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spoils英 [spɔɪlz] 美 [spɔɪlz] 

spoils原级:spoil现在分词:spoiling过去分词:spoilt; spoiled过去式:spoilt; spoiled

spoils 基本解释

1. 赃:政党经竞选胜利取得执政机会,在政务职位之分赃(spoils)乃是当然. 至如两党以上联合执政,姑不论政策主张、制度规划之协调或妥协,在政务职位之分配,以取得政策发言权或执行权,亦属必然或必要.

2. 废品,次品:Speckle 斑点,小白点 | Spoils 废品,次品 | Spot check 抽查

3. spoils

3. 掠夺物 战利品:plunder 掠夺物 | spoils 掠夺物 战利品 | booty 战利品

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4. 战利品:all in all 大体来说,总的来说 | spoils 战利品 | acrimony n. 毒辣,尖刻,讥讽

spoils 双语例句

1. spoils

1. Could do with a paint touchup; the lawn is practically a jungle and the flower beds are full of weeds. Spoils the whole street.

2. When you went into that terrible valley of suffering did you come out of it with spoils?

3. spoils的近义词

3. Finding his way into an ex-Gladiator's bar deep in Pompeian territory, he gambles away his spoils, until he discovers that his opponent has been cheating, and thrusts a sword through his throat.

4. One the one hand, this project can expand space and add up available construction area. On the other hand, it can solve the question of spoils.

5. spoils的意思

5. Of course, that Bella is being played by Kristen Stewart, who is quite beautiful, rather spoils the plainness she claims in the books, but the poor boyfriends and husbands dragged to this movie have to have something to look at.

6. 911查询·英语单词

6. And all our brethren that were in the places of Tubin, are killed: and they have carried away their wives, and their children, captives, and taken their spoils, and they have slain there almost a thousand men.

7. spoils什么意思

7. As for Britain and France, they have regarded Poland as an object of plunder for their finance capital, exploited her to thwart the German imperialist attempt at a world re-division of the spoils, and made her a flank of their own imperialist front. Thus their war is an imperialist war, their so-called aid to Poland being merely for the purpose of contending with Germany for the domination of Poland, and this war, too, should be opposed, not approved.

8. spoils的解释

8. Off you go, mate, bring back the spoils and try not to upset the natives along the way.

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9. Having heaped up all its spoils in the middle of its square, you shall burn the city with all its spoils as a whole burnt offering to the LORD, your God. Let it be a heap of ruins forever, never to be rebuilt.

10. But the fight now seems to be over the spoils of peace instead of presaging renewed war.

11. Casper knows Papy spoils him so he also dares to do anything to Papy too.

12. spoils什么意思

12. What's more, the tour guider probably misleads or even spoils our amazing tour. It is well established that tour guiders unnecessarily possess tourism certificate which acts as precondition to become a guide.

13. spoils什么意思

13. Although water samples high in Se can be collected from streams flowing through the Se-rich carbonaceous strata or abandoned stone coal spoils, no obvious variation of Se content in water was observed, demonstrating that the release of Se has reached a geochemical equilibrium.

14. spoils的解释

14. Behold the days of the Lord shall come, and thy spoils shall be divided in the midst of thee.

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15. From them on, the practice of rewarding supporters with government jobs became known as the spoils system grew.

16. The competitive examination system was created to ensure that the appointment of people to the institutions of the state would be based on merit only, and as such limiting any spoils system type influence.

17. But the old spoils system, run by his Kurdistan Democratic Part and the Talabanis` Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, may be beginning to break down.

18. The prime minister can deploy patronage, but this has made his administration into little more than a spoils system in which the individual parties, many with their own militias, use control of government ministries to extract resources for themselves.
总理马利基可以采取委任[4] 的策略,但这已经使得其政府蜕变为十足的政党分肥制[5]的组织:许多独立党派拥有自己的武装组织,他们利用对政府部门的控制,为自己谋取私利。

19. danci.911cha.com

19. This expression alludes to the spoils system of American politics, whereby the winner of an election gives desirable jobs to party supporters.

20. Delivering prosperity placates the public, provides spoils for well-connected officials and forestalls demands for political change.

spoils 单语例句


1. The former bankers laundered a portion of their spoils by depositing more than $ 3 million in Las Vegas casino safes.

2. The " coercive " consumption of ads spoils many customers'appreciation of a movie, according to Hou.

3. Germany turned a profit of US $ 116 million from the World Cup, but now others want a share of the spoils.

4. Sometimes a tiny flaw that is hidden in an otherwise perfect effort spoils the party.

5. The poor air quality spoils Beijing's image and endangers people's lives.

6. Hong Kong's retail and tourism sectors will not be the only ones to share the spoils of an appreciated yuan.

7. But striker Bai Jie slotted home to even the score just after the break and scrape a share of the spoils in an uninspired effort.

8. A point was also enough to mean safety for both Torino and Livorno after they shared the spoils in a tense goalless draw.

9. But authentic players thumb their noses at such behaviour, saying it spoils the true spirit of the game.

10. After receiving a number of similar complaints, the police tracked the suspects to a hotel where they were busy sharing the spoils.