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ABR 基本解释

1. 厌氧折流板反应器:4 升流式厌氧污泥床(UASB)生物处理技术7.1 厌氧膨胀颗粒污泥床(EGSB)反应器7.3 厌氧折流板反应器(ABR)工艺

2. 区域边界路由器:2) 区域边界路由器(ABR)将非主干区域连接到区域0,建议每台ABR连接的区域数最多不超过3个,最理想的设计是每台ABR只连接两个区域:主干区域和一个非主干区域;6) 7类:为次末节区域(NSSA)定义的

3. 聚丙烯酸酯:、聚丙烯酸酯(ABR)行业下游介绍二、聚丙烯酸酯(ABR)行业下游发展状况分析三、聚丙烯酸酯(ABR)行业下游对聚丙烯酸酯(ABR)行业影响力分析第十二章 聚丙烯酸酯(ABR)重点企业发展分析第十三章 聚丙烯酸酯(ABR)行业投资策略分析第

4. abr:auditory brainstemresponses; 听性脑干反应

5. abr:anaerobic battle reactor; 厌氧折流板反应器

6. abr:auditory brainstem responses; 听性脑干诱发电位

ABR 双语例句

1. Scheduling is the operation to multiplex of different classes and/or kinds of traffic in a switch output port.

2. ABR的反义词

2. Congestion control; Multipoint-to-point connection; ABR service; ATM
拥塞控制;多点对点连接; ABR业务; ATM网

3. ABR

3. The author thinks that congestion control of computer networks has much inherent property of distributed control system. Intuitively, the framework of explicit rate-based flow control defined in TM4.0 is modeled as the first order system with delay. Regarding the queue length as control object, the regulative system is devised applying with fuzzy control theory. The algorithm fairly and effectively allocates the available bandwidth among all active ABR virtual connection. The results and analysis of simulation show that this proposed novel algorithm has very good all-around performance.

4. As for 60 patients with MV, 45 suffered from motion sckness; 20 were sensitive to motion; 32 had photophobia and phonophobia; 45 had migraine; 16 had abnormal ocular motion function; 3 had abnormal cerebral MRI and 40 had abnormal results in high stimulating rate ABR.

5. The threshold of CDM-CEP and ABR were 85±3.54 dB SPL and 37±4.47 dB SPL in normal control group, and 89±6.52 dB SPL and 40±3.54 dB SPL in Ad-Math1-EGFP scala vestibuli delivery group, respectively. There was no significant difference existed between control group and Ad-Math1-EGFP scala vestibuli delivery group.
短声刺激下,对照组大鼠CDM-CEP的阈值为85±3.54dB SPL,ABR阈值为37±4.47dB SPL;实验组大鼠CDM-CEP的阈值为89±6.52dB SPL,ABR阈值为40±3.54dB SPL;对照组大鼠的游泳时间为4.0±0.71s,实验组为5.0±0.71s,两组之间比较差异均无统计学意义。

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6. Methods 20 guinea pigs were randomly divided into the experimental group and control group. By perfusing the antibody to GLAST into tympanic canal in the cochlea of guinea pigs in experimental group and artificial perilymph into the guinea's cochlea in control group, the results of ABR, basilar membrane stretched preparation and transmission electron microscope were observed.

7. Methods Fifty white guinea pigs with normal hearing were randomly divided into the control group, ligustrazine group and traditional Chinese drug group. The alternations of hearing function were evaluated by the examination of auditory brainstem response. Some specimens were perfused by AgNO3 and observed the damage of bristle cell. And some were sent for immunohistochemistry to detect the expression of iNOS. Results Compared with the control group, the threshold of ABR in ligustrazine group and TCD group were tignificantly different.

8. ABR的意思

8. The VFA production was significantly greater and accumulated in the system.

9. Objective To study the relationship of thresholds of tone pip auditory brain stem responses and pure tone andiometry in adults with sensorineural hearing loss and to evaluate the possible estimation of pure tone behavioral thresholds using tone pip-evoked ABR.
目的 研究感音神经性听力损失成年人气导和骨导短音诱发的ABR反应阈与纯音听阈的关系,探讨短音ABR在估计纯音听阈方面的应用价值。

10. The cholesteatoma were removed through post-sigmoid sinus approach without partial amputation of trigeminal posterior root.

