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极有可能 双语例句

1. 他极有可能成为我们新的执行长。
He is very likely to become our new CEO.

2. 这里所附的条件作为不确定的事实必须是因自然进程而发生或不发生的;而在现实生活中,因条件的成就或不成就而受利益或不利益的当事人,极有可能以不正当的行为促成或阻碍条件的成就或不成就,即构成条件成就与不成就的拟制。
The conditions here as the uncertainty attached must be caused by natural or non-occurrence. In real life, because of the conditions of success or non-achievement by the interests or the interests of the parties is not very likely to lead to irregular conditions or impede achievement or non-achievement, that constitute the conditions of fiction and non-achievement.

3. 监听工程师的首要义务是让音乐家在舞台上觉得舒服和快乐,音乐家快乐了以后就极有可能会释放出最大的热情。
The monitor engineer's foremost job is to make musicians comfortable and happy on stage, and if the musicians are happy, they're quite likely to deliver their best performance.

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4. 参考翻译:来自Diversitas Group组织的全球生物多样性专家称,世界领导设立的2010年生物物种减少的目标极有可能不会实现。
The Diversitas Group, rather, of global experts on biodiversity said it`s appeared increasingly likely that reduction targets set by world leaders for 2010 would not be met.

5. 美国众议院议长有时极有当总统的可能(因为总统职位虚悬时他是第二继承人)。
House of Representatives Speaker sometimes stood only a heartbeat away from the Presidency.

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6. 当他被允许驾驶车辆,他极有可能是不完全的命令,他的反应和动作的汽车。
When he is allowed to drive a vehicle, he most probably is not in full command of his reflexes and the movements of the car.

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7. 不要轻易打开陌生人的邮件附件,如果发现邮件中无内容,无附件,邮件自身的大小又有几十K或者更大,那么此邮件中极有可能包含有病毒;如果附件为可执行文件或word文档时,要选择用杀毒软件的扫描查毒察看;如果发现收到的邮件对方地址非常陌生,域名对极不像正常的国内邮箱,那就很有可能是收到病毒了;如果是双后缀那么极有可能是病毒,因为邮件病毒会选择隐藏在附件中,直接册除即可。
Do not open e-mail attachments from strangers, if we find that the message has no text, no attachments, e-mail and scores of their own size K or greater, then the message may contain a virus; if the annex for the executable file (. exe, . com), or word document, choose to use antivirus software to scan查毒View; If it is found that the other e-mail address received a very strange, very unlike the normal domain of domestic mail, it is likely virus has been received; if it is then double-suffix is the virus most likely because the e-mail virus may choose to hide in the annex, in addition to direct register.

8. 罗马的总执行官普兰德极有可能搭乘明天开往法国的飞机去正式签下朗斯的中场球员迪亚拉。
Roma director general Daniele Prade is expected to jump on a plane tomorrow for France to close the signing of Lens midfielder Alou Diarra.

9. 既然是谈,美国极有可能劝说朝鲜继续履行业已达成的弃核承诺,同时也会向韩国施压。
I realize later, with some degree of understanding, that Mike was the hunter holding me down and I am the bird that longs to fly.

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10. 这些官方数据极有可能低估了住宅市场泡沫的规模。
Having a quality- adjusted property price index is a critical base for timely policy decisions.

11. 另一个关于遗产税的争论就是大额的遗赠极有可能让人们脱离工作和失去事业心。
Another argument for death duties is that big bequests make people less likely to work and to be enterprising.

12. 在是否就劳工问题出台一个国际性的统一的劳工标准上,各国由于利益不同有各自不同的立场,极有可能成为新一轮多边贸易谈判的讨论问题。
Whether to come out an international labour standard comforming to one principle, atandard, since benifts differ from one country to another, this problem may be become the discussion problem of the new round of multiateral trade negotiations.

