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IVM 基本解释

1. 集成供电模块:IV 信息处理 | IVM 集成供电模块 | IWV 脉冲拔号法

2. 911查询·英语单词大全

2. ivm: in vitro maturation; 体外成熟

3. ivm:in vitro maturation; 卵母细胞

4. ivm:initial virtual memory; 初始虚拟存储器

IVM 双语例句

1. Droplet method was used to culture oocytes to study of collection of oocytes, modification to maturation medium, supplementation of different hormones and antioxidants on the IVM of oocytes.

2. IVM

2. The expression of BMP15 in rabbit cumulus-oocyte complexs during oocytes in vitro maturation was measured by fluorescent quantitative RT-PCR method. BMP15 was expressed at low levels in immature oocytes and increased to the highest level at 16 h of IVM, which coincides with the time of cumulus cell expansion, then declined slowly under IVM cultivation. The expression pattern of BMP15 suggested that it might be important in cumulus expansion in rabbits.
同时,利用实时荧光定量RT-PCR方法检测了BMP15 mRNA在卵母细胞体外成熟培养过程中的表达变化情况,结果表明:在兔卵母细胞体外成熟过程中,该基因在未成熟卵母细胞中表达水平较低,在培养16h其表达丰度达到峰值,并与卵丘扩展时间相一致,随后下降,推测BMP15可能在兔卵丘细胞扩展中发挥重要作用。

3. Methods: MII, GV and IVM-MII were vitrified. After thawed, they underwent in vitro maturation, in vitro fertilization, embryo cultivation or fixed for immunofluorescence. The rates of survival, maturation, fertilization, blastulation and cytoskeleton with normal configuration were calculated.

4. Methods: mⅱ, gv and ivm-mⅱ were vitrified. after thawed, they underwent in vitro maturation, in vitro fertilization, embryo cultivation or fixed for immunofluorescence. the rates of survival, maturation, fertilization, blastulation and cytoskeleton with normal configuration were calculated.

5. IVM

5. Objective To investigate the behavior of cortical granules during IVM and IVF, and the relationship between CGs and polyspermy.
目的 研究猪皮质颗粒在体外成熟及体外受精过程中的变化,以及皮质颗粒与多精受精的关系。

6. IVM是什么意思

6. You will find many exciting ways to use IVM to provide information, serve your customers and save time.

7. IVM

7. Finally, it is concluded with some significant promising tendencies and confronting challenges in the field of IVM.

8. IVM的反义词

8. Based on this, IVM and Tongji University proposed and held a series seminar on urban transport.

9. This indicated that it was possible to replace serum by PVP in bovine IVM with some other improvement.

10. It is believed, the activities initiated by IVM will have a great influence on the ethic orientation of urban transport planning.

11. 1 Vitrification of human immature oocytes must reserve with granule cells. 2 The platform of human immature oocytes vitrification technology which combine with in vitro maturation technology has already been established.

12. TCM199 was used as cultule medium to discuss the affection of HMG as hormone on porcine oocytes maturation in vitro and development. At the same time effects of EGF, TGF-a separation or combination on porcine oocytes IVM and development were studied to establish better culture system.

13. He took first place in two categories of hte IVM Intermot Motorcycle Design Award 2004. He also participated in teh 2003 motorcycle design project OFX in cooperation with Honda as well as the 2005 automotive design project Moton for GM autonomy platform in cooperation with Opel.

14. IVM是什么意思

14. This study compared outcomes of in vitro maturation and in vitro fertilization intracytoplasmic sperm injection cycles after IVM of immature germinal vesicle oocytes.

15. All the lesions in 10 patients did not show the "caput medusae" sign in arterial phase of IVM.

16. The effect on isolation of PbΙ by micrergy outstripped enzyme digestion significantly, the isolated PbΙ by micregy existed ideal vigor and normal morph. Most of PbΙ survived during 4 hours under 39 ℃, rate of survivors was 85.0% during 40 hours under 4 ℃, and over 95.0% during a week under -20 ℃. The effect of cryopreservation was best for PbΙ, the rates of survivors and their normal morph were as high as 89.1% and 97.8%, respectively.
结果表明:卵泡卵母细胞IVM 40h后发现大量高活性PbΙ;显微操作分离极体效果显著优于酶消化法,且分离的PbΙ活力高,完整性好。39℃条件下大多数采集的PbΙ存活时间仅有4 h,4℃条件下保存40小时存活率可达85.0%%;-20 ℃保存1 wk达95.0%,而超低温冷冻长期保存存活率和形态正常率分别达89.1%和97.8%。

17. IVM的意思

17. In the practice of EPM, creating KPI system on the basis of IVM exhibits extensive suitability and practical potential.

18. At the same time both p90rsk and MAPK can go into the nucleusafter activation, where they regulate transcriptional factors and other targetmolecules and resume cell cycle. With SDS-PAGE and western blotting, we foundthat p90rsk had not been activated by MAPK according to the shiftness of p90rskduring IVM and IVF in porcine oocytes.

19. It was showed that EGF and TGF-α did not have cooperate action.

20. IVM的解释

20. To change which VLANs need to access the port from the IVM, simply change the trunk-allowed VLANs numbers.