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bred英 [bred] 美 [brɛd] 


bred 基本解释

1. 繁殖:bred in the bone 根除不了的 | bred 繁殖 | bred-in-the-bone 根深蒂固的

2. 增殖,滋生:呼吸器 breathing apparatus | 呼吸允许剂量 breathing tolerance | 增殖,滋生 bred

3. 教养:breccioid /似角砾岩的/ | bred /教养/ | bredigite /白硅钙石/

bred 双语例句

1. I've successfully bred over 15 species of snakes over the years, none of which gave me anything close to the enjoyment Amazon breeding gives me.

2. bred的近义词

2. Since that time she has bred and shown many Chows including group, BISS and BISA winners under the Tai Yang prefix.
从那时起,她在Tai Yang的指导下繁殖松狮犬并参加犬类比赛,赢得了BISS,以及BISA。

3. NIR Feed Grain Segregation Project - DES MOINES - Sep 8/05 - SNS -- Pioneer Hi-Bred International, Inc. and CHS Inc. are working on a pilot project to evaluate the feed quality of incoming grain to develop more efficient channeling of defined grain to specific end-use customers.

4. Many waxy wheat lines with good agronomic characters have been bred.

5. It is the rivers and lakes that have bred up people of Wuhan for generations. Unfortunately, urban lakes have fallen into an awkward situation with the rapid development of urbanization and sharp increase of urban population in recently years. The numbers and areas of urban lake have sharply decreased; some urban lakes have deposited; some became swamp. Additionally, soil erosion caused by human factors has shoaled lakes and reduced reservoir capacity. Trade-waste sewage and domestic sewage flow into lakes, which has caused the deterioration of water quality.

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6. It is a popular cage bird bred in a variety of colors not found in wild populations.

7. There are now Charolais cattle being bred black and red in colour.

8. It was completely insane, most certainly not the sort of thing any well-bred young lady would be caught doing.

9. The fact that the pink plants were predominant among the population of RP1 cross progeny hints that the pink had the strong descendiblity, Whereas another fact that the plants with the color of another parent were predominant among the population of R01 cross progeny indicates that the nacarat/saffron plant had the low descendiblity. The above results suggest that it is better to choose the pink plants with the target color flower of breeding as a parents when arranging the cross combination. Many novel flowers with singular value of view and admire can be bred by the different cross combination since the wide segregation chromatogram is not confined to the parents'.

10. bred什么意思

10. Painful death is quite another case. It means that a writer is unable to create literary piece though he is still mentally and physically sound. This is mainly bred by various sufferings and torments (including self-torment).

11. It has been bred in captivity, by the Sydney Aquarium.

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12. They were conceived and bred by the environments in the nature with the movements of time and space.

13. Three civil brawls, bred of an airy word, by thee, old Capulet, and Montague, have thrice disturb`d the quiet of our streets, and made Verona`s ancient citizens cast by their grave beseeming ornaments, to wield old partisans, in hands as old, canker`d with peace, to part your canker`d hate: if ever you disturb our streets again, your lives shall pay the forfeit of the peace.

14. bred

14. 1His first marriage with the daughter of the noble Binkie had been made (2)under the auspices of his parents; and as she often told Lady Ctawley in his lifetime she was such (3)a confounded quarrelsome high-bred jade that when she died he was hanged if he would ever take another of her sort, and at her ladyship's demise (4)he kept his promise, and selected for (5)a second wife Miss Rose Dawson, daughter of Mr John Thomas Dawson, iron monger, of Mudbury.

15. Among the many cultivars bred in China, judged by the integrated biological and fruit characteristics and compared with the current international hot cultivars it is believed that Huaguan, Huashuai, Huahong, Hanfu, Xinping 1 and Xinshuai are all very promising apple cultivars, even some of them may he much better than some of the popular ones in the apple world.

16. Aquatic South American rodent resembling a small beaver; bred for its fur.

17. And only a well bred dog with solid nerves is the dog you can rely upon to keep you safe.

18. The wheat variety Cangmai 6002 was bred by means of sexual hybridization and parallel, alternative election of two seed plots, using Linfen 6154 as female and Jimai 32 as male.

19. bred的近义词

19. The results indicated that the growth rate of fish bred with the fish food of cotton cake comes close to that with the fish food of soybean cake, the contents of the crude protein and fat in the fish meat are 62.5% and 25.06% respectively, and equal to those with the fish food of soybean cake and marketing fish food, the contents of the lysine and the linoleic acid, however, are lower than those of the soy...

20. bred的近义词

20. It is understood that Binyang Yuanzhen six years, was built in the Western Han Dynasty (BC 111), has been 2100 years of history, a long history bred the Binyang splendid folk culture, dance artillery Lung Yu Cai planes, already known inside and outside the region; Ancient Binyang strong sense of the masses of goods, traditional manual industry developed, civil commodity production started early, radiation wide area.

bred 词典解释


2. see also: ill-bred;pure-bred;well-bred

bred 单语例句

1. The established social systems bred by prevailing laws and rules are right in front of our eyes.

2. The discovery that Komodo dragons can reproduce asexually also has major implications for how they will be bred in captivity in the future.

3. Some don't care if dogs are carelessly matched or even bred with their own offspring.

4. But instead, it bred world's first cloned cat named " CC " in year 2001.

5. Visitors are flocking to the Harbin Polar Land to see the first artificially bred penguin chick raised in inland China.

6. Harbin Polar Land recently welcomed its first artificially bred penguin chick to the fold.

7. The change not only gave more power to the SFDA, but also bred rampant covet operations.

8. He said each hairy crab bred in Yangcheng Lake should undergo at least three tests.

9. Dogs specially bred for eating are slaughtered for consumption in South Korea, where many people enjoy dog meat as a delicacy.

10. Many were bred and trained for aggressiveness, becoming macho status symbols for their male owners.