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observations英 [ɒbzə'veɪʃnz] 美 [ɒbzə'veɪʃnz] 


observations 基本解释

1. 观察:质化研究资料的收集主要采用观察(Observations)、访谈(Interviews)、档案分析(Documents)、视听材料 (Audiovisual materials)分析四种主要方法手段. 资料的分析一般采取由现象逐步抽象到概念的归纳分析而不是演绎分析.

2. observations的反义词

2. 观测值:另一个例子是二阶段研究设计(two-stage(e)传统回归分析的基本假设之一,是观测值(observations) 之间互为独立. 然而许多实际情形下,观测值之间为相依的;如时空群聚资料、家族性资料等.

3. observations是什么意思

3. 观察结果:observational error 观测误差 | observations 观察结果 | observatory 气象台

4. 观察值:observation unit 观测单位 | observations 观察值 | observed individual number 甸个体数

observations 双语例句

1. We'll be taking data for a number of hours before and after closest approach, something like 30 hours of observations in all.

2. The breakdown properties of liquid dielectric are easily influenced by experimental conditions, so that to this day no one theory can explain all experimental observations.

3. Such complex mechanisms could explain all of the observations of ageing and semelparous behaviors.

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4. A new explanation for these observations is provided in terms of the hydro philic-lipophilic character of the admixtured surfactant other than LH.

5. These observations reveal significant insights into the function and mechanism of PTPA and have important ramifications for understanding PP2A function.

6. This principle of equivalent observations can make the computation procedure more simply.

7. These observations are assigned to the interaction of Cu-M metallic particles and the high oxidation activity of the noble metal.

8. The essential requirement is the ability to be able to carry out continuous observations of the galactic bulge.

9. observations

9. On the other hand, for TAD causing the ionospheric storms, a new method for determining the meridional wind velocity during the ionospheric storm has been introduced based on a sequence of high accurate Doppler ionograms. By the new method, not only the amplitude but also the onset time and phase velocity of the TAD-associated wind perturbation can be explained by the present theories and observations.

10. Riess. Data specific to observations of NGC 3021 are from HST proposals 10802 and 10497 PI: A. Riess.

11. In the Eastern Han Dynasty (25-220), Wang Chong the thinker, in his Essays of Criticism or Lun'Heng in Chinese, recorded his observations of the tidal bore of Qiantang River like this

12. observations是什么意思

12. The experimental observations suggest that the formation of coordination bond between nanocrystals and the carboxyl groups of PMAA macromonomer occurs in this case.

13. The sterile and fertile plants of BC3 generation, derived from the hybridization between sterile line and restorer line and maintaining line, were detected by GISH-dcFISH. The observations showed that the fertile plants were all the Brassica napus-Xinjiang wild Sinapis arvensis monosomic alien addition lines, and the sterile plants had no Sinapis arvensis chromosome.

14. A few years ago, some preliminary observations linked a solar flare to a large magnetic disturbance that seemed to have spiraled up from below the sun's surface.

15. observations在线翻译

15. Despite Stoller and Grabe's observations on the potential of morphological analysis as a tool for unlocking word meaning in context for second language (L2) learners, there are very few L2 studies in this area.
尽管 Stoller 和 Grabe 对形态分析潜能的观察是作为第二语言学习者在文章的开放性单词的一个工具,但是在这方面的第二语言研究还是很少。

16. observations的近义词

16. In addition, we introduce some redshift survey observations and how to construct mock galaxy redshift surveys with the same selection criterias as in the redshift surveys.