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flaky英 [ˈfleɪki] 美 [ˈfleki] 

flaky 基本解释

1. 片状的:flaky texture 鳞片状结构 | flaky 片状的 | flamability point 燃点

2. 薄片的:flaky 薄而易剥落的 | flaky 薄片的 | flaky 成片的

3. 薄而易剥落的:flakiness 成片 | flaky 薄而易剥落的 | flaky 薄片的

4. 成片的:flaky 薄片的 | flaky 成片的 | flam 假话

flaky 双语例句

1. The result shows that it is feasible to modificate two-dimension sericite flaky nano-materials mechnochemically and the composite materials of PP filled with the modified filler have a better capacity of resisting ultraviolet radiation.

2. The Journal declined to publish a report on this meeting because the missionary was unidentified, only a walk-on al-Qaeda actor and a bit flaky with it.

3. Slather on Glam Balm to dry flaky lips and use an old tooth brush to polish and smooth lips.

4. Ivory or yellow flaky solid, no foreign impurity

5. Our famous dim-sum is flaky barbecue buns. It is my idea to make flaky crust.

6. As it dries, the inner bark curls to form flaky tubular quills about 3 inches long and 1/2 inch in diameter.
当它乾燥,树皮内在卷曲形成片状筒形纤管大约3英寸长和直径1/2 英寸。

7. It was seen that flaky iron oxide was turned to purple from red color with some nacreous effect when the percentage of TiO_2 was 15%.

8. 911查询·英语单词大全

8. A new kind of gas diffusion electrode- flaky and vertical gas diffusion electrode was introduced in this paper.

9. Flaky graphite is one of the best mineral in the nature.

10. Black phosphorus, made by heating the white form under pressure, is flaky like graphite.

11. In the type of flaky graphites the type D graphite has the ideal morphology, it not only has the Least cutting action on the metal matrix, but also is advantageous to forming whole network struct...

12. The results show that Al element is not only an element that strengthens the alloy matrix, but also a nodularizer that promotes the transition from flaky graphite to spheroidal graphite.

13. The eoating-autography shows that the Ce distributes uniformly in the flaky graphite, yet variously in the nodular graphite.

14. Based on this background, a novel sort of SiCp/Gr/2024Al composites was fabricated by squeeze casting method with flaky graphite particle of different size and volume.

15. flaky的意思

15. The flaky, moldy moon was also advancing, sailing between the skyscrapers, pulled by the naked girls, and behind it came a line of beat-up cars and skeletons of trucks, amid a silent crowd that was gradually increasing in size.

16. I used this product in conjunction with the rosa mosqueta moisturizer and never had a problem with my face being flaky or overdry.

17. flaky在线翻译

17. He is too flaky to do the work.

18. Seattle Weekly - Two appealingly flaky half-moon pastries the pate kreol stuffed with seasoned, smoked fish; the marinad ak poul with peppers and shredded chicken were paired with a carrot-onion slaw that`s hot enough to scare the winter right out of you.

19. The process improvement of flaky sodium hydrosulfide production; 2. The production method and processing conditions of sulfur, sodium hyposulfite, sodium hydrosulfide and thiourea from hydrogen sulfide tail-gas in the production of barium carbonate by carbonation method are introduced.

20. Any of various skin diseases of humans and animals, characterized by epidermal shedding of flaky scales.

flaky 词典解释

Something that is flaky breaks easily into small thin pieces or tends to come off in small thin pieces.

e.g. ...a small patch of red, flaky skin.

If you describe an idea, argument, or person as flaky, you mean that they are rather eccentric and unreliable.

e.g. He wondered if the idea wasn't just a little too flaky, a little too outlandish.

flaky 单语例句



1. conspicuously or grossly unconventional or unusual

e.g. restaurants of bizarre design--one like a hat, another like a rabbit
famed for his eccentric spelling
a freakish combination of styles
his off-the-wall antics
the outlandish clothes of teenagers
outre and affected stage antics

Synonym: bizarreeccentricfreakishfreakyflakeygonzooff-the-walloutlandishoutre

2. made of or easily forming flakes

Synonym: flakey

3. made of or resembling flakes

e.g. flaky soap

Synonym: flakey