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轴向力 双语例句

1. 可以看出,在性能参数完全相同的情况下,潜污泵的轴向力比一般卧式泵要大,而平衡难度比立式泵要难。
We can see that the performance parameters in exactly the same circumstances, the submersible sewage pump horizontal axial force than the average, to a large pump, and the balance of the difficulty is harder than the vertical pump.

2. 轴向力什么意思

2. 摘要]从低桩承台、高桩承台的概念理解入手,结合桩基抵抗地震水平力的机理,分析桩基在水平力作用下的侧向变形及失稳的原因,阐述由桩、土分担水平力的核心问题,提出建筑桩基抵抗水平力分体系的系统设计思路,提出由承台或地下室的侧面土层的土压力及摩阻力承担,由斜桩的轴向力承担,由桩的抗剪及抗弯能力承担,由承台、地下墙体、基桩协同工作和土的弹性抗力承担四种分体系。
Starting from the concept of understanding low capping piles and high capping piles, combined with the earthquake force pile resistance mechanism, it analyzes the reasons for lateral deformation and lateral instability of the pile under the lateral actions, introduces the core issue of piles, soil level of power-sharing, and proposes four sub-systems of resisting horizontal force, including the soil pressure of the side soil layer of the platform or basement and rubed resistance, the axle pressure of batter piles, shear and bending resistance ability of piles, born platform, underground wall, one and worked and undertaken with the elastic reactance strength of the land in coordination.

3. 屏蔽泵轴向力平衡设计技术已成为制约其大型化的难题之一。
The balanced axial force design technology of canned motor pump becomes the constraint of its large scale development.

4. 由于阀座密封面塑性变形后的表面冷作硬化现象,所以轴向力的增加与阀座密封面宽度的增加并不成正比关系。
As the seat after sealing the surface of dough deformation of cold hardening, so the increase of axial force and the valve seat sealing surface is not proportional to the increase in width.

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5. 通过对攻丝切削力和丝锥排屑特点的分析,确定径向力、轴向力和排屑不畅是影响攻丝质量的主要因素。
Based on the analysis of tapping force system and characteristic of chip removal, it is confirmed that radial force, axial force and jam of chip removal are the main reasons for poor thread quality.

6. 得到了轴向力随流量变化的规律。
Extremity side and volute surface are obtained.

7. 轴向力的近义词

7. 从大量的文献资料中不难发现,现有的轴向力平衡装置的应用范围和平衡能力都受到一定程度的限制,而且轴向力计算公式方面的研究也一直是泵设计中的薄弱环节。
And very few people devoted deep exploration in reducing axial thrust and improving pumps stability. In view of side effects from axial thrust, comprehensive and detailed analysis are made in this paper.

8. 液体静压支承技术可以很好地解决多级离心泵轴向力的平衡问题。
Hydrostatic bearing can solve the equilibrium problem of axial force of multistage centrifugal pump satisfactorily.

9. 轴向力是什么意思

9. 另外为了保持主叶轮轴向力的平衡,须设置一个副叶轮结构,它能降低密封腔的压力,使电泵的轴向力及机械密封的寿命均大大提高。
Also in order to maintain the main impeller axial force balance, have to set up a vice-impeller structure, it can reduce the pressure sealed chamber so that the axial force pump and mechanical seal life expectancy are greatly increased.

10. 轴向力的反义词

10. 另外为了保持主叶轮轴向力的平衡,须设置一个副叶轮结构,它能降低密封腔的压力,使电泵的轴向力及机械密封的寿命均大大提高。
Also in order to maintain the balance of the main impeller axial force, shall be a Vice-impeller structure, it can reduce the pressure sealed chamber, so that the axial force pump and Magnetic pumps mechanical seal life are greatly increased.

11. 根据井下采油潜油电泵分离器轴及转子的总成结构,利用ANSYS有限元软件计算具有滑动轴承的转子系统稳定运转的极限轴向力。
In this paper, according to segregator and rotor of electric submersible pump, the limit axial force of the rotor with sliding bearing is calculated by FEM.

