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gd 基本解释

1. High homology exists among t he hemagglutinins of GD1/96 and other 4 influenza virus isolated from huma n, chicken, duck and goose respectively during 1997 Hong Kong Avian Flu which implys that all the viruses can be classified into Eurasian lineage of H5 subty pe AIVs.
GD1/9 6株与1997年香港禽流感事件中的4株香港流感病毒分离株(分别来自人、鸡、鸭和鹅)的HA基因的高度同源性说明它们可能起源于同一种系,但NS基因的差异说明它们分属于不同的基因群系。

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2. Audio-gd also makes other hi-fi gear, including a couple of headphone amps, so, after another head-fi'er blew up at me asking why I still had a link to an eBay seller in the Zero FAQ who'd had a couple of major customer issues, I decided to do one better, and asked the owner of Audio-gd if he could make something similar to the Zero, for about the price of a fully-upgraded model.
他接受了一些对他设计的建议。Audio-gd同样制造其他HIFI器材,像很多耳放。在一个坛友指问我后,为什么我有个ebay卖家的链接在ZERO DAC 的问答贴里面,这个卖家有许多纠纷。我决定找个更好的,我问audio-gd的老板是否能做个类似ZERO DAC那样的产品。

3. The Gd-Co films reported here were prepared by radio frequency sputtering and have been proved to have uniaxial anisotropy perpendicular to the film plane.

4. The entire palace room executes octagonal stone column 16, in the palace 4 golden column relief grasps the oak to hold the whip the bearing broad warrior, lively You Long, the natural dance phoenix, floating wants the fresh flying apsaras, the huge perfectly round p'anlung sc gd and so on, these relief hard and soft fusion attracts attention.12 eave columns besides 4 for the solid colored, other 8 also decorated with reliefs, the picture has the lotus, the chrysanthemum, the volume grass, the flying apsaras, to sit Buddha, the lotus flower metaplasia, the phoenix play peony, the peacock to put on the flower as well as the group crane noisy lotus and so on.

5. Yu yongzhan Deputy Director in November last year, held in the third national business card printing and membership card production manager's annual meeting that the 2004 in China business card printing and membership card making industry at producers'value reached the 2775 billion, or about GD

6. The synthesis of nano-sized Y1.34Gd0.6Eu0.06O3 powder by using an AHC precipitation technique was investigated.

7. After thorough examination of the Agricultural Meteorological Measur-ing System of the Japanese EKO Instruments Trading Co., itsapplication software is developed and expanded to incorporated the measure-ment of atmospheric pressure and the function of processing is extended. The revised system may now print out automatically weather reports inconformity with the regulations laid down in GD-01-Ⅱ published by theState Weather Bureau. Thus the improved system constitutes a fully auto-matic wired telemet...

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8. Their complexes existed in different protonated forms indifferent pH ranges, for example, La existed in diprotonated formas pH, in monoprotonated as 35. The importances of these results are that they can be used toexplain the pH dependences of 〓 shift abilities by paramagneticRE complexes, the luminescent properties of Tb andthe relaxation of GdTTHA).

9. Results il lustrated that the size of SnO2 crystal particle prepared with sol- gel method is owing to nanometer-size.
结果表明,溶胶-凝胶法制备的电极为纳米涂层电极,表面裂纹较少,晶体发育完全,有利于SnO2,Gd2 O3和吸附氧的表面聚集,进而提高了电催化电极的性能。