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转头 基本解释



1. 转头的意思

1. swivel:switchman 转辙工 | swivel 转头 | syenite 正长岩

2. zhuan tou:转行 zhuan hang | 转头 zhuan tou | 转性 zhuan xing

3. turn around:take off脱衣 起飞 | 30turn around转头 | 31so many things如此多的事情

转头 双语例句

1. 那些只需要你在一排转头中间砌一小层灰浆的工程
Where you use a little layer of mortar between each row of bricks.

2. 转头在线翻译

2. 摘 要:在回首转头回想转头身份意知趣关理论的基本上,操作南京某平易近工黉舍的实地查询拜访资料,力争勾画在差别参照群体下运动儿童身份意识的年夜概架构,并进一步切磋其影响身分。
Based on a review of identity consciousness theories, this paper attempts to give an account of the floating children`s identity consciousness in different reference groups by investigating a Nanjing school for floating labors` children.

3. 转头的反义词

3. 答:嗯,因为如果我说我拒绝是因为那些负面事物,我不可能转头又说那
A: Well, because if I say that I reject that because of negatives I can`t

4. 众弟子应声而去,练征向后靠在椅上,转头望著女儿
Lian zheng liens to the back of chair and turns his head to In.

5. 转头在线翻译

5. 然后你把鼠标向左侧旋转,也就是转头你的左耳机会继续响但是右耳机却没有声音你转着转着突然左耳机的声音变小了那么恭喜你你的敌人就在你面前的一条线上然后你就要判断他在哪里如果是在空地上你立刻蹲下朝面前的一条线开火你的敌人会立刻死在你的枪下的成功率:80
And then you put the mouse to the left Lateral rotation, that is, the opportunity to turn their back on your left ear headphones right ring but you have no voice to a sudden left turn with the voice headset smaller then congratulate you on your enemy before you An online and then you have to judge where he is in the open space if you squat North Korea immediately before a line of enemy fire you will immediately die under the gun in your success rate: 80

6. 水平半规管良性阵发位置性眩晕最容易发生在病人仰卧转头时,若眼振和转头方向一致,称为向地型,眼振方向和转头方向相反,称为逆地型,后者的治疗方法众说纷纭,文献上并无定论。
Horizontal canal benign paroxysmal positional vertigo is usually induced in supine position with head rotation towards either side. It is called geotropic form when the nystagmus is directed toward the undermost ear, or ageotropic form when the nystagmus is directed toward the uppermost ear.

7. 转头

7. 逆地眼振型水平半规管良性阵发位置性眩晕的3种耳石可能位置如下:水平半规管前臂的管耳石、管侧的顶帽沉石(canal side cupulo-lithias1s)与囊侧的顶帽沉石,本文报告3例以快速转头治疗逆地眼振型水平半规管良性阵发位置性眩晕成功的病例,显示快速转头法对囊侧的顶帽沉石具迅速有效的治疗效果,对於逆地眼振型水平半规管良性阵发位置性眩晕的治疗,作者建议先以快速转头作治疗性诊断,若病人马上复原,诊断为囊侧的顶帽沉石;若眼振转为向地型,则诊断为水平半规管前臂的管耳石或管侧的顶帽沉石,进一步再以向地型的耳石复位法治疗病人。
The head is slowly turned 90° toward the side where nystagmus is induced less intensely. Then the head is rotated 180° rapidly toward the opposite side. This article reports three cases of the ageotropic form of HC-BPPV that were cured by rapid head rotation. The three cases demonstrated that rapid head rotation was an effective maneuver to treat cupulolithiasis on the utricle side. It is recommended that rapid head rotation can be used for therapeutic diagnosis: If nystagmus subsides immediately after this maneuver, the diagnosis is cupulolithias is on utricle side. If nystagmus changes into the geotropic form, the diagnosis is cupulolithiasis on canal side or canalolithiasis in the anterior arm of horizontal semicircular canal. A repositioning maneuver for geotropic form can then be applied to treat these patients.

8. 所以在你转头向上看之前先要让你的头背对身后的墙(学习《瑜伽之光》中艾扬格的照片)。
So you take the top of your head back toward the wall behind you before turning it to look up (study the photo of Mr. Iyengar in Light on Yoga).

9. 锁定钻导向器和/或装置确保了转头孔在正确的方向角度。
The use of the locking drill guide and/or aiming device ensures that the drill hole is made in the correct direction.

10. 转头

10. 我转头又在小宋的搀扶下,回到了床上。
I turn the head is in again of Xiaosong support sb with hand below, returned a bed to go up.

11. danci.911cha.com

11. 她转头看着他饱经风霜的脸。
She turned to look at his weathered face.

12. 我想是到了我该转头咳嗽的时候了。
I believe it's time for me to turn my head and cough.

13. 转头的意思

13. 集团公司为了开拓市场,多元化发展,于2000年开发高频电源、仿金电源、超声波、回转头、电镀槽、过滤机等各种电镀设备。
Group to open up the markets and diversified development, in 2000 the development of high- frequency power supply initation gold, four pieces, bath, such as electroplating filter equipment.

14. 她喝下肚的香槟酒使她的面颊上泛起玫瑰红,她的嘴唇湿润,目光炯炯;每当她的肩膀撒娇地一扭,转头时脖子肉感地微微鼓起,银行家就增加一次价钱。
The champagne she had been drinking had flushed her a rosy- red; her lips were moist; her eyes sparkled, and the banker's offers rose with every kittenish movement of her shoulders, with every little voluptuous lift and fall of her throat, which occurred when she turned her head.

15. 豆豆实没想到她会如此,虽然立刻闪避,脖子还是被锐利的断剑刮伤,而童博猛然一转头,眼中凶光大盛
Doug does certainly not expect this so her neck is scratched by sharp broken sword even she tried to dodge it.

16. 转头

16. 螺钉和螺母用装配工具手动和机动旋转头的传动端及连接部件尺寸,转矩试验
Assembly tools for screws and nuts - Drive ends for hand- and machine-operated screwdriver bits and connecting parts - Dimensions, torque testing

17. 目的 :探讨枢椎横突孔结构在转头引起寰枢段椎动脉狭窄或闭塞的临床解剖学意义。
Objective: To study the clinical significance of axis transverse foramen in the etiology of the vertebral artery insufficiency after cervical rotational movement.

18. 转头在线翻译

18. 根据板料冲裁时的工作负荷图确定了数控回转头压力机的动载荷谱,并通过傅立叶展开,获得了压力机的幅频谱,最后通过 MARC软件采用模态叠加法计算了典型冲裁时机身的动态响应,分析了其动态特性,并对特征点的动静态应力进行了比
According to the deep analysis of the typical punching process, the loading charts and the amplitude frequency curves of straight side CNC turret press frame are obtained.

19. 文摘:根据板料冲裁时的工作负荷图确定了数控回转头压力机的动载荷谱,并通过傅立叶展开,获得了压力机的幅频谱,最后通过MARC软件采用模态叠加法计算了典型冲裁时机身的动态响应,分析了其动态特性,并对特征点的动静态应力进行了比较。
According to the deep analysis of the typical punching process, the loading charts and the amplitude-frequency curves of straight side CNC turret press frame are obtained. In the end the dynamic response of a typical process is calculated using modal superposition method by FEM software MARC and the static and dynamic stress of some nodes is compared as well.

20. 呼吸管真正帮助你集中精力,因为你无需转头。
Swimming with a snorkel really makes people focus on that, because you're not turning your head to tournure.