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intuitively英 [ɪn'tju:ɪtɪvlɪ] 美 [ɪnˈtjuɪtɪvlɪ] 

intuitively 基本解释

1. 直觉地, 直观地:escharotic 腐蚀剂, 苛性剂 <单词词性>[医]生焦痂性的 | intuitively 直觉地, 直观地 | deriming valve 解冻阀

2. intuitively是什么意思

2. 直觉的、直观的:intonation 语调、声调 | intuitively 直觉的、直观的 | inundate 淹没

3. 直觉地:intuitive 直觉的 | intuitively 直觉地 | intuitivism 直觉说

intuitively 双语例句

1. Intuitively, the total flow of a network is the rate at which water comes out of the outlet.

2. intuitively的反义词

2. The author thinks that congestion control of computer networks has much inherent property of distributed control system. Intuitively, the framework of explicit rate-based flow control defined in TM4.0 is modeled as the first order system with delay. Regarding the queue length as control object, the regulative system is devised applying with fuzzy control theory. The algorithm fairly and effectively allocates the available bandwidth among all active ABR virtual connection. The results and analysis of simulation show that this proposed novel algorithm has very good all-around performance.

3. Whether it's a steep attacking dive or tight dog- fighting turn, the aircraft will intuitively respond to hand movements and you'll feel more like a real fighter pilot than ever before.

4. The criteria of Universal Design: Common Usability, Flexibility in use, Easy and intuitively to use, Safety, Ergonomics

5. Sharp World Clock is an extraordinary, state-of-the-art time zone clock program; intuitively and easy to use.

6. If we make no pretense of full rigor, however, the concepts should be intuitively clear and correspond to an essential requirement on any modular method.

7. intuitively

7. It's designed so that what a player feels should happen intuitively, i. e. dragging a unit out across the field changes their formation, does happen.

8. Arming at the physical theory of active control which uses the second source to counteract the primary source, this paper firstly analyses the characteristics of open sound fields and closed ones, then expatiates the theory of active noise control and express intuitively these maths models via analyze idiographic finite element models, and elicits the rule of the placement of the second source.

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9. In recent years, the Friendship Theater has actively opened up the performing markets, taken lead in carrying out performing system of one continuous line of theaters in Zhujiang Delta, established and enlarged the performing net, has actively and intuitively recommended the theatrical items of famous performing groups both at home and abroad, and has jointly sponsored the marketing of the high-grade artistic products and got outstanding social and economic benefits.

10. The glottal images of normal, vocal cords polypus and vocal cords nodules are sampled. The images can show the pathological position and degree intuitively. At the same time, the extracted parameters of vocal cords length and vocal cords area can provide more information to make clinical diagnosis.

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11. All of them have one purpose in mind: access your favorite programs, web pages, or tasks quickly and intuitively.

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12. In every workplace syngo`s innovative user interface allows you to know intuitively what to do.

13. The moral right of autonomy comes from being able to make a valid claim, one that is recognized intuitively by everyone as reasonable and valid.
同样 「独立自主的道德权利来自人们直觉上认为合理而正当的要求。

14. You appreciate a lover who can intuitively plumb your feelings and discern your most intimate desires without asking.

15. intuitively的解释

15. In the past most researchers leaned toward the method humans intuitively use for their own manufactured memory stashes: a single location for each archived item, with multiple cross-referencing, such as in libraries. The strong case for a single location in the brain for each memory was capped by a series of famously elegant experiments made by Wilder Penfield, a Canadian neurosurgeon working in the 1930s.

16. In fact the engine's control panel allows one to intuitively select the desired combination of the different possibilities available.

17. Does your layout look like a template, or does the design allow visitors'eyes to flow intuitively to the information they need as they need it?

18. It maintains that beyond our material world of experience is an ideal spiritual reality that can be grasped intuitively.

19. For complex satellite constellation design problem in which constellation structure can not be determined intuitively, an evolutionary algorithm for simultaneously optimization of structure and parameters of regional coverage satellite constellations was designed by using a variable dimensional chromosome representation and a set of special evolutionary operators for constellation design. A virtual sea surveillance satellite constellation design problem was used to test the algorithm. The result manifests the effectiveness of the algorithm.

20. Upon leaving, I intuitively felt the gaze of someone fixedon my back, but stony enough, I never turned back.

intuitively 单语例句