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1749 双语例句

1. 1749的意思

1. It probably originated in Germany in the mid-15th century; the earliest extant dated bookplate (1516) is German.

2. 1749的反义词

2. Henan in accordance with the National Bureau of Statistics Survey Organization survey analysis, according to the current migrant workers each time an average of 3.6 months to work, wage calculation of a monthly income of 1749 yuan for each labor wage total revenue for the year 6296 yuan; in 2007, the province`s farmers operate the average household total income 5401 yuan, equivalent to only a wage income of 86%.

3. At present, the county has 3.3 million mu of orchard, flower 1.2 million, respectively, the area of arable land accounting for 76.6% and 27.8%, an annual output of 25, 000 tons high-quality apples, 6, 000 tons of yellow, Apple revenue 30 million yuan, 1749 yuan per capita, income annua four million yuan, 233 yuan per capita, respectively, the total revenue accounted for 47.92 million yuan of economic 60% and 8%, representing the township, 2198 yuan per capita net income of 88.6% and 10.6%, with an increase in income, so that part of the masses took to the well-off road, the level of consumption had changed markedly; the township, more than 30 farmers built a small house, 10 more than the family farmers to buy cars, the installation of more than 3700 households in the masses of the residential telephone, 90% of households purchased a motorcycle, home theater, multimedia computers, digital cameras into the homes of ordinary people.

4. 1749

4. Besides Force recon QX4, vigor gamingcompany proposes modest and correspondingly more accessible force recon QXN 2399 dollars.
除了武力侦察qx4 ,充满活力的游戏公司建议谦虚并相应地更容易部队侦察qxn ( 2399美元),部队侦察开刀( 1559美元)和部队侦察nxe ( 1749美元)。

5. 1749在线翻译

5. Francesco Antonio Bonporti (11 June 1672 – 19 December 1749) was an Italian priest and amateur composer.
弗朗西斯安东尼邦波尔蒂(1672年6月11日- 1749年12月19日)是一位意大利神父和业余作曲家。

6. The City of Alexandria, Virginia, founded in 1749, was also originally included within the District.

7. 1749

7. The Home Cinema 8100 is rated at 1800 lumens, and its Dynamic mode produces 1749 lumens at default settings.

8. In 1749 he wrote Proposals Relating to the Education of Youth in Pennsylvania; its publication led to the establishment in 1751 of the Philadelphia Academy, later to become the University of Pennsylvania.

9. Settled c. 1749 by colonists from Connecticut, it is a manufacturing center.

10. P5 o; A 1749. Wherever an ass falleth, there will be never fall again.

11. His two famous novels Joseph Andrews (1742) and Tom Jones (1749), stamped with the indelible brand of the art of tramp novel.

12. The laccase activity of Flammulina velutipes was improved remarkably as it was inoculated after activation and grew in a shaking fermentor, and it reached 1749 IU/mL at 180 r/min for 6 days.

13. On this day in 1749, a troupe of English actors perform Cato, by Joseph Addison, in a warehouse in Philadelphia.

14. 1749的意思

14. This year, Haikou City very active second-hand housing transaction volume for 3718, representing growth of 51 percent over the same period last year, but the area is 627, 800 square meters, the same period last year grew by 46%, turnover of 1.089 billion yuan with the growth compared to last year, up 83 percent, the average closing price of 1749 yuan/sq m, reaching a higher level.
今年,海口市非常活跃的二手房交易量为3718 ,增加了51个比去年同期,但该地区是六十二点七八○万平方米,比去年同期增长了46 %,营业额1.089亿元,与上年相比的增长幅度,高于83点,平均收市价一七四九元/平方米,达到一个更高的水平。