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BCM 基本解释

1. 车身控制模块:.车身控制模块(BCM)接头C1端子D151.检查车身,控制模块(BCM)接头C1端子D15是否接触不良. 必要时,进行维修. 2.若车身控制模块(BCM)接头C1端子D15良好,则更换车身控制模块(BCM). 参见车身控制系统中车身控制模块的更换.

2. 交通銀行:2800 盈富基金 TRF 500 2 | 3328 交通银行 BCM 1000 2 | 3968 招商银行 CMB 500 2

3. BCM的翻译

3. 白沙冲:仁和村 RHM 19942 | 白沙冲 BCM 19943 | 瓦房村 WFM 19944

4. 锂电池充电器:锂电池BLM-1 | 锂电池充电器BCM-1 | 锂电池 BLL-1

5. BCM的意思

5. bcm:body care movement; 躯体运动

6. BCM的解释

6. bcm:bone collagen matrix; 骨胶原基质

7. bcm:basic call manager; 基本呼叫管理器

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8. bcm:body control module; 车身控制模组

BCM 双语例句

1. The matching gas storage should have at least 3 bcm natural gas under operation each year, which should account for 10 to 20% of annual gas transmission in the second West-to-East gas pipeline.

2. The results showed that the compound antiseptic-antibiotics which were composed with sorbic acid, BCM and doxycycline, not only improved the antiseptic ability of the artificial diet, but treated the septicaemia and muscardine very well with the effect of more than 90 percent.
作者以小蚕生长发育及人工饲料保质期为指标,对多种防腐剂、防霉剂及抗菌素在人工饲料中添加效果进行了比较,筛选出由山梨酸、BCM 及强力霉素组成的复合型防腐抗菌剂,不仅明显提高了人工饲料的防腐能力,而且对蚕的败血症和僵病的治疗效果均达到90%以上,具有防腐和防病的双重作用。

3. The location potential BCM estimating model is established on the qualitative and quantitative analysis of the location factors, and it is also the importance foundation of the location decisions.

4. To select polymorphic short tanderm repeat markers within X-linked nuclear protein gene, genomic clones which contain XNP gene were recognizd by homologous analysis with XNP cDNA. By comparing the cDNA with genomic DNA, non-exonic sequences were identified, and short tandem repeats were selected from non-exonic sequences by using BCM search Launcher.
从XNP基因内部筛选多态性较强的多态基因座,为连锁分析和间接诊断奠定基础通过核酸同源性分析获得含有XNP基因的基因组克隆,并通过对比分析cDNA与基因组DNA的对应关系确定基因的非外显子序列,利用BCMSearch Launcher程序从中筛选短串联重复序列。

5. It is important to prevent and treat TBF loss in the early stage and BCM depletion in the terminal stage for the cirrhosis patient's malnutrition rectification and survival quality improvement.

6. BCM在线翻译

6. Meanwhile, the categorization of linux device, elemental terminology of exploiting network interface card driver, and loading and unloading the driver module are also mentioned in this thesis.

7. Simulation results show BCM codes constructed by this method have better performance and complexity than conventional ones.

8. BCM的解释

8. How these lessons aligned with the concept of BCM will be briefly shared in this presentation.

9. BCM的翻译

9. In view of our BCMs defeats, this paper has put forward principle counter-measures for strengthening our BCM.

10. Therefore, BCM has been designated as a licensed supplier by a lot of well-known international companies.

11. Finally the test technique is implemented in a BCM product.

12. Combined with the driver of BCM5464 chip, this thesis discusses the design and realization of the network interface card driver in theory, especially makes more detailed discussions step by step, such as loading the driver module, initialization of the device, starting and stopping of the device, transmission and receiving of data, information statistics, unloading the driver module, etc.

13. These deeper than standard ink little dots distributed no laws, are located throughout the field of printed matter, prone to swatches of the region, particularly large field business card printing and membership card when, by using a ceramic roller BCM value ink, ink spot phenomenon apparent serious impact on the overall effect of printed matter.

14. Repeatable volume accuracy runs at less than /- 5 percent, ranking it as the most accurate volume BCM measurement system globally, 'the statement continued.
重复量运行精度小于 /-百分之五,排名它作为最准确的量模块测量系统在全球,在声明中说。

15. BCM decided to deploy Windows Server 2008 Standard on one server. The deployment would create a terminal server to provide remote access to a key line-of-business application for the existing three users, in addition to remote users that will be added over time—including business partners.
Microsoft 发布了一个修补程序,用于消除随 Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 和 Windows 2000 一起提供的可选服务中的一个安全漏洞。

16. On the contrary, if a table d/o ratio of 40% of the capacity of 550 line 4.5BCM network points into 400 line, at which point it remains in a best of d/o ratio and achieve the best results.

17. BCM-300 series is multi purpose microphone which has cardioid, super-cardioid and omni

18. The system is combined of the BCM remote control alarm systems, backing car radar systems, light control system (indoor lighting, headlight delay lighting and optical pattern recognition), and warning reminding system, smart wiper systems, turning signal, around doors and windows Movements, a number of features such as automatic defrost.

19. In order to effect the best recording and pick up sound in the special application, the BCM300B

20. The Bulbar conjunctival microcirculation (BCM) and fundus oculi were observed in 98 cases with thrombotic cardiac and cerebral vascular diseases.

BCM 单语例句


1. But domestic natural gas production was less than 60 bcm last year.

2. Sinopec aims to develop the field to produce up to 3 bcm per year by about 2005.

3. China is also in talks with Russia to import 68 bcm of gas a year using two pipelines.

4. China last year produced 50 bcm of natural gas, more than 70 per cent of which is contributed by PetroChina.

5. Each pipe has an annual capacity of as much as 30 bcm a year.