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4WD 双语例句

1. Thanks to this 110, 000KM 4WD, we have had lots of fun skiing in the past years.

2. The 2WD championship was already decided in favour of Ellis Stafford's X-Factory X6, the 4WD title however had come down to the last meeting with only three possible winners, Lee Martin, Ellis Stafford and Chris Doughty.
该2wd锦标赛已经决定在赞成埃利斯斯塔福德的X工厂x6 ,四轮驱动的名称,但已下降到最后一次会议上,只有三种可能的得奖者,李马丁,埃利斯斯塔福德和Chris doughty 。

3. Sequoia is equipped with Toyota's STAR Safety System, which includes VSC, and TRAC (2WD models) or A-TRAC (Active-Traction Control)(4WD models), ABS with EBD (electronic brake force distribution) and Brake Assist.
红杉配备了丰田的STAR安全系统,其中包括万顺昌,和TRAC或A - Trac系统(4WD车型),ABS与开机片和制动辅助系统。

4. 4WD的解释

4. All Colorado/Canyons, including the Hummer H3, are fitted with 6-lug rims (6 lugs - 5.5 {139.7 mm} bolt circle both the 2WD and 4WD rims have the same backspacing.
所有科罗拉多/溪谷,包括悍马H3,装有6卢格轮辋(6耳- 5.5(139.7毫米)螺栓圆);两个后轮驱动和四轮驱动轮辋具有相同的退格。

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5. CRV and RAV4, in a sense that it gave good quality 4WD function and yet a good suburban sporty drive for people who wants something outstanding that the other brands can`t offer.

6. It will be sold in either 2WD or 4WD.

7. She picked me up with her Suzuki 4WD in the airport.

8. Since it is based on the Life/Zest platform there is likelihood that the new model could have 4WD.

9. 4WD什么意思

9. Many Team Associated fans from all over the world have asked us when we are going to build a 4WD buggy.

10. With its grippy 4WD system you won't get stuck, either!

11. Pick up from your hotel by 4WD Car.

12. The one way lube works, as the name suggests, very well on one way bearings such as those in the 2-speed gearbox and 4wd front axle, while the premium lube is a good all round lubricant for use in the cars transmission and can even be used as after run oil.

13. You know it's a sand island, you should have a 4WD vehicle to move on the island, to drive on the inland road is sometimes bumpy. Most of our time was to drive on the 75 mile beach in the east coast, it's much flatter except for the creeks ups and downs and sometimes the vehicle had to bypass the seawater.

14. It includes an electric Remote Free Wheel hub system that allows shifting between 2WD and 4WD while driving up to 100 km/h. Back on solid roads and in 2WD mode, pushing the'RFW'button automatically disconnects the front differential and prop shaft from the front wheels.

15. Ellis finished the 2007 BRCA series in 5th with his X-6 in 2wd and 6th in 4WD with the X 5 Squared.
艾利斯完成了2007年brca一系列在第五与他的X六在2wd和第六,在与四轮驱动的X - 5平方。

16. 4WD 45-65HP Front axle and real axle is characterized by well sealed in water and high driving force.
4WD 45-65HP型拖拉机前、后桥总成具有优良的水田密封性且驱动力大。

17. 4WD什么意思

17. Following the release of their brushless conversion Losi have released the 8ight-E 4WD Buggy Race Roller, a competition buggy chassis that has been hand assembled and is nearly ready to hit the track right out of the box.
以下为释放他们的无刷转换losi释放8ight E型四轮驱动车比赛辊,竞争小车底盘已组装,一方面是近准备击中轨道的权利,出于对方块。