的总和,包括卧室、起居室、厅、厨房、卫生间、壁橱、阳台和室内走道、室内楼梯等等。
It refers to the total area of supplied in the housing residence gate, including bedroom, living room, hall, kitchen, bathroom, cabernet, balcony, staircase in room and so on.

19. 如果您妥善保存它在一个壁橱,你可以给它一个衣柜,永远。
If you tuck it in a closet, you may leave it in a closet, forever.

20. 这次,我记得,我躺在橡木壁橱里,并且很清晰的听见外面的大风,还有被风吹的雪的声音。我听着,还是,冷杉还是不断发出烦人的声音,认为是它造就了这些。我实在是受不了它了,觉得要让它安静下来,如果可能的话。想着,我就站起来,费力想推开窗扉。
This time, I remembered I was lying in the oak closet, and I heard distinctly the gusty wind, and the driving of the snow; I heard, also, the fir bough repeat its teasing sound, and ascribed it to the right cause: but it annoyed me so much, that I resolved to silence it, if possible; and, I thought, I rose and endeavoured to unhasp the casement.