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累赘 基本解释

累赘[léi zhui ]

累赘[léi zhui]

1. drag:一颗心有多重 ╮裝堅強. 街尾丶離去 何必太认真 、分手而已 ___纠 结╮ 街角丶回頭 情深缘浅 - 恨╰╮多些 '还在等什厶?必累赘(drag) 別走丶陪我玩吧 一种安慰. 纠结 -114 一念之间、 泛泛之辈. 错觉,猜...

2. excess baggage:excerption 选录 | excess baggage 累赘 | exchange bank 汇兑银行

累赘 双语例句

1. 传统上,更大的海洋卫星天线的累赘重量和复杂电缆安装的问题。
Traditionally, bigger marine satellite antennas had cumbrous weight and complicated cable installation problems.

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2. 修院在一个国家,如果发展过多,它便成了行动的累赘,绊脚的机构,它应是劳动的中心却成为懒惰的中心。
Monasteries, when they abound in a nation, are clogs in its circulation, cumbrous establishments, centres of idleness where centres of labor should exist.

3. 也有些有无拘无束的女性认为各种类型的包包实际是一个累赘。
Then there are the free-spirited women who consider any size purse a great deal of hassle and find them an encumbrance.

4. 累赘爱上你了音乐网绝不再将错就错听信任何藉口爱若予取予求痛恨堕落肆无惮忌的挥霍别人怎么说心都碎了还管别人怎么说一路上畏畏缩缩软弱剥削自由随便了痛都痛过了还。。。
Love your music network cumbersome then it would be wrong not to listen to any excuses if the ever increasing demands love and hate fall wantonly squandered without fear of how others avoid that a broken heart how to say along the way other men also weak and timid casual exploitation of the pain is pain free After a further...

5. 累赘

5. 在急难中苏雷珈并没忘记把她最显焕的衣服整理起来,虽然许多有见识的人苦口婆心地劝阻,她还是在炮火下将那只累赘的大皮箱设法搬运下山。
Despite our predicament, Sureika had the presence of mind to sort out her brightest clothes and, ignoring the well meant remonstrations of lots of sensible people, she somehow managed to shift her cumbersome leather trunk down the hill in spite of the gunfire.

6. 你要明白,微小的快乐、痛苦和迷恋——所有这一切,对于咱们平头百姓是很可珍贵的,可是对于那种人来说,却太平常了,而且不会充实他们的生活。当咱们全心全意爱上这种人的时候,咱们会想,我们的友谊是牢不可破的,可是有的时候,咱们却成了他们的累赘。
You see, the little personal joys, and sorrows, and affections, that are everything to us ordinary mortals, are not big enough to fill the lives of such folk; and if we set our hearts on their friendship, and think we possess it, the chances are that we're only boring them all the time...

7. 祥子的身上没有任何累赘,除了一件灰色单军服上身,和一条蓝布军裤,都被汗沤得奇臭——自从还没到他身上的时候已经如此。
Xiangzi was unencumbered, being clad only in a grey army tunic and blue cloth trousers reeking of sweat-they had been like this before he put them on.

8. 我需要的是更宽裕的空间,更少的累赘阻碍。
I like more elbow-room, and fewer incumbrances.

9. 今天这样子,我想了一下,或许我错了,我可能不再重要,甚至已经是一个累赘
But the situation today enlightened me that I may not so important anymore, and may be I am a nuisance now.

10. 应用2期2重复的小区产量性状鉴定试验,进一步剖析产量性状QTL,发现Pi25两侧区间影响所有6个产量性状,且该区间存在2个以上控制产量性状的不同基因座,但尚无法判定研究群体存在的遗传累赘是全部源于抗病基因与产量性状QTL的不利连锁,还是部分源于Pi25的一因多效。
Genetic dissection of QTLs for yield traits were further conducted for the genomic regions harboring Pi25. It was found that two or more linked QTLs for yield traits were located in this region, and they had effects on each of the 6 yield traits studied. It remains unclear that the genetic drag between Pi25 and yield QTLs was solely resulted from unfavorable linkages, or partially ascribed to pleiotropism of Pi25.

11. 妻子是一个家,是一个能给你浮躁的心带来安抚的港湾;情人是家的累赘,只是不到万不得已你不想甩掉;红颜知己是家的点缀,没有她你不会觉得寂寞,但你会觉得生活没意思。
The wife is a house, ising 1 can give you the flippancy heart to bring conciliatory bay; The lover is the nuisance of house, just don't arrive ten thousand can not help you not to want to fling off; Beauty bosom friend is the house embellishes, having no her, you will not feel lonesome, but you will feel the life is dull.

12. 累赘的近义词

12. 这句话稍显得累赘,其实理顺一下,就是尽管现在的英语考试有不少弊端,但是至少它还是能够。。。。。。。
Although there exists some shortcomings in the ways of examing English, yet its advantage is more than the disadvantage at least at present.

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13. 我要你想起我的时候,心里没有忧愁,我宁可独自承担一切后果也不愿成你的累赘,我希望你想起我来,总是怀疑我毫无阅历,毫无准备,一头载进我的命运,就像跌进一个深渊
I hope someday when you remember me, there is no grief in your mind, i'm willing to burden every consequence but for ur encumbrance, when you think of me, and always have a suspicion of my inexperience and unwareness to fall straight into my destiny

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14. 正如美国国际战略研究中心的葛来仪所述,中国仍然视朝鲜为自己的战略资产,而不是一个累赘。
As Ms Glaser of the CSIS puts it, China still sees North Korea more as a strategic asset than a liability.

15. 在你看来,我已经成为累赘?
Am I a encumbrance in your eyes?

16. 我个人认为在这个小房间里它真够累赘的。
I personally think it's a nuisance in this tiny room.

17. 他把她看作是以某种朦朦胧胧的方式存在着的累赘,阻碍着他的自由思想;他心里有种恐惧出没无常,总觉得他跟她是以不言而喻的方式有过山誓海盟的;而她又对他保有一种权利,这种权利甚至不容许他有想念另一个女人的自由。
He looked at her as being in some vague manner an incumbrance upon the freedom of his thoughts; he had a haunting fear that he was in some tacit way pledged to her; that she had a species of claim upon him, which forbade to him the right of even thinking of another woman.

18. 每一个社会的集体生存,其较大部分是消耗在买卖、租赁、为了商业目的而进行的人与人之间的联合、一个人对另一个人的商业委托等等交易中;这无疑是使罗马人象大多数社会一样,考虑到把这些交易从专门手续的累赘中解脱出来,并尽可能使社会运动最有效的泉源不至阻塞。
The larger part of the collective existence of every community is consumed in transactions of buying and selling, of letting and hiring, of alliances between men for purposes of business, of delegation of business from one man to another; and this is no doubt the consideration which led the Romans, as it has led most societies, to relieve these transactions from technical incumbrance, to abstain as much as possible from clogging the most efficient springs of social movement.

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19. 突然一 比较大的狗奔跑在,抓取脖子的颈背小狗,而且累赘他在外。
Suddenly a bigger dog runs in, grabs the small dog by the scruff of the neck, and drags him out.

20. 安德鲁:对,那样你就可以摆脱那些烦人的相薄了,那些相薄简直就是累赘。
Andrew: Exactly, so you can ② chuck out all your photo albums, they're such a hassle.