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wright英 [rait] 美 [raɪt] 

wright 基本解释

1. wright

1. 莱特 英国 伐木工人:Wordsworth 渥兹华斯 英国 在树林中散步的人. | Wright 莱特 英国 伐木工人. | Wythe 伟兹 法国 小战士.

wright 双语例句

1. wright

1. He seems overmatched and nervous. Henn is a nice kid who tries hard but has a 7.53 career ERA over parts of three seasons. Wright allowed a home run to Mike Lowell in April that just now landed on the Mass Pike. That was the end of him.
他看来实力有段差距并且容易紧张;Sean Henn是个努力的好孩子,但他3个球季的ERA 高达7.53;Chase Wright在四月份被红袜的Mike Lowell打的那支全垒打搞不好现在还留在Mass Pike。

2. Prof. Wright: I honestly don`t have a lot of personal experience with that.

3. Kate Wright: I am an executive search consultant based in the UK, I am...

4. Jane: I'm Jane Wright, the secretary in his company.

5. wright

5. Ira Wright: I don't think I can hide that.

6. I don`t think Wright`s words nullify Olbermann at all.

7. Wright's prairie houses had a great influence on home design in America.

8. wright的翻译

8. Likewise, the modes of unity within the testaments and between the testaments as expounded by such leaders as GE Wright, HH Rowley, O Cullmann, RC Dentan, FV Filson, and others (see Hasel, NT Theology, 140 - 203) did not lead to a consensus.
同样,统一模式的见证和之间的见证所阐述的这些领导人通用电气赖特,时时罗利,氧Cullmann ,钢筋混凝土Dentan和FV菲尔森,和其他(见Hasel ,新台币神学,140 -2 03)并没有导致能够达成共识。

9. Bellamy's cross is deflected by Li Tie past Wright at the near pos t

10. Hofer, but Wright declined to comment on this year's profit and sales forecast objectives.

11. wright的反义词

11. United States General Motors, Ford and Chrysler vehicles are the three major difficulties, Hofer Wright said: If so much of the enterprise declared bankruptcy, is bound to auto parts supplier great impact.

12. wright是什么意思

12. Now it`s time to get it on, stated a confident Wright.

13. wright

13. Wright's team was able to contact 92 percent of patients who survived 30 days.

14. Because Wright is not you, is also not I, but is we.

15. Wright. As imperfect as he may be, he has been like family to me.

16. Miss Wright, do you know anybody who would want to hurt you?

17. 1St Week: A general introduction to the nature and contents of the course; an investigation of students'acquired knowledge of literature in general; a brief introduction to African-American literature 2nd and 3rd Weeks: Rediscovering an Invisible Culture (Why Black culture had been unknown and unobserved for several decades; how it came to be rediscovered) 4th to 6th Weeks: Double Consciousness (the marginal perspective in Language, Oral Culture, Folklore and Religion Reading representative works by three Black writers of racial consciousness: Douglass, Washington and Bu Bois 7th to 9th Weeks: Minstrelsy (Imitation, Parody and Travesty in Black-White interaction rituals 1830--1920 Reading the novel about the Black life: Uncle Tom's Cabin 10th to 12th Weeks: Social Mobility and Cultural Stigma: The case of Chicago Jazz 1920--1930; Reading poems by Hughes and novels by Wright 13th to 15th Weeks: Oral Tradition and the Quest for Literacy: The crisis of Black writers from Philips Wheatley to Ralph Ellison; Reading the masterpiece of Ellison 16th to 18th Weeks: Contemporary Afro-American Culture: the sixties and seventies (efforts on reconstructing the Black identiy and Black history Reading novels by Morrison

18. He got full of gin and laid round Wright's poolroom all day.

19. wright

19. You'll see a 1930s open cockpit mail plane; a special exhibit on Virginia's Admiral Richard E. Byrd and the first American scientific research aircraft to fly in Antarctica; a classic 1929 Ford Tri-motor; airworthy replicas of the Wright Brothers 1900, 1901 and 1902 gliders; and a World War I SPAD VII in mint condition! Learn which planes earned the nicknames of Rolls Royce, Cadillac and Flying Bathtub.
您将看到1930年代的开放式驾驶舱邮政飞机;一件来自弗吉尼亚海军司令部的特殊展品和第一架飞入南极圈的美国科研飞机;一架老式福特三发动机;怀特兄弟1900、1901和1902年滑翔机的复制品;一架了解RollsRoyce、Cadillac和Flying Bathtub这些绰号由来的一战时期的崭新SPAD VII。

20. Wright also pointed this out and said it was a mystery why Yoshino did not catch and sink the Tsi Yuen.

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