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13. 本研究所选用的药物对晶状体钠泵均有明显的影响作用,在分子水平、细胞水平、组织器官水平均有特异的表现:1、哇巴因、地高辛、二甲基亚砜三种药物可降低晶状体钠泵α亚单位在 mRNA水平的表达,在细胞形态和超微结构上表现为损伤效应,提示了其潜在的导致白内障的可能。2、D甲状腺素、两性霉素B、维生素 E三种药物可升高晶状体钠泵α亚单位在 mRNA水平的表达,从细胞形态和超微结构上的表现,提示了其对晶状体有保护作用或抗损伤效应。3、药物作用于晶状体钠泵具有重整异构特异性,提示了开发出特异的具有重整异构作用的药物是极有临床应用前景的。4晶状体钠泵抑制后可能导致白内障的发生,故临床用药,尤其是心内科医生在使用这些钠泵抑制剂时应注意调整用药剂量及药物疗程。5 通过抑制晶状体钠泵来制作白内障动物模型能否成为一种经典的制作方法,还有待于进一步研究。
Each medicine used in the study totally has obivious effect on lens sodium-pump. Either on the molecular and cellular level or on the histological and organic level, they all have their distinctive demonstration. 1.Ouabain、Digoxine、DMSO decrease the expression of αsubunit of sodium pump on mRNA level, the cell morphology and ultramicroscopic structure demonstrated destructive effect, it indicates the cause of cataract of the medicines.2.D-thyroxine、Amphotericin B、Vitamin E increase the expression of αsubunit of sodium pump on mRNA level, from the demonstration of the cell morphology and ultramicroscopic structure, it indicates the medicines have protective or anti-distructive effect on lens.3.The medicines have isoform-specific action on lens sodium-pump, it indicates exploitting isoform-specific medicine has a promising clinical application.4. Lens sodium-pumps are inhibited probably lead to cataract, so in clinical medication, especially to the cardiovascular doctor, while he is using the sodium-pump inhibitors, he should pay more attention to adjust the dosage and duration of the drug therapy. 5. To creat the animal model of cataract through inhibiting lens sodium-pump, whether it can be a kind of classical method or not, it is worthy of further research.

14. 在露天矿场开采过程中,随著开采深度的增大,其边坡越来越高,特别是对於那些存在不稳定因素的高陡边坡,倘若受爆破震动的影响,极有可能造成边坡的失稳破坏,危及安全生产甚至影响矿山的正常生产秩序。
As the quarry operation evolve, the deeper the pit, the higher and steeper of the highwall, and thus, the influence of blasting vibration may affect the potentially unstable slope which may cause safety problem and result in the shut-down of the overall mining operation.

15. 这些记载中都大都能够令人相信,国家之间的结盟经常以皇室联婚来加以隐固,尼布甲尼撤二世极有可能迎娶了一位伊朗公主。
The Hanging Gardens of Babylon (also known as Hanging Gardens of Semiramis)(near present-day Al Hillah in Iraq) are considered one of the original Seven Wonders of the World.

16. 我们发现这些哀变道的分支比比较小,一般说来,这些小分支比的稀有哀变道对新物理比较敏感,可以用来检验标准模型,确定标准模型中的参数,并极有可能或为新物理存在的证据和信号。
Utilizing the B meson wave function which constrained by non-leptonic decays, we give a detailed pheonenological analysis of the decays B_q→γvv and Bq →γ l l-, whose branching ratio orders are around 10~(-9). Generally speaking, these channels are sensitive to new physics, and probably they give the evidence and signal of new physics.

17. 高胆固醇所诱发产生的细胞激素,能抑制脂肪细胞脂泌素的分泌,此极有可能是家族相关的严重原发性高胆固醇血症患者脂泌素降低的机转。
It is postulated that extreme hypercholesterolemia in FRSPH patients may elicit secretion of cytokines which in turn decrease the secretion of adiponectin.

18. 这极有可能与古希腊有关。
There is probably a connection with ancient Greece.

19. 911查询·英语单词

19. 由此看来,在PE尚未充分展开即牛转熊的当口,企业投钱极有可能呈现以下几大趋势:第一,看不到未来情况不明的,本能反应就地趴下,宁可把钱冷冻。
By this token, have not spread out adequately in PE namely of Niu Zhuaixiong when the mouth, the enterprise casts money to present the following big trends extremely likely: The first, cannot see prospective circumstance is unidentified, natural reaction on the spot bends over below, would rather freeze Qian Leng.