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干脆 基本解释

干脆[gān cuì ]

干脆[gān cuì]

1. neck and crop:necessity 必要 | neck and crop 干脆 | neck and neck 并驾齐驱

2. straightfoward:straightforward 粗犷的 | straightfoward 乾脆 | straightverticalfrankdirectlystraightlyuprightortho 直

干脆 双语例句

1. 这样你就会有更多员工扩大自己的企业青睐--创造更多的机会和挑战--不是现金,甚至干脆--如果能够合理和安全业务扩展。
You'll be doing your employees a much greater favor by expanding your business -- creating more challenges and opportunities for them -- than by simply doling out cash -- if the business can be reasonably and safely expanded.

2. 菜单上罗列着从开胃菜开始的,例如XX,到例如XX的主菜,或者是给更加低收入的穷困者干脆来一个汉堡。
The menu ranges from starters like Smoked Haddock Brandade or Oriental Duck Salad to Paupiette of Salmon or Whole Bones Poussin for main courses, or straight burgers for the more down-to-earth diners.

3. 因为英国电子商务蓬勃发展,英国人已经越来越习惯于网上购物,迪克森的传统经营模式受到了极大的冲击和挑战,于是,迪克森干脆关闭了在英国所有的门店,而摇身一变,彻底转型为网络零售商。
Because British electron business affairs develops flourishingly, englishman already more and more be used to shop on the net, the traditional management pattern of Dick dark got huge concussion and challenge, then, dick dark is flat shut in England all door inn, and suddenly change one's identity, complete transition is network shopkeeper.

4. 猎物位置后,鲜香味径在地面上还是在空中,或干脆由一个机会遇到。
Prey is located by following a fresh scent trail on the ground or in the air, or simply by a chance encounter.

5. 要是你看不出来,那你干脆把你聚酯纤维的法官袍换成毛茸茸的夏威夷裙算了!
Jane: And if you can't see it... you might as well trade in that polyester robe for a big fuzzy muumuu!

6. 你任命的日期,你干脆抢到卡断你走。
On the date of your appointment, you simply grab the card and off you go.

7. 在我成长过程中看到的皮草都显得过于厚重以至整个人都陷在里面,或者干脆使穿着皮草的人看上去都像急于显富的暴发户。
The coats of my growing-up seemed too all-encompassing, too obliterating of the person underneath. That, or just too nakedly arriviste.

8. 几时教哈我撒,干脆就让我去听你的课算了
If you don't know where you are going you probably end up somewhere else.

9. 干脆

9. 其中,盘龙城片区最低价已到2,500元/平方米以下;阳逻有楼盘推出的团购价低至2,400元/平方米;金银湖地区一家楼盘以3,888元/平方米起价销售;沌口楼盘的起价最低为3,018元/平方米;而哥特帝景则干脆打出了2,100元成本价销售的横幅。
Among them, the lowest Panlongcheng Area has come to 2, 500 yuan/sq m; Yangluo have launched团购价sale as low as 2, 400 yuan/sq m; 金银湖area properties for sale to a 3888 yuan/square meter starts sales; Zhuankou From the properties for sale at a minimum of 3018 yuan/sq m; and Gothic Dili King is simply the cost of 2, 100 yuan hit a banner ad sales.

10. 为什么不干脆告诉人们我是从火星来的?
Why not just tell people I'm an alien from Mars.

11. 一脚深一脚钱的追赶着,有时干脆在雪地上翻滚着,因为这样更轻松,更省劲。
One foot deep kick to catch up with the money, sometimes simply rolling forward in the snow, because it easier and more ease.

12. 他的回答干脆且击中要害。。。。。。
H is reply was unhesitating and to the point...

13. 你干吗不干脆拿出枪杀了他?
Well, why didn't you just take out a gun and shoot him?

14. 不是有位诗人说过:双脚磨破,干脆就让夕阳涂抹小路;双手划烂,索性就让荆棘变成杜鹃。
Not a poet once said: legs and small, simply let the sunset smeared road; Black hands and simply let thorns into cuckoo.

