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文林 基本解释



1. 集团党委书记王安民作工作报告,董事长任润厚作重要讲话,总经理李晋平宣读表彰决定,党委副书记、纪委书记、工会主席曹晨明主持会议,集团领导徐贵孝、师文林、郭贞红、王志清出席。
Party Secretary Wang Anmin group work report, delivered an important speech, chairman of REN thick and general manager of LI Jin-ping made the recognition of the decision, the party committee deputy secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission, trade union chairman Cao Ming presided over the meeting, the group leader Xugui Xiao, Shi Wen-lin, Cheng Kuo-hong, Wang Zhiqing to attend.

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2. 目前,公司完成投资1亿多元,辅设中压管线86公里,安装阀门74座,形成了东到化工区、西到茂陵镇、南到渭河桥、北到文林路的环状供气网络。
Current, the company completes investment 100 million multivariate, complementary set middling pressure cop 86 kilometers, install valve 74, formed east to chemical area, press down to Mao Ling on the west, south arrive to bridge of river of short for Weihe River, north the network of cricoid air feed of civil Lin Lu.

3. 作者:麦庆云,邓捷,彭文林,庄广伦,周灿权作者单位:中山大学附属第一医院生殖中心,广东广州 510080
Reproductive Medical Center, The First Affiliated Hospital, Sun Yat-sen University, Guangzhou 510080, China

4. 单位:刘志民周伟华连智穆悦曹家琪蔡志基(北京医科大学中国药物依赖性研究所,北京 100083);杨征宋森林(北京瑞达医院,北京 100039);龚文林(贵州省药物滥用监测站,贵阳 550001);王小平(西安市碑林区戒毒所,西安 710048);滕英群(哈尔滨市药物依赖治疗中心哈尔滨 450010);蔡大勇(湖北省中医学院,武汉 430061);朱光荣云南省玉溪市药物依赖治疗中心,玉溪 653100
National Institute on Drug Dependence, Beijing Medical University, Beijing 100083(307 Hospital of PLA, Beijing 100039)(Beijing Ruida hospital, Beijing 100039)(Drug Abuse Surveillance Station of Guizhou Province, Guiyang 550001)(Beilin Detoxification Center of Xian City, Xian 710048)(Haerbin Detoxification Center, Haerbin 450010)Hubei College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Wuhan 430061

5. 在其它一些案例中,如王业键关于货币供给的研究或李中清、康文林、谭国富关于辽宁的研究,新材料的运用就长期趋势提出了新的假说。
In other cases, such as Wang's study of money supply or Lee, Campbell, and Tan's study of Liaoning, new materials have generated new hypotheses about long-term trends.

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6. 然而这些结论争论得非常激烈,部分是因为不清楚辽宁或满洲的家庭模式是否能够概括中国的其它时期,李中清、康文林、谭国富已经指出了中国历史研究中以前未曾涉足的领域的研究方向。
While these conclusions are likely to be hotly debated, in part because it is unclear whether Liaoning or Manchurian family patterns are generalizable to the rest of China, Lee, Campbell, and Tan have pointed toward a direction in research that has not previously been pursued in Chinese history.

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7. 据新民网记者了解,这起车祸的40多名伤者目前已被送往嘉定区中心医院,新民网记者正赶赴该医院。新民网杨扬胡彦珣沈文林薛骁翔
According to new understanding of civilian network reporter, the person that this has many 40 injury of traffic accident already was sent toward at present fine hospital of the center that decide an area, new civilian network reporter is being driven go to this hospital.

