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2051 双语例句

1. APA2051 integrates 1.the stereo audio speaker amplifier with gain setting, 2.cap-free stereo headphone driver.

2. The curtain controller 89C2051 the minimum system design, control of a 220V reversible, variable speed motor control and opened the curtains closed.
该窗帘控制器采用 89C2051 单片机的最小系统设计,控制一个 220V 的可逆、变速电动机控制窗帘的拉开和关闭。

3. The system developed in the thesis for real-time measurement and control as well as the software has been tested on EMCD-Ⅲ(Error Measurement and Control Device) developed by the research group. In order to realize control under Windows, low lever interface board is consisted of AT89C2051 chips which control drive motor and count linear grating, encoder with special assembler. The communication is realized by ISA bus and C language interface and the basic function of control are provided on microcomputer. U...
本文在课题组自行研制的EMCD-Ⅲ误差测控仪上开发了实时测控系统及其配套软件-为实现Windows 下控制,研制了底层接口板采用AT89C2051 芯片,用专用汇编语言控制驱动电机和光栅尺、编码盘的计数,并通过微机的ISA 总线实现通信,在微机上设计C 语言接口,提供控制的基本函数;高层以VC++5-0 为开发工具,完成界面及误差数据的采集、控制、分析和处理过程

4. Further more, a 89C2051 is used in the phase conversion of the step motor, the system got simplified.

5. The AT89C2051 chip design at the core, with the necessary peripheral circuits, designed a simple digital clock, it is powered by 5V DC power supply.

6. In addition, the AT89C2051 is designed with static logic for operation down to zero frequency and supports two software selectable power saving modes.

7. 2051什么意思

7. In addition, the AT89C2051 is designed with static logic for operation down to zero frequencyand supports two software selectable power saving modes.

8. 2051

8. Touch strength sensor; Signal processing; A/D converter; AT89C205 single-chip computer; Method for figure filter
吉林大学;马景存触力传感器;信号处理; A/D转换器; AT89C2051单片机;数字滤波方法

9. \u0039\u0031\u0031\u67E5\u8BE2\u00B7\u82F1\u8BED\u5355\u8BCD

9. This topic mainly adopts monolithic integrated circuit AT89C2051 to design a practical digital inductance reflectoscope reflector, the scope of inductance quantity survey is 0.1mH~20H, uses two half digital demonstration, the biggest demonstration number is 199, the Reading unit unifies with mH, the measuring range divides four keep bracket, the reading respectively rides by the corresponding percentage.

10. this paper introduces a new kind of negative ionizer based on at89c2051 microcontroller.

11. The steper motor system uses AT89C2051 as a sequential controller and ULN2003 as a driver. Its main function is to switch the ray filters automatically, so as to protect UV image augmentor according to light intensity.
应用AT 89C 2051作为时序控制、ULN 2003作为驱动器的步进电机系统,能够实现根据光强变化而自动切换滤光片的功能,从而保护紫外像增强器。

12. Analyzes the emergency light technology survey first, proposed that uses the LED illumination the merit, this lighting control system's master-control unit take at89C2051 monolithic integrated circuit as a foundation.

13. The source program using assemble Language is given.

14. In the paper, a microcomputer sound system based on AT89C51 and ISD25120 is introduced.
摘 要:介绍了由Flash单片机AT89C2051及数码语音芯片ISD25120组成的电脑语音系统。

15. 2051什么意思

15. The circuit design for LED large screen display is proposed in this paper.

16. 2051在线翻译

16. The 2051 provides a reliable differential, gage, and absolute pressure measurement with a variety of output protocols, materials and process connections.

17. Rosemount 1199 diaphragm seals can be attached to Rosemount 3051S, 3051, 2051, 3095, and 2088 differential, gage, and absolute pressure transmitters.

18. 2051

18. According to statistics of Ministry of the Interior, there are 2, 287, 029 elder people in Taiwan currently. A researcher predicted that the proportion of the elders will be over 37.0% at the year of 2051. In other words, aging is a serious problem in Taiwan, and the numbers of dementia elders are getting more and more. Patients with dementia almost have problems on speaking, memory, recognizing and so on, what influences not only the patients but also their carers and family seriously.

19. Use of the red remote control curtain Department Author: Xu cost of introducing the new management of the use of microcomputer, infrared remote control of the multi-function controller curtains.

20. Of hardware systems and software systems to achieve, analysis and design of a thyristor-based exchange AT89C2051 MCU Power Regulator.

2051 单语例句

1. These percentages are predicted to more than double and triple by 2051 respectively.