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freestyle英 [ˈfri:staɪl] 美 [ˈfriˌstaɪl] 

freestyle 基本解释

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1. 自由泳:自由泳(freestyle)是竞技游泳比赛项目之一. 对技术没有规则限制,比赛时,运动员多采用最快的爬泳技术,致使人们把爬泳亦称为自由泳. 自由泳不受任何姿势的限制,爬泳的速度最快阻力小,速度均匀,是最省力的一种游泳姿势.

2. freestyle什么意思

2. 自由模式:Bebbled正是这样一款游戏,游戏分为战役模式(Campaigns)自由模式(Freestyle)和Play Online(在线模式),玩家可以再Campaigns中不断进行升级挑战,随着游戏进程的增加,难度随之增加,时间同样也会变短,紧张度十足.

freestyle 双语例句

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1. I'm good at freestyle and breaststroke.

2. In addition, he is still 200 meters freestyle competition won the silver medal.

3. Try to make it through 15 levels of freestyle motocross!

4. You know, one of the main reason I like to kick with a board is because my freestyle kick is one of my weeker point to my stroke, and I think kicking with a board is really hard for me to do, so the more I do it, the better I'm going to get out of it.

5. The two recognized styles of wrestling are Greco-Roman and freestyle.

6. 911查询·英语单词大全

6. They tend to be soft and manouveurable for beginners but offer enough stiffness for fast carves in harder snow, these boards offer a mix of characteristics between freestyle and alpine snowboards.

7. Apart from the freestyle lumbar posture, subjects were instructed to take either lordotic or kyphotic posture as well.

8. Its like getting a fashionshow as a present, with everything inclusive. When I dress myself and others up I like the freestyle-style.

9. In 1988, Yang Wenyi broke the 50-meter freestyle world record.

10. freestyle的翻译

10. The Freestyle 50 meters was won by Yang Wenyi and the Freestyle 100 meters by Zhuang Yong. The Butterfly I00 meters was won by Qian Hong and the 200 meter Medley by Lin Li.

11. Hebe Law Arts Crafts Workshop s` products represent a unique blend of fashion with not only the influences through Chinese element, but also lots freestyle products.
罗用手作」的产品不单只受中国文化影响,还有其他的自由创作,正正表现出它是一个集合HEBE LAW各种时尚元素的独特品牌。

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12. I know there are freestyle, back-stroke, breast-stroke, butterfly and dolphin.

13. freestyle的解释

13. I know there are freestyle, back-stroke, breast-stroke, butterfly and dolphin stroke.

14. M: I know there are freestyle, back-stroke, breast-stroke, butterfly and dolphin.

15. The first freestyle bicycles were not as riding style-specific as modern ones; what made them suitable for flatland usually was the addition of bolt-on components, like standing pegs, platforms for the frame, the forks or the chain stays near the rear dropouts, and front and rear brake cable detangler systems like the ACS Rotor for the rear brake and the Potts Mod, a hollow stem wedge bolt for the front brake.

16. Daytime fun in the sun at the Dino Beach Summer Stage really starts to sizzle on July 14th when Miami's Freestyle Battle Champ MC Jin takes to the mic and UK turntablists Scratch Perverts hit the decks, making this non-stop hip hop/turntablism/dnb freestyle outdoor party.
就在7月14日当天,来自英国的DJ Scratch Perverts以及迈阿密Freestyle MC比赛冠军7届得主MC Jin将联合打造本次活动的音乐,马不停蹄地将这个结合了hip hop/turntablism/dnb等多种音乐类型的露天party在炎炎夏日的热带风暴舞台上,推向炙热的高潮!

17. freestyle是什么意思

17. Swimmers, ethnic Chinese Indonesians Wu Chuan-yu competition in the 100 meters freestyle in defeat.

18. Swimmer, fail to be elected in freestyle match of 100 meters by Wu biography jade, overseas Chinese of Indonesian.

19. freestyle的解释

19. I'm good at freestyle and breast stroke.

20. I know how to do the backstroke, butterfly, freestyle, and dog paddle.

freestyle 单语例句