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MLO 基本解释

1. Methods 26 cases with enlarged breast or lump were undergone Mediolateral oblique and craniocaudal, the shape, lymph nodes were observed.

2. MLO的解释

2. Methods 26 cases with enlarged breast or lump were undergone mediolateral oblique and craniocaudal, the shape, lymph nodes were observed.

3. The fragment encoding the polypeptide of wheat MLO protein C terminus located in cytoplast was cloned into the vector pET-30a and expressed in the strain BL21 of E coli.

4. With the segmented mass contour, spiculated tissues surrounding the mass are detected, and a quantitative spiculation index is computed to assess the degree of spiculation.

5. MLO的翻译

5. Computed its rate by Reed-Muench method, ED. sowas 0.574mg/mlo2.2 Blockage virus entry of glycyrrhizinEmploying 2.5, 1.0, 0.5, 0.25, 0.128, 0.064mg/ml glycyrrhizin to prevent the infection, the group of 2.5orl.
2.3 对病毒的直接抑制作用将以上6个浓度的甘草酸与HSVI悬液混合、经37℃作用6、12 小时,检测甘草酸对HSVI感染的阻断作用。

6. Conclusion Axillary nodes with fatty infiltration is a common radiographic finding on daily MLO mammography, which has characteristic radiographic findings, recognition of these findings can facilitate differential diagnosis.

7. Characterization and Functional Analysis of APX and Mlo Genes in Muskmelon

8. MLO在线翻译

8. Bamboo Witches'Broom and MLOs Resistances of Different Clones of Paulownia to witches'Broom Agent Mycoplasma-like

9. Wild-Mlo gene functions as a negative regulator of resistance to barley powdery mildew. The mlo gene, recessive mutant alleles of the Mlo locus, confers broad-spectrum disease resistance to the powdery mildew fungus.

10. Needle injection reinoculation in healthy chinaberry seedlings with the MLO cultured in liquid media is followed after 70 days by typical symtoms.

11. The mycoplasma-like organism (MLO) causing bunchy top of chinaberry can be isor lated from diseased tissue or from the vector leafhopper, and inoculated both on aga and in liquid media for cultivation.

12. X-loader can also be loaded from a removable storage space (such as an SD card) in a signed file called MLO.

13. MLO的近义词

13. After the tissues from the root, shoot, petiole and callus of witches'broom plants in vitro were dyed with DAPI, fluorescence microscopy showed that strong MLO specific fluorescence emitted from the sieve tubes of these tissues.

14. The changes of CaM in companion cells and mesophyll cells were also discussed.

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15. The paulownia witches'broom disease is thought to arise from a joint infection of MLO and virus, the former responsible for the yellow type of symptoms and the latter for systemic mosaic symptoms.

16. Methods Conditioned medium of mouse osteocyte-like cell line MLO-Y4 was subjected to simulated weightlessness for 48 h with rondom positioning machine.

17. Investigation showed that all species and clones of the genus Paulownia could be affected by phytoplasma-MLO, but with different infecting degrees.

18. The immuno-gold labeling technique for Mlo was studied in this paper.

19. Eradication of Paulownia Witches'Broom Agent (MLO) from Infected Plantlet by Meristem Tip Culture

20. MLO在线翻译

20. Copy MLO onto the bootable FAT partition.