11. ABR是什么意思

11. Objective To observe the changes of DPOAE and ABR in animal model of cerebral concussion of Wistar rats.
目的 探讨Wistar大鼠脑震荡模型双耳DPOAE及ABR改变的特点。

12. Methods: All 8742 newborns received hearing screening test by DPOAE 72 hours after birth and re-screening tests were performed for infants who failed to pass the screening test 42 days after birth. Those who failed to pass re-detect would received auditory brainstem response test. They would be given the overall audiologic diagnosis and assessment within 3-4 months to definite the property and degree of their hearing loss for infants who failed to pass the ABR test.

13. ABR是什么意思

13. Methods Wave V thresholds were obtained using click and tone burst ABR on each patient.

14. ABR的意思

14. Objective To compare the difference of threshold estimation determined using the multiple auditory steady state responses, the tone burst auditory brain stem responses and behavior audiometry in a group of infants and young children with sensorineural hearing loss, and to investigate correlation and differences between the response thresholds of MASSR, Tb-ABR and behavioral auditory thresholds in deaf children.

15. We infected DML (5ml/Kg) into DML guinea pigs and infected saline (5ml/Kg) into control guinea pigs every day.

16. ABR prolongs the flow, enhance mixing and meeting between sludge and substance, strengthen effectively the matter transfer without increase volume of ABR. The flow in ABR is similar to the ideal flow which complete fixing partial and plug flow whole; (6) It is necessary that keeping plentiful sludge in ABR with good running, but channel flow will form when sludge is too much, which will effect the forming of granuler sludge and efficency of reactor, so it is suitable that the height of sludge bed lower than two thirds of effective depth. Seven are setup between chamber in order to preserve sludge in reactor and chambers, and large number of coast can be pincl if this means is adopted in projects; (7) The comparation results between measure data and forecast data prove that the kenetic model is good when forecast COD of outflow from chambers.

17. ABR的意思

17. Systemly measures COD and VFA and pH and alkalinity of outflow and methane yield and temperature, calculates COD removal rate and cubage loading and hydraulic loading, studies the running rule of ABR and its chambers, for the first time discusses and analyse the phenomenon of acidification phase separating with methane phase and the mode of increase loading Reactor acidification and comeback are studied. Hydraulic characteristics is analysed by tracing experiment. The relationship of sludge quantity in ABR with running and sludge granulation is discussed by observation channel phenomenon and sludge granulation. Analysis of running parameter indicates that sludge loading can image generally the factor influencing reactor running, and for the first time edgeout substance concentration by sludge loading in monod model, and found a biology digestion kenetic model, at last calculate kenetic parameters using experimental date and make comparation between measure date and fore cast date.

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18. The stereocilium ultra structural changes were examined with scanning electron microscope. Result Compared with group B and D, group C showed significantly lower ABR threshold (P0.05), and the morphological lesion of cochlear hair cells were also similar. Conclusion TianGu granule has obvious prevention effect on noise-induced hearing loss.
结果 与B、D组比较,C组豚鼠的ABR阈值、外毛细胞缺失率均明显降低(P<0.05),波潜伏期显著缩短(P<0.01),光镜及电镜下耳蜗毛细胞受损程度均较轻,光镜下血管纹呈轻度缺血;与B组比较,D组豚鼠的ABR阐值明显降低(P0.05),光镜及电镜下两组豚鼠耳蜗毛细胞均见严重损害,光镜下D组损害相对稍轻,血管纹缺血情况D组轻于B组。

19. The progress on seperation technology of FCC products and catalyyst abroad is discussed. Stress has been put on the closed cyclone technique developed by Mobil-Kellong Company of U. S. A and its good performance on FCC installation abr...

20. Among 2 groups, inject into model group rabbit left side neck pheasants soft tissue by sludged blood 9ml, 42 rabbit were measured by TCD, ENG, ABR, VsEPs, cerebellum Purkinje die cell count From the 2th weeks after injecting, Confirm the model appears.