8. 单位:李文林毛士龙易杨华周大铮吕泰省沟海峰(第二军医大学药学院天然药化教研室,上海 200433
Department of medicinal chemistry of nature product, The college of pharmacy, The second military medical university, ShangHai 200433

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9. 肖光磊1,陆建峰1,李文林2,陈涤平2
XIAO Guang-lei1, LU Jian-feng1, LI Wen-lin2, CHEN Di-ping2

10. 单位:于洪儒肖建英刘用璋张敬国(锦州医学院生化教研室,锦州 121001);李昭英(中国医科大学第一临床学院神经科,沈阳 110000);李文林(辽宁省人民医院神经科,沈阳 110000);何祥(沈阳军区陆军总医院神经科,沈阳 110000
China Medical University, Shenyang 110000

11. 我最喜欢去的地方是云南大学周围,文林街上的萨尔瓦多有我钟爱的烤饼与绿茶冰淇林,还有北辰小区里的馨香烤屋,好里的面包与西式土豆泥似乎又在召唤着我,旁边的Silverspoon有我爱吃的甜点和明尼苏达的汤。
My favorite restaurants would be Salvador's in Wenlin Street, Wicker Baskets (western potatos and a variety of bread) and Silver Spoon (deserts and a special Minnesota soup) in Beichen Xiao Qu.

12. 陈莲珍%李林%安文林%王育琴%魏海峰%叶翠飞%赵玲%张丽%楚晋参乌胶囊对糖尿病复合脑缺血模型大鼠学习记忆功能和细胞凋亡相关蛋白表达的影响中国药学杂志,2005,1
KAMALA%RamakersGM%BiesselsGJ Effectsofaphorbolester and cyclosporin A on hippocampal synaptic plasticity in streptozotocin-induced-diabetic rats: reduced sensitivity to phorbol esters 10.1016/S0304-3940(02)01451-9 NEUROSCIENCE LETTERS, 2003, 1

13. 三维水-土耦合模型在深基坑降水计算中的应用冯晓腊;熊文林;胡涛;沈江涛 2005 土力学;深基坑降水;三维水—土耦合模型;水头;。。。
APPLICATION OF 3D COUPLING MODEL OF SEEPAGE AN... FENG Xiao-la; XIONG Wen-lin; HU Tao; SHEN Jian... soil mechanics; deep foundation pits dewaterin...

14. 从西南联大新校舍出来,有两条街,凤翥街和文林街,都不长。
From the southwest new campus by the UN General Assembly, Liang Tiaojie, Fung Street and Zhu Lin Street, not long.

15. 武汉文林科技有限公司主要生产销售 PVC 制卡系列设备:全自动智能层压机、全自动冲卡机、自动凸码烫金机、裱磁机、IC卡封焊、铣槽机等;提供全套 PVC个性制卡耗材:喷墨打印材料、带胶膜、基料,数码印刷材料。
Our main products are series PVC card making equipment:Full automatic smart card laminator, full automatic card punching machine, full automatic embossing and gilding machine, magnetic tape applicator, IC card assembling and slot milling machine; We supply full set personalized PVC card consumables:inkjet printing materials, overlay with glue, digital printing materials.

16. 现代景观与私家园林在表达自然和营造空间两个本质问题上高度一致,因此文林整体性空间模式在现代景观设计中应用的可能性及方法。
Modern landscape architecture and private garden are highly consist on nature expression and space construction, so, also do research on the possibility and means how exercise the space pattern.

17. 研究小组由李中清教授康文林教授领导,由在读的博士生,研究人员,顾问和技术专家组成。
Led by James Lee and Cameron Campbell, our group consists of Ph. D. Students, researchers, consultants and technical staff.

18. 北齐置文林馆学士,北周置麟趾殿学士,皆掌著述。
Museum of Northern Qi Chi Man Lam BA, Bachelor of Northern Zhou Dian Chi Trench, are palm writing.

19. 马文林替农民写告状信要求减轻税收负担,在榆林地区被判刑五年。
Yulin judges sentenced him to5 years in prison for representing peasants in a lawsuit to reduce their tax burden.

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20. 作者:李庆安刘清董介远张黔姚文林杜浩宇作者单位:441001 湖北襄樊,襄樊市襄阳区人民医院
LI Qing-an, LIU Qing, DONG Jie-yuan, et al. Department of Neurology and Neurosurgery, Xiangyang District Hospital, Xiangfan 441001, China