15. 日子已经一去不复返病人被迫干脆戴上有碍观瞻或不舒服的帽子,冠或假牙。
Gone are the days when patients were forced to simply wear unsightly or uncomfortable caps, crowns or dentures.

16. 如果你不知道将做什么,那你干脆就别去做。
If you don't know what you are going to do, you might just as well pack up.

17. 爬紫金山,最好是早上就开始上山,你坐公交车到樱驼村下以后,因为是早上,所以很多人都会爬山来锻炼身体,所以你看一下走的人多的那个巷子就是上山的路了,上山的路,有的是很正规的,就是能看见的,它是饶着圈地上山,很平缓的路,就是有点漫长,爬山嘛,这样走就失去了这个意义和感觉了,所以可以选择陡峭一点的路,不过这些路可不像刚刚那路了,没有水泥地,都是些石头路或者干脆是泥路,以前并不是路,但是走的人多了,也就成了路,所以也不难找,爬山的时候要注意走走停停,休息休息,最好是和几个朋友,带上点水和干粮一起爬,这样的话,互相也好有个照应,只要照着像路的路走就行了,不要走都是草没人走过的路就OK了,俗话说上山容易下山难,所以在衣服的穿者上尽量穿轻便一点的衣服和鞋子,上山慢的话会爬一个小时左右,大概就能到了,上了山上后,虽然也不是很高,只有几百米高,但是从山上往下看的感觉还是挺不错的,我从上大学到现在工作一年后,一共去了4、5次吧!
Mountain climbing, it is best to start up in the morning, you bus to the village of camel under the cherry after the morning because so many people will climb to exercise, so you take a look at the number of people that is the alley uphill Way, way up the mountain, some very formal, that is, be able to see that it is a spare enclosure to the mountains, very gentle way, that is a bit long, do climbing, do go on to lose the meaning and feeling, so can Select a little steep road, but they may not like the way just the way it has, there is no cement, and some are stone road or dirt road is simply that in the past is not the way, but those who take more, it has become a way, so Is not difficult to find, when climbing to the attention of stop-and-go, rest breaks, is the best and a few friends, put on dry food and water to climb together, this is the case, or to have a look after each other, act as long as the road On the road trip, do not take the grass is no one on the road to reach the OK, the saying goes down easily into the mountains is difficult, so the clothes to wear as much as possible on those who wear light clothing and shoes that, if slow uphill climb will be a An hour or so, probably will be able to, on a hill, although not very high, only a few hundred meters high, but down from the hills to see or feel very good, I have to go to college to work for a year now, a total of Went to four or five times now!

18. 他每天都在注意媒体上对于中国的报道,生长在美国的他不理解,为什么每年有那么多农村的劳动力要到城市里去找活干,既然那样,中国农民为什么不干脆搬到城里头去住?即将到中国去的威廉,很委婉地问,中国是个社会主义的国家,美国人到中国去,会不会有什么不方便?
He raised over ten questions in oen breath, he said he kept close eyes on every report about china, and always doubted why there is so large rural labor force flooded to urban area, why they don't move to city, by the end of this meeting, he asked politely if it is convenient for a america to go to china since china is a socialism.

19. 六、我们的世界里有春天的细雨,夏天的暴雨,秋天干脆的风和冬天的雪,没有什么是比这更好的。
In the sixth place, there are spring showers, summer thunderstorms, and the dry crisp wind of the autumn and snow in winter, and there is nothing better than that.

20. 干脆的意思

20. 六月中旬,一场暴雨的降临预示着模糊不清的春天转为了夏天。夏的雷厉风行不似春的曼妙轻柔那么惹人怜爱,但我还是明显更喜欢夏的干脆果断。
Absorb(=take up the attention of)吸引…的注意力:be absorbed in 全神贯注于…近:be engrossed in; be lost in; be rapt in; be concentrated on; be focused on; be centered on