12. 轴向力

12. 第三章,横向力比轴向力的计算繁琐,本章给出了数学计算的过程,分别对介电质小球和负折射率材料小球的横向作用力做了数值模拟,可以看出激光束腰半径、相对折射率、小球半径对横向力的影响。
Chapter three, numerical simulations were given on the transverse force of a dielectric sphere and a negative index material sphere. Laser waist radius、relative refraction index、the radius of the sphere can influence not only the amplitude of the trapping force, but also the position of the most value, the details were discussed.

13. 由于采用优秀的水力模型,因此该系列泵具有满足用户要求;采用立式泵结构,具有效率高、性能范围广的特点,可更好地节省占地面积的优点;采用优质轴承的优质电机,使泵运行更为安全可靠、噪声低、振动小;采用水力平衡轴向力,减少平衡鼓,可使运行更为平稳。
Thanks to the use of advanced hydraulic model, it can well meet users` expectations. This pump takes a vertical structure to feature high efficiency and wide range of performance, and to better save occupation space. The superior motor with nice bearing makes it working with secure dependability, low noise and little vibration. Hydraulically balanced axial force to reduce balancing drum, making operation more smoothly.

14. 轴向力的翻译

14. 转子下端为水润滑轴承,上部为角接触球轴承,泵的轴向力绝大部分由平衡鼓来承担,其余小部分残余轴下向力由角接触球轴承来承受。
At the lower part of rotor is water lubricated bearing, the upper is angular contact ball bearing. Most of the axial force of pump is borne by balancing drum, while the rest small part of axial force is borne by angular contact ball bearing.

15. 通过理论计算,从轴表面力增大和影响轴向力的平衡两方面定量,分析了止推轴承高点对立式屏蔽电泵运行造成的不利影响。
By the theoretical calculation, the harmful effect of high point of thrust bearing on operation of the vertical canned motor pump is quantitatively analyzed in two aspects of increasing of force on the shaft surface and effect on balace of axial force.

16. 只有在这个范围内,才能使用式(13)的轴向力计算式。
Only in this context, in order to use equation (13) of the axial force calculations.

17. 轴向力

17. 后盖板上的副叶片不仅起平衡轴向力的作用,而且可以防止悬浮性颗粒进入机械密封腔对机械密封起保护作用。
Deputy le**es back on the board to strike a balance between not only the role of axial force, but also to prevent the suspension of particles into the c**ity mechanical seal mechanical seal on the protective effect.

18. 轴向力由平衡盘平衡。
Axial force balance by the balance disc.

19. 其中叶轮的水力设计是最关键的设计之一,本设计参考一些具有良好水利性能的泵,选取合适的系数,使其达到良好的水利性能;平衡装置采用平衡盘,装置简单可靠,能够较好地平衡轴向力;密封装置采用毛毡圈,经济实用。
One of the impeller hydraulic design is one of the most critical design, the reference design some of the good performance of water pumps, select the appropriate factor to achieve good performance of the water; balance installations in balance disc, the device is simple and reliable, better able to Balance axial force, sealing devices used blankets laps, economical and practical.

20. 轴向力的反义词

20. 为了分析齿式离合器齿轮在轴向结合过程中的动态冲击载荷,进而为工程设计提供参考,以存在转速差和轴向相对运动的内啮合齿轮副作为研究模型,采用系统动力学分析软件ADAMS分析了轮齿结合过程的动态特性,给出了完整结合过程的动态转矩、轴向力和转速等关键参数。
For the sake of analyzing the dynamic impacting load in the process of axial meshing of toothed clutch gear and then provides reference for engineering design, taking the interior meshing gear pair that exists rotary speed difference and relative axial movement as the model of study and by adopting the systematic dynamics analytical software ADAMS the dynamic characteristics for the process of gear meshing was analyzed, and key parameters of dynamic torque, axial force and rotary speed etc. of the entire meshin...