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SYS 基本解释

1. 制作:GlassWeather 自己制作(SYS)看今天的天气,最高,最低气温Glass SYS 自己制作 (SYS)看系统信息,CPU、内存、网络速度~Glass Week Weather自己制作(SYS)显示一个星期的天气状况GlassClock 自己制作(SYS)日历、时钟GlassMap 自己制作(SYS)一个纯粹桌面美化用的地图,

2. 系统管理:RS10的实施合同,于2004年2月15日~3月10日,我们顺利完成了工程数据管理(EDM)、库存管理(INV)、销售管理 (OM)、采购管理(PM)、系统管理(SYS)、财务总帐管理(GL)、应收帐管理(AR)、应付帐管理(AP)、固定资产管理(FIX)的升级和切换 工作.

3. 系统文件:.sit 压缩 Stuffit Expander | .sys 系统文件 | .tar UNIX压缩文件 Winzip

4. sys:southern yellow sea; 南黄海

5. sys:system; 系统

SYS 双语例句

1. SYS的解释

1. What rights does he have, by default, to the SYS:PUBLIC directory on WIDGET1? A: ReadB: SupervisorC: Read, WriteD: Read, File ScanE: Read, Write, CreateF: Write, Create, EraseG: Read, Erase, File ScanH: Read, Write, Create, EraseI: Read, Write, Create, Erase, ModifyJ: JJenkins has no rights to

2. SARS may accelerate the establishment of national reaction sys-tem to meet the future disaster.

3. SYS file whereby the operating system could load real-mode device drivers for original equipment and for add-on cards.

4. When there is no message the task is pending and SYS_ERROR is returned.

5. The Simtek 103951-4 DIP module houses 64Kb of nonvolatile static RAM, a real-time clock with crystal and a high-value capacitor to support sys- tems that require high reliability and ease of manu- facturing.
DIP模块的优点都使Simtek 103951-4房子64Kb的非易失性静态RAM,一个实时时钟晶体和高值电容的支持sys -电信设备制造商需要高可靠性和易用性事业,facturing。

6. Among them the Gear's algorithm with variable order and variable step-length is most suitable for control sys- tem simulation.

7. Quit one or more memory-resident programs or remove unnecessary utilities from your Config. sys and Autoexec. bat files, and restart your computer.
请退出一个或多个内存驻留程序,或者删除 Config.sys 和 Autoexec.bat 文件中多余的实用工具,然后重新启动计算机。

8. A methanol monitoring and control sys tem was adopted for feedback control of methanol concentration, and the meth anol concentration can be controlled at a predetermined level.

9. SYS的意思

9. In this condition the Brevibacillus brevis strain can be used in construction of protein expression sys-tem and so on.

10. Use this method to improve the accuracy of the greenhouse control sys...

11. By means of the frequency analysis, the characteristic dynamic response for short and long times were given, respectively, and proved that the otolith sys- tem was a second-order forced damping system with mass, dashpot, and spring.

12. After analysis and study of characters of observational parameters of these extragalactic H2O megamaser sources, the correlations among them have been obtained as follows: lg S peak is anticorrelated with lg V sys and lg D, respectively.

13. The project is used to test performance and fault of the weather radar, and the au to-test of the antenna, transceiver and indicator of the radar is realized. The problem that the radar requires top-quality power is solved by using high-sensitivity temperature sensor and over-load test techno logy. The virtues of the sys tem are intelligent, manageable and applicable. It can reduce artificial errors in maintenance and test. It makes for flight safety and economic effectiveness. The project is the first test sys tem of the weather radar at home.

14. SYS什么意思

14. These arguments are stored in the sys module`s argv attribute as a list.
这些命令行参数以链表形式存储于 sys 模块的 argv 变量。

15. SYS

15. The orientation techno l ogy of laser beam collimation is used to locate the return reflector in this sys tem and the focused light similar to automobile light is projected on the return reflector. The intensity of reflecting light in various directions is measured by a luminous detector with high sensitivity.

16. Based on the data collected from bottom trawl surveys conducted in the East China Sea and the southern Yellow Sea in June 2006 to April 2007, regional difference of CPUE for small yellow croaker, characteristics of environmental factors in its distribution areas and their relationship between the SYS and ECS were analyzed.

17. The number of environmental factors which influenced the CPUE of small yellow croaker significantly was most in summer, while it was least in winter. It is suggested that small yellow croaker in the SYS and ECS might belong to two different populations, and there was a mixed population in their adjacent water area.

18. The results indicated that there were no significant difference in stock-density index between the SYS and ECS in all seasons except autumn spring: t'(43=1.68, P=0.104; summer: t'(60)=0.31, P=0.7567; autumn: t'(33)=2.69, P=0.011; and winter: t'(43)=1.74, P=0.089. There were no significant regional difference in bottom salinity and depth of distribution areas between the SYS and ECS in summer, while there were significant regional differences in bottom temperature, salinity and depth between the SYS and ECS in spring, autumn and winter. The relationship between environmental factors and CPUE for small yellow croaker was fitted using multiple linear regression analysis, and the influence factors were screened based on Akaike Information Criterion.

19. SYS Lane, in the Option to join a group AutoScan = 0, the start of the scanning shield out; If it is Windows 2000 or XP, on a disk press enter the country be directly detected access to Windows.
SYS里设置一下,在Option组加入一句AutoScan=0,把启动的扫描屏蔽掉;如果是Windows 2000或XP,就按回车条国磁盘检测直接进入Windows。

20. With the birth and development of cognitive linguistics in recent years, more and more attention has been paid to how language operates in people s mind, It has been found that people s conceptual sys...
随着当 代认知语言学的兴起,人们越来越关注英语学习过程中的认知机制,同时也发现推动人类认知的概念系统是隐喻性的,而概念系统又是语言形成的始作俑者和主要认知机制,所以语言也是隐喻性的。