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cheated 基本解释

1. cheated的意思

1. 被骗:threatened 威胁 | cheated 被骗 | operated poorly 操作差

2. 911查询·英语单词大全

2. 受骗:[12:37.07]43.He has a cunning face. 44.You might be misleading him. ;43.他长相狡猾. 4... | [12:44.30]28.Cheated 受骗 ; | [12:46.93]1.Somebody made a switch! 2.Nice switch! ;1.有人把我的东西给调包 了. 2...

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3. 上当了的:有口才的 eloquent | 上当了的 cheated | 可憎的 obnoxious

4. 欺骗:extinction灭亡 | cheated欺骗 | prevent防止

cheated 双语例句

1. cheated

1. I have a necklace I bought at the place I cheated on my husband. I wear it when he tells me I'm fat, ugly and stupid to remind me that someone once thought I was beautiful.

2. Friends say that I have become a poor wretch, all the money I was cheated by light, and I did not mean that the living, so, I was admitted to a mental hospital.

3. George cheated me, one day I want him scared.

4. cheated的解释

4. First, Miss mo invites classmates to attend a party for her birthday. second, xiaya is cheated to buy fake sausage that leads to a customer to go to hospital and she is oblidged to pay 800 yuan to the victim.

5. cheated在线翻译

5. You Cloud Chamber found that, as a result fail to strictly audit cheated, search companies have to bear responsibility.

6. cheated什么意思

6. Perhaps many of the Northern Chinese came to Guongdong and were robbed or cheated out of their money, and they have now returned to North China where they do the bad things that were done to them.

7. When a student whom I am teaching steals words and ideas from an author without acknowledgment, I feel cheated, dragged down into the mudI ask myself, why should I teach people who knowingly deceive me?

8. I feel this generation of students is being cheated out of a quality education.

9. At present home searchs engine market fish to look how jumbly medium and small businesses chooses those who do a website to optimize, this is the problem that major medium and small businesses cares, how is medium and small businesses prevented when the choice does a website to optimize cheat, the article gave out to prevent cheated skill

10. cheated在线翻译

10. But I cheated and just said...

11. But I cheated and just said, I guess I was afraid.

12. You've stolen my heart, and you cheated on me.

13. cheated的反义词

13. That doesn't matter. You cheated on me.

14. That doesn`t matter. You cheated on me.

15. cheated在线翻译

15. I wish you hadn't cheated me.

16. cheated

16. You have cheated me so many times, so I will not believe in you any more.

17. cheated的近义词

17. You've cheated on me, for sure

18. She: Have you ever cheated on me?

19. 911查询·英语单词大全

19. A heap of roast potatoes has been cheated to the ash.

20. For the elderly being cheated Black workshops Lian severe renal mercury poisoning (ReporterXiao Feng-wei) was detected mercury poisoning, leaf 4-lien 12 Zhumadian Runan County farmers know that they Changge black working workshop, the refining is not aluminum, is mercury.

cheated 单语例句

1. The ring cheated more than 500 victims into buying stocks they claimed were about to be listed on the Nasdaq exchange in New York.

2. Lu is not alone in feeling cheated by the Shenyang Blood Donation Administration.

3. Seven people were found to have cheated during examinations for driving licences, after the city's traffic management authorities installed remote camera monitoring systems in exam sites.

4. People in charge of the caravan felt they were cheated by police, said Radio Globo.

5. US pop star Aaron Carter admits having cheated on former girlfriend Hilary Duff, even though he insists she was his first and most intense love.

6. I feel cheated when I realize that the food tastes so good because of chemical enhancement.

7. Already given the cold shoulder by fellow villagers, he says he has also been cheated by outsiders armed with knowledge and money.

8. Illegal bus services, unlicensed tour guides and people being cheated have been common complaints.

9. Those who have cheated their way into the rank of civil servants have robbed others of the opportunity to compete fairly for the same positions.

10. Those who have cheated their way into universities have robbed others of the opportunity to compete fairly for the opportunity of higher education.