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DDU 基本解释

1. \u0064\u0061\u006E\u0063\u0069\u002E\u0039\u0031\u0031\u0063\u0068\u0061\u002E\u0063\u006F\u006D

1. 未完税交货(......指定目的地):DEQ 目的港码头交货 Delivered Ex Quay | DDU 未完税交货(......指定目的地) | DDU 未完税交货 Delivered Duty Unpaid

2. DDU的意思

2. 十二:十一、DEQ | 十二、DDU | 十三、DDP

3. ddu:is delivered duty unpaid; 未完税交货

4. DDU是什么意思

4. ddu:display and debug unit; 显示和调试装置

5. ddu:delivery duty unpaid; 未完税

DDU 双语例句

1. DDU/DELIVERED DUTY UNPAID (... named place of destination)Delivered duty unpaid means that the seller delivers the goods to the buyer, not cleared for import, and not unloaded from any arriving means of transport at the named place of destination.

2. DDU

2. In the case of CFR terms, it would be the buyer while in the case of DDU or DDP terms, it would be the seller.

3. Complete network of overseas agents can provide customers with DDU, DDP trade in services.

4. Know well DDU, DDP's how to; Can accomplished and overseas to account, Settlement.

5. The price for Technical Documentation as specified in Articles 3.2.2 and 3.2.3 is for delivery DDU Destination Airport.

6. Know well DDU, DDP's how to; Can accomplished overseas to ac, Settlement.

7. The supply of the contract products will be realized DDU as per 2000 Incoterms.

8. If the parties wish the buyer to bear all risks and costs of the import, the DDU term should be used.

9. DDU

9. Started with materials on Bimo`s narration and on-the-spot fieldwork about several ritual, such as ma ddu bi、jji jo、jy zzi zhuo nyi shuo, this essay is tried to importantly analyze and explain about the symbol system and inherent relation among space, place and plants in Bimo ritual.
本文试图根据毕摩的访谈与ma ddu bi、jji jo、jy zzi zhuo nyi shuo几个仪式的实地考察中所获得的资料出发,着重对毕摩宗教仪式中空间、方位和植物的象征体系及其内在关联进行分析和诠释。

10. This DDU (Driver Display Unit) uses the special-purpose driver display monitor. Its operating system is CLFS Linux system, this system is PIXY company reduces in - Linux Kernel according to the special application of DDU.

11. 911查询·英语单词大全

11. Container Yard C/收货人 Consignee C/O 产地证 Certificate of Origin CAF 货币汇率附加费 Currency Adjustment Factor CFS 散货仓库 Container Freight Station CFS/CFS 散装交货 CHB 报关行 Customs House Broker CIF 成本, 保险加海运费 COST, INSURANCE, FRIGHT CIP 运费、保险费付至目的地 Carriage and Insurance Paid To COMM 商品 Commodity CPT 运费付至目的地 Carriage Paid To CTNR 柜子 Container CY/CY 整柜交货 D/A 承兑交单 Document Against Acceptance D/O 到港通知 Delivery Order D/P 付款交单 Document Against Payment DAF 边境交货 Delivered At Frontier DDC 目的港码头费 Destination Delivery Charge DDP 完税后交货 Delivered Duty Paid DDU 未完税交货 Delivered Duty Unpaid DEQ 目的港码头交货 Delivered Ex Quay DES 目的港船上交货 Delivered Ex Ship Doc#文件号码 Document Number EPS 设备位置附加费 Equipment Position Surcharges Ex 工厂交货 Work/ExFactory F/F 货运代理 Freight Forwarder FAF 燃料附加费 Fuel AdjustmentFactor FAK 各种货品 Freight All Kind FAS 装运港船边交货 Free Alongside Ship FCA 货交承运人 Free Carrier FCL 整柜 Full Container Load Feeder Vessel/Lighter 驳船航次 FEU 40'柜型 Forty-Foot Equivalent Unit 40'FMC 联邦海事委员会 Federal Maritime Commission FOB 船上交货 Free On Board GRI 全面涨价 General RateIncrease H/C 代理费 Handling Charge HBL 子提单 House B/L I/S 内销售 Inside Sales IA 各别调价 Independent Action L/C 信用证 Letter of Credit Land Bridge 陆桥 LCL 拼柜 Less Than Container Load M/T 尺码吨 Measurement Ton MB/L 主提单 Master Bill Of Loading MLB 小陆桥, 自一港到另一港口 Minni Land Bridge Mother Vessel 主线船 MTD 多式联运单据 Multimodal Transport Document N/F 通知人 Notify NVOCC 无船承运人 Non Vessel OperatingCommon Carrier O/F 海运费 Ocean Freight OBL 海运提单 OceanB/L OCP 货主自行安排运到内陆点 Overland Continental Point OP 操作 Operation ORC 本地收货费用 Origen Recevie Charges P.
一般都规定租船人负担,即船方不负担装卸,理舱和平舱费条件(FREE IN AND OUT,STOWED,TRIMMED--F.I.O.S.T。)。

12. DDU的近义词

12. Technical Documentation fee is for delivery DDU Destination Airport.

13. The DDU term was added in the1990 version of Incoterms.

14. The simulation software can be used as a national test tool for DDU, which provides a development and experimental environment for laboratory studies.

15. DDU的翻译

15. With the pace of domestic independent development propulsion in electric locomotive field, DDU also follows the step.

16. This subject has basically completed the localization design of DDU in heavy haul eletric locomotive. It provides a new technical idea for our next generation of DDU localization design.

17. DDU在线翻译

17. USD45 Sent: Tuesday, June 30, 20099:14 PM Subject: Re: DDU rate via HAMBURG 30/06/09 Dear Serena, we can quote: 1 cartage: eur 458, 002 cartage: eur 563, 00 inbond doc: eur 45, 00 each shipment post landing charges as per attachment LCL charges EUR 30, - per 1000 kgs or EUR 15, - per cbm EUR 30, - minimum Quay dues – not IMO EUR 50, 95 per ton (cargo up to 20 kgs) EUR 40, 80 per ton (cargo over 20 kgs) EUR 8, 17 per cbm(cargo5 times measuring) EUR 45, 68 minimum General surcharge compensation EUR 4, 50 per cbm as per outlay EUR 4, 50 minimum as per outlay CISF EUR10, 00 per cbm or per ton Delivery order fee EUR 45, - per B/L Anti terror compliance fee EUR 3, 90 per B/L Customs clearance EUR 65, - up to one tariff-code EUR 7, 50 per all additional tariff-cod
但价格要做USD45发送:星期二,2009年6月30号下午9时14主旨:Re :DDU率通过汉堡30/06/09亲爱的小威廉姆斯,我们可以回复:1 )搬运:欧元458,00 2 )搬运:欧元563,00 inbond文件:欧元45,00每次装运后降落费按附件拼箱收费30欧元,-每1000公斤或15欧元,-每立方米 30欧元-最低码头费-不海事组织欧元50,95每吨(货物达20公斤)欧元40,80每吨(货物超过20公斤)每立方米8,17欧元( cargo5次测量)欧元最低一般45,68欧元4,50补偿附加费每立方米为每支出4,50欧元最低按支出CISF EUR10 ,00每立方米或提货单每吨45欧元的费用,-每乙/ L的反恐怖遵守欧元3,90费每乙/ L的报关欧元65 ,-行动一个关税代码欧元7,50每所有额外关税鳕鱼