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curb英 [kɜ:b] 美 [kɜ:rb] 


curb 基本解释

1. Measures have been taken to curb inflation.

1. The public demanded a curb on military spending.

2. He parked his car close to the curb.

curb 网络解释

1. curb什么意思

1. 路边:城市垃圾车来运垃圾的当天,史密斯夫妇通常把搭配好颜色和形状的塑料桶摆成直线放在车道(driveway)边(有些邻居会把三个垃圾罐摆成三角形,四个摆成正方形,多个的话就摆在草地上与路边(curb)平行,但是史密斯夫妇有他们自己的

2. 控制:种类在前是点燃(kindle),蛇儿乘风来骗取(swindle),弟弟随风日渐少(dwindle)离开爱的要忍耐(abide),不爱你的要等待(bide)一条卷发(curl)他简短(curt),不要控制(curb)到凝乳(curd)Lucy刻苦攻读(lucubrate),

3. curb在线翻译

3. 路缘石:早上来到工地就看到一台预拌混凝土车停在工地中,在灌注混凝土到路缘石(curb)的模板中,工人们也拿著铲子将刚从预拌混凝土车中倒出来的混凝土拨到模板内的四周,比较特别的是这混凝土看起来十分的浓稠,可见是低坍度(拌和水量较低)的混凝土.

curb 双语例句

1. It is in the world interest to avoid drifting into a widening division between the have and have-not nations; to help develop the practical means for the United Nations to keep the peace; to preserve and restore our natural environment; to use the natural resources of the sea for the benefit of all; to ensure that the increase in population does not impair the quality of life; to curb narcotics traffic; to end sky piracy and the kidnapping and murder of diplomats; to ensure that the human rights of prisoners of war not be violated.

2. curb

2. The concept of a noumenon is thus a merely limiting concept, the function of which is to curb the pretensions of sensibility; and it is therefore only of negative employment.

3. His horse, Buck, and the Borden's wagon were still at the curb and when Grandma looked him over...

4. Firstly to clean the face with cell activation cleanser, activating the cell's regeneration ability, and then use regeneration whitening essence to curb harmful pigment regeneration and maintain the original skin elasticity, and finally use oil-free whitening cream.

5. Beijing says these measures were retaliation for Japan `s decision in April to curb import of Chinese … mushroom, spring onion and ….

6. These pills are guaranteed to curb your appetite if used as directed. Take two before each meal with a glass of water and a double cheeseburger

7. Now theres an answer to curb this bad habit and make yourself more productive.

8. curb什么意思

8. The city has made a concerted effort to curb pollution, clean up and pedestrianize the streets, spiff up the museums, build a new airport and invest in one of Europe's better public-transit systems.

9. Our emissions trading concept has become the centerpiece of the Kyoto Protocol. In addition, eight of the world's la rgest corporations have joined with Environmental Defense in making commitmen ts to reduce their own emissions of greenhouse gases. We also persuaded McDon ald's to replace bulky foam-plastic hamburger boxes, helped curb antibiotic u se in animals for food production, and helped FedEx develop a delivery truck that is 50% more fuel-efficient.
Environmental Defense提出的排污权交易概念成为《京都议定书》的核心思想;世界最大企业中的8个与Environmental D efense合作,自愿削减他们的温室气体排放;Environmental Defense 成功地说服了麦当劳停止使用泡沫塑料汉堡包盒子;减少动物食品中抗生素的使用;以及帮助联邦快递公司引入燃料利用率提高了50%以上的新型递送卡车。

10. Practice at a moderate speed, standing and coasting right off the curb from the upper level to the lower level.

11. He was at the curb in that black Buick.

12. In an effort to curb the relentless rise in steel prices and bolster their own frail finances, some auto makers are beginning to push back on price increases, saying they won't pay surcharges on agreed-upon supply contracts.