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拉各斯 基本解释



1. 拉各斯的解释

1. Lagos:进口的摩托车除大部分在国内市场销售外,少部分转口到贝宁、多哥、乍得、尼日尔和喀麦隆等周边国家. 比较而言,拉各斯(lagos)、卡诺(kano)、伊巴丹(ibadan)、奈崴(nnewi)、奥尼查(onitsha)是该国重要的摩托车分销中心,是反映摩托车价格波动的晴雨表.

2. LOS:阿拉木图 (ALA) 拉各斯 (LOS)从阿拉木图 (ALA)飞往拉各斯 (LOS)的转接航班阿拉木图 (ALA) 拉各斯 (LOS)阿拉木图 (ALA) 拉各斯 (LOS)阿拉木图 (ALA) 拉各斯 (LOS)阿拉木图 (ALA) 拉各斯 (LOS)

3. Abuja:尼日尔 Niger | 拉各斯 Abuja | 尼日利亚 Nigeria

拉各斯 双语例句

1. 在拉各斯,他单纯就是一个伊博人。
In Lagos, he is simply an Ibo.

2. 拉各斯是什么意思

2. 从附寄的第248号形式发票中你会看到所列价格是CIF拉各斯,包括百分之五折扣。
You can see from the enclosed proforma invoice No. 248 that it is CIF Lagos price, including 5% discount.

3. 就在中国南方航空公司因亏损停飞北京至尼日利亚拉各斯的航线后,阿航宣布将拉各斯到迪拜的往返航班由原来的每天一班增加为每天两班。
China Southern Airlines on the loss of ground due to Beijing route to Lagos, Nigeria, the Emirates announced that it would from Lagos to Dubai, a group of flights every day to increase from two shifts per day.

4. 阿布亚尼日利亚中部一城市,位于拉各斯东北部。1982年被定为首都以试图缓解这个国家民族和种族的分裂,但首任国家政府部门直到1987年才迁到此城,现在这个城市的大部分还没有发展起来。
A city of central Nigeria northeast of Lagos. It was designated the capital in1982 in an attempt to relieve the racial and ethnic divisions of the country, but the first government ministries did not move to the site until1987 and the city remains largely undeveloped.

5. 911查询·英语单词

5. 在位于首都拉各斯的多部落犹太教堂里,牧师T.B。
At the Synagogue Church of All Nations in Lagos, Pastor T. B.

6. 在尼日利亚拉各斯的泛非洲大学也是合作伙伴之一。
The Pan- African University in Lagos, Nigeria is also a partner.

7. 拉各斯的反义词

7. 位于尼日利亚首都拉各斯的泛非大学也是合伙人之一。
The Pan Africa university in Legers, Nigeria is also a parter.

8. 在以嘉宾身份参观尼日利亚各地时,里奥的第一项任务是推行拉各斯街头足球锦标赛,一项希望通过体育来授权当地少年的计划,同时也希望能在当地发掘一些不为人知的足球天才。
Travelling as a guest of the state governor of Lagos, Babatunde Raji Fashola, his first engagement was launching the Lagos Street Soccer Championships, an initiative that aims to empower young children through sport, while also helping unearth Nigerian footballing prodigies.

9. 比如说,上次去一个叫拉各斯的海边乡村看望我妈妈时,看到当地的教堂和社区里的人们很希望这次峰会上,各国领导人会对非洲的贫困问题和债务问题做出一个决定。
Visiting my mother in the seaside town of Largs, for example, saw the church and community groups, there is hope that this summit calls home press world leaders for critical poverty in Africa and duty to act.

10. 拉各斯的近义词

10. 比如说,我上次去一个叫拉各斯的海边城市看望我妈妈时,我看到当地的教堂和社区里的人们很希望这次峰会上,各国领导人会对非洲的贫困问题和债务问题做出一个决定。
Visiting my mother in the seaside town of Largs, for example, I saw how church and community groups there hoped to use the summit to press home calls for world leaders to act decisively on African poverty and debt.

11. 之后进入联合国儿童基金会在拉各斯的项目过去4个月一直在那儿
Before being accepted in the UNICEF program in Legos, where he has been for the past four months.

12. 拉各斯

12. 先生们,5秒后在拉各斯着路
Gentlemen, wheels down in Lagos in five.

13. 拉各斯

13. 一旦回到尼日利亚,欧停留,再次在拉各斯和他的朋友约瑟夫,试图找到一份工作和一个地方的自己。
Once back in Nigeria, Obi stays, once again, in Lagos with his friend Joseph, trying to find a job and a place of his own.

14. 尼日利亚首都拉各斯,而且还喜欢用植物做围墙的城市,那里的街道商店,或高层建筑,无论是豪华别墅,还是普通住宅,基本不能看到石头砖块的墙壁上,人们在建设前,围上灌木种植不同颜色的花朵,以及树木和依靠线,以便在墙上布满了攀缘植物。
The Nigerian capital Lagos, but also like to use plants to do a wall of the city, where both the street-level shops, or high-rise buildings, whether it is luxury villa, or an ordinary house, the basic can not see brick stone on the walls, people in the building before, Wai shrubs planted on the different colors of flowers, as well as trees and rely on the wire, so that the wall is covered with climbing plants.

15. 托运行李:加纳、拉各斯、喀土穆托运行李为40公斤,使用说明:更改日期:免费(如因改动产生季节差价,需补齐差价)。
Checked baggage: Ghana, Lagos, Khartoum, checked baggage is 40 kg, Usage: change the date: Free (as a result of changes arising from the post season, to be filled Price Difference).

16. 如果双方对于合同的阐明与执行或者其他相关,存在争议,双方应该在友好的协商中解决。如果协商未果,任何不能问题,应依照拉各斯1990年调解仲裁法,双方指定专门仲裁人仲裁。仲裁人为英国仲裁特许委员会会长关于以上所写,双方以签署年月以作证明。
B In event of a dispute between the parties regarding this Agreement, its interpretation, performance or any other matter relating to this Agreement, the parties shall resolve such dispute by amicable negotiations but if the parties fail to settle the dispute by negotiation any unresolved issues shall be settled by arbitration in Lagos in accordance with the provisions of the Arbitration and Conciliation Act 1990 by a single arbitrator appointed by the agreement of the parties and failing agreement by the President of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators United Kingdom.

17. 我们想采购大量各种规格的铁钉,如果贵方能报每吨成本加运费至尼日利亚拉各斯价,我们将不胜感激。
We are interested in buying large quantities of Iron Nails of all sizes and should be obliged if you would give us a quotation per metric ton C. F. R.

18. 这些变化可从澳大利亚的鲍勃-霍克和保尔-基廷政府、英国的托尼-布莱尔政府、德国的格哈德-施罗德政府、挪威的基恩斯-斯托尔腾伯格政府、瑞典的戈朗-佩尔松政府、新西兰的大卫-郎伊和罗杰尔-道格拉斯政府、荷兰的韦伊姆-科克政府以及智利的利卡尔多-拉各斯政府的政策中看出。
These changes have been perceived in the policies of Bob Hawke and Paul Keating in Australia, Tony Blair in the United Kingdom, Gerhard Schrder in Germany, Jens Stoltenberg in Norway, Gran Persson in Sweden, David Lange, Roger Douglas in New Zealand, Wim Kok in the Netherlands, and Ricardo Lagos in Chile.

19. 我们向您报拉各斯最低到岸价,内含佣金5%。
We quote you our lowest price Cif Lagos, inclusive of your commission of 5%

20. 她和我的姐姐住在拉各斯。
She's with my sister in Lagos.