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循环工作 双语例句

1. 为了使Ni系催化剂在不易发生烧结积炭的温度下工作,分析了在一定原料CH4空速和转化率下人口气体组成对重整工作温度的影响,并探讨了在原料气中导入循环气来改变重整人口气体组成的方法。
In order to allow Ni catalyst work at a mild temperature with little sintering and carbon formation, the influence of composition of reformer inlet gas on reforming temperature at a certain space velocity and conversion of feed CH4 was studied. At the same time, a method of changing inlet gas composition by introducing circulating gas into the feed gas was also discussed.

2. 令人惊讶的是,当年达·芬奇连人体循环系统工作机理的概念都没有。
Surprisingly, when Leonardo da Vinci with the concept of working mechanism of the human circulatory system at all.

3. 循环工作的意思

3. 作为一种高效、无气泡、高生产能力的反应器,循环流化床已应用于许多领域,但应用于煤气化的研究和开发工作尚处于起步阶段。
Being an efficient, bubble free and high production capacity reactor, circulating fluidized bed has been successfully used in many fields.

4. 室内的实验条件是研究成果可靠性的重要因素,而以往的研究都只考虑了渗透压单一作用,本文根据混凝土结构的实际工作状态,同时考虑了围压与渗透压共同作用下的混凝土材料的渗透性变化特征,得出了混凝土材料在围压作用与渗透压共同作用下的渗透率的变化规律:渗透率都是随时间推移先达到一个峰值,再降低并趋于平稳;渗透率会随围压的增大而减小,并且峰值的到达时间也会随之延长;在渗透压不变,围压升降循环的情况下,有裂缝、无裂缝混凝土的渗透率变化规律是随时间成负指数关系上升、下降,且有裂缝混凝土试件的渗透率远远高于无裂缝混凝土的渗透率,并对混凝土的变化规律运用最小二乘法进行数学拟合。
The reliability of analysis result depends largely on the in-house experimental conditions. Unlike the previous analysis that only concerns the sole effect of permeable pressure, this article considers both permeable and confining pressure and deformation characteristics of concrete material under the interaction of them according to the real work state of construction, which may leads to the changing pattern of permeable rate as listed below: permeable rate always reaches its peak with the time process going on, than goes down and remains straight on some certain value; The PR will tend to decline while the confining pressure is increased, and the time taken before the peak will be extended as well; Under the constant permeable pressure and circularly changing confining pressure, the minus-exponential ascend and descend relationship could be applied between the PR and Time axes respectively with crannied and intact concrete samples, and the PR of crannied concrete is far more larger than that of intact concrete. The change pattern of concrete could also be mathematically analogized using the least square method.

5. 光照培养箱、人工气候箱、恒温恒湿箱、生化培养箱、低温生化培养箱、恒温振荡培养箱、隔水式培养箱、电热恒温培养箱、低温冷却循环泵、空气恒温振荡器、冷冻恒温振荡器、水浴恒温振荡器、净化工作台、水浴锅、油浴锅、搅拌器、节能设备控制器、恒温室控制器、大棚自动化节能控制器、电机节能控制设备、路灯节能控制设备等。
The main products: light incubator, artificial climate me, me constant temperature and humidity, chemical and biological incubator, low-temperature chemical and biological incubator, the temperature oscillations incubator, Geshui-incubator, electric heated incubator, low-temperature cooling circulation pump, air temperature Oscillator, frozen thermostat oscillator, the oscillator temperature water bath, to purify table, bath pot, the oil bath pot, blender, energy-saving equipment controllers, room temperature controller, energy-saving automated greenhouses controller, the electrical energy control equipment, energy-saving lights Control equipment.

6. 请确保您有很长的循环工作的。
Make sure you have fairly long loops to work with.

7. 第一章主要介绍肌节的结构、肌球蛋白和肌动蛋白的分子结构、肌球蛋白工作循环中的机械化学偶联。
In chapter one, the molecular architecture of the sarcomere, the structures of myosin and actin, and the mechanochemical actin-activated myosin ATPase cycle are introduced.

