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心急如焚 基本解释

心急如焚[xīn jí rú fén]

心急如焚[xīn jí rú fén]

1. Burning with impatience:当务之急: Most pressing matter of the moment; Top priority | 心急如焚: Burning with impatience | 念念不忘: To bear in mind constantly

心急如焚 双语例句

1. 她低着头,两只脚无处闪躲,下一个就该她上场了,她心急如焚。
Her head bowed, his feet nowhere to dodge the next one in respect of her playing, she was burning with anxiety.

2. 12月15日,对我来说一个灰色的日子,下午5点多,当我正行驶在西二环回家的路上,电话响了,我立即出主路掉头往回赶,慢慢的车河里我心急如焚。
December 15, for me, a gray day, 17 o'clock, when I was traveling in the West Second Ring way home, the phone rang, I immediately make a U-turn back from the main road out, the car slowly I am the river burning with anxiety.

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3. 然而,随着祭神日子的一天天临近,让夏帕普心急如焚的是米斯牛头印章至今还没有任何消息。
However, along with offers a sacrifice to the god day approaching day-by-day, those who let Xia Pa Pu be burning with impatience is the seal does not have any news until now.

4. 心急如焚是什么意思

4. 妈妈把衣服放在地上,她一手托背,咬着牙吃力地蹲下去,我想一定又是妈妈的脊椎病犯了,妈妈两只手搓着衣服,突然,妈妈用湿手去揉揉脑门,我想她一定是头晕了,我心急如焚。
She put the clothes on the ground, and went down with difficulty, I knew her spondylopathy had spasm again. Soon, she had washed all the clothes.

5. 胡妁心急如焚,又仔细回想一遍当时的情景,突然想到珍妮丢臭弹的事,这时也管不了有关无关,开口便说:「信女又记起一事,珍妮投掷臭弹时,文祥离他们最近,很可能闻到什麼了。
When Jenny threw that stink bomb, Wen Xiang was the nearest to them.

6. 心急如焚的反义词

6. 上班族觉得交通不便,有车者对来回交纳过路费不胜其烦,要是遇上堵车更是让人心急如焚。
Office workers feel that the traffic inconvenience, car persons to return their road toll This is really annoying, if they block the traffic is so great sense of urgency.

7. 鱼贩们兴致勃勃地卖着鱼,他们每天要卖的鱼共约4000箱左右,每箱都是满满的40千克,而船长们则在一旁看得心急如焚。
Buyers inspect the freshly-landed ice-packed fish, and boat skippers look on anxiously as the auctioneer briskly sells some 4, 00040-kilogram boxloads each day.

8. 在场的观众和电视机前的我顿时心急如焚,易建联和王治郅的内线强攻帮助中国队将分差缩小到二十五分,最后,中国队以七十比一百零一不敌美国队,比赛也随之告终。
Present front of the television audience and I suddenly frantic, Yi Jianlian and Wang inside storm to help Chinese team down to 25 sub-sub-difference, finally, the Chinese team with 70 more than 101 lost to the U. S. team, competition also will be ended.

9. 心急如焚

9. 放下这一对暂且不提,先去看看农夫,他步履如飞,分秒不停,为了早到高克利山心急如焚,半路上遇到了他的侃山老友。
No one was happier than the peasant, and immediately following the mass he went to the priest and asked for the laurel sack and the kreuzer.

10. 她心急如焚的想要告诉你这条消息。
She is burning to tell you the news.

11. 心急如焚的近义词

11. 但是对於等候在正义之宫门口的心急如焚的人们,有些话我是必须说的。
In the process of gaining our rightful place we must not be guilty

12. 她环视着寻找杰拉尔德,恐怕他已经到了,他是莽撞的,并且心急如焚。
She looked round for Gerald, fearing he might be already there, he was incautious and eager.

13. 更让他烦心的是,他天天扛着锄头到田里辛辛苦苦地劳作,但是那些不解人意的庄稼似乎一点也没长高,这让他心急如焚。
To his more upset, every day he went to work hard in the field, pickaxe on the shoulder, but the ungrateful crops did not seem to have grown one inch higher, which made him very anxious.

14. 丹尼尔韦伯斯特望着那心急如焚的人,在炉火映照下,脸色灰败,身子发抖,于是便把手按在他的肩膀上。
DANL Webster looked at the distracted man, all gray and shaking in the firelight, and laid a hand on his shoulder.

15. 与“洪水”做了半个多小时的斗争后,我终于把积水清理干净。而我也从心急如焚的状态中得到解脱。
After I struggled against the floodwater for more than half an hour, finally the water was clean up. I had a release from the urgent status.

16. 汤姆心急如焚,企盼着早点下课,不然弄点有趣的活计捣鼓捣鼓来打发时间也好。
Tom's heart ached to be free, or else to have something of interest to do to pass the dreary time.

17. 尽管中国领导在公众场合表现得轻松愉快,实际上却心急如焚。
But for all their professed joy at the spectacle, China's own leaders are fretful.

18. 他全身滚热,心急如焚。
He was boiling hot all over, his mind tense with a great sense of urgency.

19. 心急如焚在线翻译

19. 想到托尼正处于危险中,他心急如焚。
The idea of Toni being in danger distresses him enormously.

20. 阿维兰热对此心急如焚。此时,约翰松正在中国展开积极公关,而只有仰仗树大根深、在北京城里手眼通天的霍家,才最有可能将他斩落马下。
Havelange was especially concerned because he knew that Johansson was at that moment lobbying in China and the fabulous Foks, well-connected in Beijing, were the best hope of chopping him down.