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Warhammer 双语例句

1. The Double-Headed/Imperial Eagle device, the Games Workshop logo, Games Workshop, Warhammer, Arahan, Athel Loren, Beastmen, Bladesinger, Bretonnia, Branch Nymph, Branch wraith, Chaos, Cyanathair the Corruptor, Dryad, Drycha, Eternal Guard, Forest Dragon, Glade Guard, Glade Rider, Great Stag, Guardian, Highborn, Horsemaster, Kislev, Kurnous, Lord's Bowman, Malekith, Morgbur, the Master of Skulls, Naestra, Naggaroth, Noble, Orion, King in the Woods, Phoenix King Bel Shanaar, Shadow Sentinel, Sisters of Twilight, Spellsinger, Spellweaver, Tree Kin, Tree Kin Elder, Treeman, Treeman Ancient, Ulthuan, Wardancer, Warhawk, Warhawk Rider, Waywatcher, Wild Hunter, Wild Riders of Kurnous and all associated marks, names, characters, illustrations and Images from the Warhammer world are either? , TM and/or? Games Workshop Ltd 2000-2005, where applicable registered in the UK and oilier countries around the world, All Rights Reserved. British Cataloguing-in-Publication Data.
奇美拉,游戏兵工厂logo,Games Workshop,战锤,阿拉汗,艾瑟洛伦,兽人,剑吟者,巴托尼亚,林间仙女,树妖,混沌时代,Cyanathair the Corruptor,森林女神,树精,永恒卫队,森林龙,森林卫兵,森林骑兵,巨鹿,守护者,名门,驯马人,基辅,库尔纳斯,领主的射手兵,巫妖王梅肯丝,Morgbur,骷髅主,纳丝塔,纳戈路丝,贵族,森林之王奥利安,凤凰王贝尔姗娜,暗影哨兵,胞生姐妹,神圣诗人,魔法织造者,树怪,树怪长者,树人,远古树人,Ulthuan,战争舞女,战鹰,战鹰骑士,岗哨,野战猎人,库尔纳斯的山野骑兵,及所有相关的来自战锤世界的标志、名字、特征、插图说明和图片,均归属游戏兵工厂公司,版权所有。

2. Yet since 2000 something strange has happened, says Marcelo Neri of Fundao Getulio Vargas, a think-tank and business school. Numbers taken from surveys of consumers (which include a question about religion) show the gradual decline levelling off in the early part of the Warhammer Online Gold decade.

3. Warhammer

3. It is a spiked, flaming red warhammer.

4. Some minor information on Cathay can be found in the Warhammer: Ogre Kingdoms book, where an item called a Cathayan Longsword is given rules, and a number of magic items such as Jade Amulets are also listed.

5. Teclis may use either High Magic or any of the lores from the Warhammer rulebook.

6. Desire and curiosity are the two eyes through which he sees the world in the most enchanted colours: it is they that make women beautiful or fossils interesting: and the man may squander his estate and come to beggary, but if he keeps these two amulets he is still rich in the Warhammer Gold possibilities of pleasure.

7. The point system works much like that of the tabletop version of Warhammer.

8. Warhammer

8. It is now said to be redoubling its entry efforts and plans to peg the forint to the warhammer online gold euro in preparation.

9. The barbarian leader lifts his warhammer, ready to strike the fallen kratos.

10. Even the warhammer online gold sceptical Czechs seem less doubtful about the merits of membership of the currency club.

11. Sitting above the field hammer clan Dwarves flexibility to manage critics, armed with turmoil Warhammer, pride in our heads to Huang Huang to give our merciless blow.

12. Largely a cross between Role Playing Games and Table Top Battle Games, rather than an out and out Table Top Battle Game, Rogue Trader contained much more background on the wider universe, races and technology found in the Warhammer 40k universe than later editions did, and for this reason is considered a prized collectors piece.
这本书很大程度上是脚色饰演游戏和桌面构兵游戏的交错,而不是彻头彻尾的桌面构兵游戏规则规则书。比起后来的版本,Rogue Trader规则书网罗了更多的关于战锤40k的全国设定、种族和技艺的配景质料,于是被奉为珍藏家的珍品。

13. Warhammer的意思

13. He understood that what happened here now had no relevance save that the mortals and their allies would be distracted until the coming of his Lord buy warhammer gold Sargeras.

14. Grimgor Ironhide is one of the most feared names in the Warhammer world.

15. However, without any further ado, here is the latest codex for the Warhammer 40, 000 tabletop game!

16. Based on Games Workshop's popular tabletop game, Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning stands out as one of the most highly anticipated massively multiplayer online games to come out this year.
基于Games Workshop公司最流行的桌面战棋游戏,战锤online:决战世纪作为一款与众不同并拥有极高期望值的大型多人在线游戏将于今年推出。