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wandering英 ['wɒndərɪŋ] 美 ['wɒndərɪŋ] 


wandering 基本解释

1. wandering是什么意思

1. The police found the wandering boy in a deserted building.

2. wandering是什么意思

2. A wandering brook meanders around the park.

3. The wandering old lady did not recognize her own daughter.

1. 911查询·英语单词

1. I was born during one of the periodical wanderings of my family.

wandering 网络解释

1. 漫游 :可读写光驱又称刻录机. 用于读取或存储大容量的多媒体信息. (4)探索式教学模式 探索式教学模式一般由以下几个环节组成:确定问题、创设教学情境、探索学习、反馈、学习效果评价. 制约因素主要有:漫游(Wandering)和迷向(Disorientation).

2. 彷徨(鲁迅作品集):野草(鲁迅作品集) Wild Grass | 彷徨(鲁迅作品集) Wandering | 故事新编(鲁迅作品集) Old Tales Retold

3. danci.911cha.com

3. 巴奈流浪记:02 不要不要讨好 me myself | 03 巴奈流浪记 Wandering | 04 浮沉 Floating, Sinking

wandering 双语例句

1. I really like myself, as dust and dust, soil dust, then the security Wandering What?

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2. Helpless, flower familiar to return, small yan wandering alone incen

3. wandering

3. According to the latest research, CiGangRen ancestor's ancestral home India punjab, about the tenth century A. D. tribal war and famine, and by CiGangRen began to leave, they migrate in India, but no fixed place in the home and transportation caravans to busk, one living in cities, gradually become world-famous wandering peoples.

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4. And I call on you, spirits of the dead; and on you, wandering ministers of vengeance, to aid and conduct me in my work. Let the cursed and hellish monster drink deep of agony; let him feel the despair that now torments me.

5. Auxiliary products: HSY-512-升column, HH1-2吨-back with, HH2-2吨-back with, YT4-6 manually push running device, YT4-8 manually push running device, YQ-100 liquid Pressure pushing for all kinds of fuel tanks and wandering all kinds of coal Accessories.

6. Slovenly, in such clothes, the rash youngsters are wandering on the street like routed soldiers.

7. Was the speech clear Any sign of hysteria, anxiety, wandering Miller impressed the doctor as being clear - minded, alert and oriented.

8. wandering的翻译

8. The wandering winds, even the sun and rain, seemed to conspire in favour of so clever and hard-working a man.

9. He remembered wandering through dimly lit street, past gaut, black-shadowed archways and evil-looking houses.

10. He remembered wandering through dimly lit street, past ghast, black -shadowed archways and evil-looking houses

11. The New City Proper adjoins two rivers and embosoms nine lakes, here there is Tortoise Hill guarding the Yangtze River, the Moon Lake with rippling waves, graceful and exquisite Qingchuan Pavilion, the Ancient Lute Platform by the towering mountain and rushing water, the relics of the Yu Feat Rock in memory of Dayu controlling water and Guan Yu stationing troops, the fair story of Li Bai wandering at night and such historical massiness, providing nature-favored conditions and humanistic resources for integrating the cultural and tourism function of the New City Proper and demonstrating its cultural characteristics.

12. I had been wandering with her, indeed, in the leafless street half of hour in the morning which made me feel a little cold.

13. Wandering from Henan to Guangdong, Cao was in destitute until she met Tzu Chi volunteers. Twice a week, they visited her and gradually pulled her out of her depression.

14. wandering

14. I could not lighten myself up, neither when wandering alongside the Raymond Lake in Scotland(lac léman in Switherland? )nor when overlooking the snow-covered Alps.

15. Lonely wandering in this desert world, the solitary life is doomed......