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无助 双语例句

1. 不过不要担心,你不会无助的面对它的。
Don't worry though - you won't be defenseless against the bitter cold.

2. 无助

2. 本实验研究以脉冲式YAG雷射进行共晶锡球在铜焊垫上之无助焊剂回焊接合,以了解雷射功率、脉冲宽度与回焊次数等制程条件对焊点外观形貌、微观结构与接合强度之影响。
This work studied the fluxless reflow soldering of eutectic solder ball on copper pad utilizing pulse YAG laser. The effects of soldering conditions including laser power density, pulse width (i. e., the irradiation time) and reflow times on the morphology, microstructure and shear strength of solder joint were investigated.

3. 1三、不要逞英雄,不要用匕首从违后袭击对于方,他有可能就在此时转身,你就会变患上孤立无助(固然,除非他是个超等菜鸟)。
Don't be a hero and use a knife when attacking somebody in the back, he might just turn around and you will be helpless (unless he's awful of course).

4. 有人问我,为什么写日记要用英文,笑了笑,其实,完全是因为一个朋友,素未蒙面,却在我无助的时候给予我帮助。
I was asked, why should write a diary in English, Smiling, in fact, it is entirely due to a friend-not masked I was helpless in the time given to me to help.

5. 我觉得这么悲痛,并且我感到如此无助
I feel so grieved, and I feel so helpless as I can not do anything to help

6. 对于中国近现代史的认识至少在现在还有很多未知领域,其神秘和深邃如同我们面对天体和大洋一样茫然无助,甚至比起我们对于古代史的了解更加斑驳陆离。
In our knowledge of Chinese contemporary and modern history, there are still many fields remaining untouched, whose mystery and abstrusity make us feel confused and helpless, just like when we face heaven and ocean. This knowledge can not even be comparable to our understanding of ancient history.

7. 我已经在根本没有所谓学术赞助人赞助的情况下使自己的工作完成到目前这个地步,那么,尽管我将要在更艰难无助的情况下—假如还有可能更艰难无助的话—完成全稿,我也绝不会感到沮丧。
Having carried on my workthus far with so little obligation to any favourer of learning, Ishall not be disappointed though I should conclude it, if less bepossible, with less; for I have been long wakened from that dreamof hope, in which I once boasted myself with so much exultation, MyLord

8. 现在还记得当时那种痛,一个人在产房,很无奈无助的感觉。
Remember that it is the kind of pain, a person in the delivery room, we can not help feeling helpless.

9. 但是,大家也注意到这样一个现象:不论多么成功的外来人才,不管你是身居高位的专家、学者、企业家、商人,还是从事具体工作的工程师、教师、演员、运动员,在生活的似乎无忧无虑的同时,许多人还是时不时会流露出一种无助、不自信、不理直气壮的神情。
Yet we have noticed a phenomenon: While foreigners seem to be getting on well here, no matter how succe ful they are, as experts, academics, busine men, engineers, teachers, artistes or athletes, many will, time and again, reveal a se e of helple e and diffidence that ca ot be concealed.

10. 数百万人无助的人们生活在贫困之中而他们又无能为力为提高他们自己的情况采取行动。
And hundreds of millions of people live in poverty so helpless as to render them incapable of taking effective action to improve their own condition.

11. 我们可以用药物来治疗身体上的病恙,但孤独、失望、无助这些心灵的创伤却只能用爱来调养。
We can cure physical disease with medicine, but the only cure for loneliness, despair and hopelessness is love.

12. 我们让绝望、无助、有自杀意图的人士,在有需要时可以找到聆听者,诉说内心的痛苦和困
We give the hopeless, the helpless and the suicidally inclined a listener when they need one so that

13. 对一个孩子来说,这可能会造成困惑,自我怀疑,以及无助的感觉。
This may cause confusion, self doubt, and feelings of helplessness for a child.

14. 好可悲的俄、好无助的俄、好爱你的俄。
Sadly, I have a good, Good helpless I, Well I love you.

15. 当手机不见了以后我真的好无助。
I really good after missing helpless.

16. 无助的近义词

16. 这些天我真的很没有用,很无助,我真的不知道怎么才好,其它的好朋友都已经同时找到了工作,但是我只能呆在家里面,想要感受这个世界,真的不想呆在这里。
These days I really good no use to, good helpless, I did not know how should be good, other good friends all already found one to belong to own concurrent job, but I only can stay actually at home. Wants to flee this world, really does not want to stay in here, I dislike here.

17. 陷入饥荒的儿童、被压迫的受害阶层、无法抚养子孙的无助的老人们、以及全世界的孤独、贫困正讽刺着人类生活的现在和未来。
Children in famine, victims tortured by oppressors, helpless old people a hated burden to their sons, and the whole world of loneliness, poverty, and pain make a mockery of what human life should be.

18. 今天是我的生日,虽然有些孤独和无助,但我坚信母亲说过的那句话:我美丽的女儿,相信我,爱你的那个人就在不远处等你
Today is my birthday, a little lonely and helpless, but I dobelieve what my mom said: my beautiful daughter, trust me, thatthere certainly is a man who love you is waiting for you not faraway

19. 一只小海豹独卧在冰上的形象,或一个战祸中变成孤儿的小女孩,仍继续在他们的无助中害怕。
The image of one baby seal alone on the ice or one baby girl orphaned in war is still frightening in its helplessness.

20. 虽然我们天真的以为这里的sister应该都和Mother Teresa一样,却不尽然,有些sister不太知道如何工作,很难想象没有义工的时候,他们是怎样的完成工作的,当我觉得把衣服洗干净是最重要的事,却同时感觉到印度工人认为在一定的时间内完成工作是最重要的事,但我觉得病人的尊严是最重要的事,所以他们不吃时只能在旁无助的看着他,却也看到有些人粗卤的将牛奶倒在不吃的病人脸上,也践踏了我所认知的正当,当我看到Mother说的:如果不能和穷人一起过著同样的生活而真的有同样的贫穷感受,那么Missionary of Charily做的只是社会工作而感动时,却同时看到sister们使劲地刷洗洁白的衣服以及她们处理病人衣服的动作所造成的强烈对比!!
I naively assumed that every sister should be the same as Mother Teresa. The fact is: some sisters don`t know how to work and it`s difficult to image the situation without volunteers. When I thought it`s very important to cleanly wash the clothes, some Indian workers thought the most important thing is to finish the work on time. When I thought patients` dignity is very important and I only looked at them helplessly when they decided not to eat, I saw some people threw milk on one patient`s face and abused the correctness recognized by me. When I am touched by the word from Mother: if we don`t suffer, it`s only social work. I saw the intense contrast between the way they treat their clothes and patients` clothes!!