8. 论文摘要:目前在众多的分子马达中对骨骼肌肌球蛋白的研究较多,对其结构、工作循环机制以及单分子动力学性质进行了探索。
The structure of myosin, the actin-activated myosin ATPase cycle and the single molecular mechanics on myosin had been investigated thoroughly.

9. 循环工作的翻译

9. 公司生产销售:颗粒强度测定仪,冷冻干燥机,雪花制冰机,玻璃反应釜,旋转蒸发器,电子天平,超声波清洗机,冰块制冰机,工业制冰机,恒温恒湿箱,显微镜,数显恒温油浴锅/水浴锅,马氟炉,低温冷却液循环泵,循环水式多用真空泵,霉菌培养箱,生化培养箱,恒温培养箱,真空干燥箱,鼓风干燥箱,超净工作台,生物安全柜,磁力搅拌器,离心机,超声波细胞粉碎机,超纯水机,高压灭菌器,实验室各种烧杯,电泳仪电源,实验台,恒温循环器,低温循环高空泵,农残速测仪,紫外分析仪,移液枪,PCR仪,液相色谱,气象色谱仪,酸度计/PH计,分光光度计,超低温冰箱,恒流泵,旋片式真空泵,自动部分收集器,低温恒温槽;等系列产品。
Production and sales companies: particle detector strength, freeze-drying machine, snow ice machine, glass reactor, rotary evaporator, electronic balance, ultrasonic cleaning machines, ice making machine, industrial ice-making machine, constant temperature and humidity box, microscope several significant oil bath temperature pot/water bath pot, Ma fluoride furnace, low temperature cooling liquid circulating pump, circulating water-type multi-purpose vacuum pump, mold incubator, biochemical incubator, constant temperature incubator, vacuum oven, blast oven, super - net workbench, biosafety cabinets, magnetic stirrer, centrifuge, ultrasonic cell pulverizer, ultra-pure water machines, autoclaves, laboratory various beaker, Bio-Rad power supply, test-bed, constant temperature circulator, low temperature cycle at high pump, pesticide Tachometer, UV analyzers, liquid machine, PCR device, liquid chromatography, weather chromatograph, total acidity/PH, the spectrophotometer, ultra-low temperature refrigerators, constant-current pumps, rotary vane type vacuum pump, auto parts traps, low-temperature thermostat bath; and other products.

10. 对脉冲爆轰发动机两次循环工作过程进行轴对称数值模拟,考虑了包含19个基元反应和9种组份的H2-O2-N2详细化学反应动力学机理,通过改进的ISAT方法减少反应化学的计算时间。
By solving axisymmetric Navier-Stokes equations in conjunction with the chemistry, numerical simulation of two cycle of pulse detonation engine was performed, and a detailed chemical mechanism of H2-O2-N2 system, which included 19 element reactions and 9 species, was involved.

11. 循环工作

11. 这项工作解决了我们对全球氮循环和固氮存量的认识中一大不确定性问题,证实反硝化作用是整个海洋氮循环中的一个主要过程。
Here we measure denitrification and anammox rates and quantify the abundance of denitrifying and anammox bacteria in the OMZ regions of the Eastern Tropical South Pacific and the Arabian Sea.

12. 在机器工作周期的指令循环中,一条指令从主存储器中检索获取,然后在CPU中解码,实行这一过程的时间称为I-time。
In the instruction cycle part of the machine cycle, an instruction is retrieved from main memory and is decoded in the CPU. The time it takes to do this is called I-time.

13. 循环工作的意思

13. 本文提出的基于燃料设计与管理的HCCI/DI分层复合燃烧是一种将HCCI燃烧和传统缸内直喷压燃融为一体的新型燃烧方式,通过对燃料理化特性的设计和在预喷与直喷阶段从时间尺度和空间尺度上对均质和非均质混合气制备过程的控制和管理,在发动机的一个工作循环中将均质混合气的HCCI燃烧和非均质混合气的DICI扩散燃烧相融合,彻底消除了HCCI燃烧在小负荷失火和大负荷爆震的弊病,实现了发动机全负荷范围内的高效清洁燃烧。
By timely and spatially controlling the physical and chemical characteristics of the fuel at both port injection stage and in-cylinder direct injection stage, HCCI/DI stratified compound combustion is developed to combine the advantages of HCCI and conventional DICI on cycle-to-cycle basis and achieve clean and efficient combustion at full load ranges without misfiring and knocking. Firstly, three types of dual fuel including n-heptane/diesel, iso-octane/diesel and ethanol/bio-diesel a...更多re utilized to investigate the combustion and emission characteristics of HCCI/DI stratified compound combustion. The experimental results indicate that n-heptane/diesel HCCI/DI combustion presents a three-stage heat release consisting of HCCI low temperature heat release, high temperature heat release and diesel diffusive combustion.

