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自然人 基本解释



1. 该组织由联想控股董事局主席柳传志、用友软件董事长王文京等43位中关村企业家以自然人身份发起成立,创始资本金约430万元,将重点关注软件、能源、环保等高科技行业。
This organization by associate charge president of a Liu Chuanzhi of trustee bureau chairman, software that use friend 43 ZhongGuanCun entrepreneur such as Wang Wen Beijing are initiated with natural person identity hold water, virgin capital gold makes an appointment with 4.3 million yuan, pay close attention to the key the high-tech industry such as software, the sources of energy, environmental protection.

2. 保护自然人的隐私权是我国民事立法的一项重要任务。
To protect the natural person s right of privacy is an important task of civil legislation in China.

3. 外国的自然人、法人和其他组织
Foreign natural persons, legal persons, and other organizations.

4. 在眼下的网络世界里,自然人和
To be admitted into the Web networks.

5. 公司:我们是一个新的,但非常活跃的瑞士公司,其宗旨是在wordwide贸易的头发-特别自然人的头发-和美容产品的所有种类。
Co: We are a new but very active SWISS COMPANY with the purpose of the wordwide trade of hair - specially natural human hair - and cosmetic products of all kind.

6. 首先,在环境犯罪中,犯罪主体有自然人和法人两种;其次,大多数环境犯罪是过失犯罪,其过失将依据这样一个标准来确定,即行为人是否采取了有效防治措施以力图避免损害结果的发生,如果没有,应认定过失成立;再次,环境犯罪之客观要件主要指犯罪行为以及犯罪行为与危害后果的因果联系。
This paper discusses the constitutive elements of environmental crime and puts forward its own viewpoint. First, in environmental crime, the subject of crime has two classes which are natural person and legal person. Second, most environmental crime are unintentional and, their negligence is determined on the basis of objective criteria that whether a wrongdoer goes to take prevention measures; if not, negligence is held to exist. Third, objective elements maily concern act of crime and cause-effect relation.

7. 令:指引自然人或者法人行为的法院命令。
Writ - A judicial order directing a person to do something.

8. 自然人的意思

8. 第三条 作为受送达人的自然人或者企业、其他组织的法定代表人、主要负责人在中华人民共和国领域内的,人民法院可以向该自然人或者法定代表人、主要负责人送达。
Article 3 Where the addressee is a natural person, legal representative or major principal of an enterprise or any other organization within the territory of the People's Republic of China, the people's court may serve the judicial documents to the natural person or the legal representative or major principal.

9. 第三条 作为受送达人的自然人或者企业、其他组织的法定代表人、主要负责人在中华人民共和国领域内的,人民法院可以向该自然人或者法定代表人、主要负责人送达。
Article 3 Where the addressee is a natural person, legal representative or major person-in-charge of an enterprise or any other organization within the territory of the People`s Republic of China, the people`s court may serve the judicial documents upon the natural person or the legal representative or major person-in-charge.

10. 王的第三大股东自然人持有6胜二万八千三百点〇〇〇万股。
Wang`s third-largest shareholder of a natural person holding the six-sheng 283 million shares.

11. 自然人

11. 但是,前十名股东德赛电池与第一大股东外,德赛工业公司国有法人股,其余股东持有的股票,这也是公司的大股东是自然人,这是毫无疑问的投机基金单位一较大的回旋余地。
But the top ten shareholders Desai battery, with the exception of the first major shareholders DESAY industrial company for state-owned legal person shares, the remaining shareholders are holding shares, which are also the majority shareholder is a natural person, this is no doubt that speculation funds unit a larger room for maneuver.

12. 以荣信股份(002123 股吧,行情,资讯,主力买卖)为例,该公司有4家创投股东,其中包括深圳市深港产学研创投、深圳市天图创投、北京天成天信投资以及上海九观投资,这4家创投机构合计持股33.89%,比第一大自然人股东左强都要多。
RONGXIN in shares (002, 123 shares now, prices, information, main sale) as an example, the venture capital company has four shareholders, including Shenzhen, the Shenzhen-Hong Kong research venture, Shenzhen City days Figure venture, Beijing Tiancheng letter days investment and investment in Shanghai Nine concept, which combined four venture capital institutions held 33.89%, than the first strong natural person shareholders have more than left.

13. 论文通过对我国目前上市公司管理层收购案例的归纳总结,概括出我国管理层收购的六种一般操作方式:管理层自然人出资设立主体收购上市公司、管理层自然人设立主体收购大股东实现间接控股、对公司优质资产或子公司局部收购、借助信托公司持股、通过职工持股会或工会设立收购主体收购、通过股权激励实现准 MBO。
These unique issues are indirect purchase, relatively control and outside leverage. Suggestion like major stockholders supporting, the companys potential efficiency and stable cash flow are also been given in the thesis.

14. danci.911cha.com

14. 第三章至第十三章是关于该法分则部分的论述,依次讨论了该法关于自然人、婚姻、亲子关系、监护和其他保护措施、继承、物权、知识产权、债法、公司、国际破产和国际仲裁的原则、规则和制度,其中第三章至第十一章的每一章均包括直接国际管辖权、应适用的法律、外国判决的承认三个组成部分。
Chapters Three to Thirteen deal with the special part of the Statute. They discusssuccessively the principles, rules and regimes of the Statute concerning natural persons, marriage, filiation, tutorship and other protective measures, succession, real rights, in-tellectual property, law of obligations, companies, international bankruptcy and interna-tional arbitration. Each of Chapters Three to Eleven consists of three parts. i. e. direct in-ternational jurisdiction, applicable law, and recognition of foreign judgements.

15. 自然人在线翻译

15. 目前,从债法立法的完整性和我国现阶段社会需求来看,我国建立自然人破产制度是必要的。
Nowadays, it is necessary to set up such system for the integration of legislation of the law of obligation and the requirement of society of China.

16. 自然人的意思

16. 税收已经成为现代经济生活中的一个永恒的热点,因为不论法人,自然人,不论富人,穷人,只要发生有应税行为,就要依法纳税,不纳税就是违法行为。
The revenue from tax has become modern economy life inside of an eternal hot point, because of in spite of corporative, natural person, in spite of rich man, poor people, as long as the occurrence has should tax law behavior, will pay tax by law, do not pay tax is to break the law the behavior.

17. 同时,它也是自然人人格权必要的和基本的组成部分,是一项独立的人格权。
Meanwhile, it is also the essential part of personality rights of natural person as well as a right to an independent personality.

18. 境内公司及自然人从特殊目的公司获得的利润、红利及资本变动所得外汇收入,应自获得之日起6个月内调回境内。
The foreign exchange income from profit, bonus and capital change obtained by the domestic company or natural person from the company with special purpose shall be repatriated within 6 months after the date of obtainment.

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19. 对于胎儿已戚人形的身体,应由其出生后获得权利能力的自然人来追溯行使身体权;对`于尸体则认为是身体权客体的延续利益,不应再尊有身体权。
As the fetus takes shape of human, it should be given the right as a natural person to perform its body right after birth, while the corpse which is deemed as the continual interest of body right as an object shouldn t enjoy body right.

20. 法定代表人冯海金,注册资本1,067.8万元人民币,其中:山西梅花丝麻集团有限公司出资267.61万元,占总股本的25.061%;职工合股基金会出资383.845万元,占总股本的35.945%,自然人出资416.41万元,占总股本的38.994%。
The company is mainly engaged in silkworm cocoon purchase, and the production, further processing and sale of silk tops, mulberry silk sliver, various fabric blending products series, such as spun silk, cotton and ramie, linters and etc., as well as white steam filature products.