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horns英 ['hɔ:nz] 美 ['hɔ:nz] 


horns 基本解释

1. 喇叭:值得一提是专为号角喇叭(Horns)制作之专属音乐素材原本数量就不多,难得机会请千万别错过!里面包含数百个放客(funk)、迪斯可(disco)、Brummy beat、流行(pop)和拉丁(latin)风味之乐段素材,

2. 兽角:horning 竖立船舶梁柱的横直校正 | horns 兽角 | Horologii 时钟座的

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3. 内阳茎角:hornet 胡蜂,大黄蜂 | horns 内阳茎角 | horse bean 蚕豆(植物)

horns 双语例句

1. A swing band with country overtones -- Bob Wills and his Texas Playboys comprised 13 musicians and grew into an 18-piece band during the 1940s -- Wills'outfit played a miscellany of country ballads, blues, and riffy jazz items with horns, fiddles, steel guitar, and various strings.

2. And then the fifth quarter lost: all that raw stuff, hide, hair, horns.

3. horns的解释

3. Before that time, my experience of China had been the sound of car-horns and loud pop music.

4. horns的近义词

4. And you shall make the horns of it upon the four corners thereof: his horns shall be of the same: and you shall overlay it with brass.
002 要在坛的四拐角上作四个角,与坛接连一块,用铜把坛包裹。

5. The snail crept half out of his shell, stretched out his horns, and drew them in again.

6. horns

6. Most recently, while in New York, Padro worked as an apprentice tuning pipe organs in churches and cathedrals in addition to playing with a large outdoor music/performance art ensemble called the HIMALAYAS (primarily composed of horns and drums, playing anthemic experimental pieces and led by drummer Kenny Wolleson of Tom Waits and John Zorn renown) and a trio consisting of tuba, trumpet, snare drum and vocals that busked throughout the subways of the city plating a mix of New Orleans Jazz and Punk.
在来中国之前,Padro把他所有的时间都投入了演奏于不同的爵士、试验、非洲美洲和摇滚乐队。他最近的较成功的活动是参加鼓手Kenny Wollesson指挥的一个大型的户外乐团,叫做喜马拉雅山。Padro还经常在纽约的万圣节游行队里演奏,并且在地铁里有一个多种形式的演奏乐队。

7. horns

7. But just as the sun dropped in the river the bull moose gathered his strength like a scaffolded king, straightened and lifted his horns so that even the wardens backed away as they raised their rifles.

8. A wild sheep of the mountains of western North America, the male of which has massive, curved horns.

9. As the horns on this male dall sheep grow, they curve forward and upward.

10. 911查询·英语单词

10. Aiming that the traditional horn based on the analytic method can not be applied to the ultrasonic vibrating system directly, the exponential ultrasonic horn here was optimized by finite element analysis, so that its structure could meet the application requirements. Also, a collection of optimized horns were produced to take a resonance frequency test.

11. As the signature physical design feature in PS systems, the asymmetrical horns are engineered so that vertical coverage is narrower above horn axis ( 25°) than below (-30°), while horizontal coverage is narrower above horn axis (50° Horizontal for 25° Vertical) and wider below (100° Horizontal for -30° Vertical).
角号的优良设计相辅而成的。这物理性设计的特点,在于其垂直覆盖面于角号轴心上25°,较轴心下30°的窄,而水平覆盖面则于角号轴心上窄(即水平50°于垂直 25°时)而下宽即水平100°于

12. But with those horns he could toss me over the moon.