14. 在我工作的时候,我总是写了几十个字,就到院中去看看,浇浇这棵,搬搬那盆,然后回到屋中再写一点,然后再出去,如此循环,把脑力劳动和体力劳动结合到一起,有益身心,胜于吃药。
When I work, I often walk to the yard to water and rearrange them after seneral lines, and then go back to write more, and I will go out again after a while. In this circle, I combine mental and manual labour, which is favorable to my body and mind. It is better to me than medicine.

15. 到了下星期一所有人重新聚集在一起策划下一个迭代周期的工作,如此重复循环。
The next Monday everyone meets again to plan the next iteration, and the cycle repeats itself.

16. 在迭代周期结束时,开发团队为客户提供一个可工作的系统此系统可能不完整,但实现的所有功能都能完全无bug地工作,客户接受此版本后开发团队就可早往返家休息到了下星期一所有人重新聚集在一起策划下一个迭代周期的工作,如此重复循环
At the end of the iteration, the programmers deliver a working system to the customer. The system may not be complete, but all functionality that is implemented works completely, without bugs. The customer accepts delivery, and the team goes home early. The next Monday everyone meets again to plan the next iteration, and the cycle repeats itself.

17. 三项埋入式电极盐浴炉采用盐类作加热剂,根据不同的工作温度,可选用不同成份的盐或混合盐,盐在熔化前是不导电的,因此盐浴炉使用时必须使用起动电极溶化,由于电流通过导电的溶盐不断产生热量,故可保持溶化状态,因电极在电磁力的作用下,通过自然对流和电磁搅拌而使熔盐不断循环,故可迅速和均匀的加热工件。
Three items bury the type electrode salt bath to use the salts to make the heating agent, according to the different operating temperature, may select the different ingredient the salt or the compound salt, the salt before the melting not the electric conduction, therefore the salt bath uses time must use the starting electrode to dissolve, because the electric current dissolves the salt through the electric conduction to have the quantity of heat unceasingly, therefore may maintain the dissolve condition, because of the electrode under the electromagnetic force function, causes the fused salt through the natural convection and the electromagnetism agitation to circulate unceasingly, therefore may rapid and the even heating work piece.

18. 术前要做好充分的药物治疗、呼吸训练等准备工作、测定肺功能、评估呼吸和气道的困难程度;选择合适的麻醉方式和麻醉药物,加强对呼吸和循环的监测;术后要注意CO2蓄积、低氧血症、肺部感染、支气管痉挛、呼吸衰竭等并发症,根据患者具体病情,可选择常规治疗,机械通气等不同方法,严格掌握拔管指征。
The preoperative management includes medication, respiratory training, the lung function testing, the evaluation of degrees of difficulty in airway, and so on. The anesthetists should choose the appropriate method of anesthetic technique, and then focus on the monitoring on circulation and respiration. Attentions should be paid to the postoperative complication following surgery such as hypercapnia, hypoxemia, pneumonia, bronchospasm, respiratory failure. According to the individual condition, the anesthetists can select routine therapy or mechanical ventilation and must abide by the indication for extubation strictly.

19. 而且泵本身安装阀可降低回路的循环压力,提高其工作性能。
Pump and valve itself can be installed to reduce the cycle circuit pressure to improve their performance.

20. 为便于设计选型,简要介绍复合循环空冷系统的两制冷循环的构成及工作原理,建立复合循环空冷系统性能评价指标;并根据模拟计算机组安装地的典型年–气温分布进行2种方案的性能评价指标的计算分析及2种方案能级和能耗的对比分析。
The performance evaluation criteria of CCACS was established and contrastive analysis between the performance evaluation of ACRC and ALARC was done.