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imposing英 [ɪmˈpəʊzɪŋ] 美 [ɪmˈpoʊzɪŋ] 


imposing 基本解释

1. The castle is an imposing building.

imposing 网络解释

1. 仪表堂堂,宏伟的:impose 课(税),强使 | imposing 仪表堂堂,宏伟的 | impound 关於栏内,扣留

2. 拼版 拼大版 装版:Imagesetter 图像输出机 底片输出机 图文影排机 | Imposing 拼版 拼大版 装版 | Imposition scheme 摆版方式 落版单 装版方式

3. 壮丽的:imposing stone 排字版 | imposing 壮丽的 | imposition 强迫接受

imposing 双语例句

1. Each time I walk down to the riverfront square, I am reminded of the history of this place by the rather imposing statue of Zhou Dun Yi.

2. Stately; majestic; imposing.

3. Trust: an equitable obligation imposing on one or more persons a duty of dealing with property, over which he or they have control, for the benefit of other persons who may enforce the obligations.

4. imposing

4. The in-situ reaction method is studied to synthesize the reinforcements. The composites reinforced with 10-100nm AlTi phases or 10 microns Mg2Si phase are fabricated successfully, in which the reinforcements disperse homogenously as well as the volume percentages and sizes of the particles can be controlled. Based on the computer simulation, the behavior of the melt and the reinforcements involved in it are researched systematically in the electromagnetic field. The physical mechanism and principles of the nonmetallic particles movement in the metal liquid are established and the physical model and dynastic functions are obtained. The influences of the processing parameters on the reinforcement's distribution are studied. The main parameters such as melt temperature, imposing time, imposing type and frequency of the EM are optimized. The results of the simulation and mathematic analysis are validated by the experiments.

5. First, I would like to wish: Students in the new year, imposing and vigorous figure-wai, the teachers in the new year to work smoothly, everyone becomes, in someone's Tiger, Tiger Young Pioneers are public mind, such as the dragon tiger!

6. Standing proud in front of the house, there's no questioning its imposing stance.

7. The adjustment will make the imposing tax of house become fairly.

8. imposing在线翻译

8. According bar balcony, elegant playing fence, antique style lighting, imposing a solid parking vast eyes, the ubiquitous expression of the delicate and refined construction and design.

9. We saw the imposing sight of jet fighters flying in formation.

10. Trying to make up for this mistake by imposing pettifogging conditions on assisted institutions is more likely to compound the error than to reduce it.

11. imposing的近义词

11. Women can have less ego and tend to be more interested in pleasing the client than in imposing their own vision.

12. Now take a fewparagraphs, can look very nature, such as the previous version, said Cao Cao in the'I would rather negative world, do nottell the world I am a negative person'when are shouting out, there is very imposing, but we are making, Chen asked me'I cannot help but shout out?

13. The Hotel L'espoir is situated in a popular tourist area, under the imposing Monte Rosa, and enjoys a privileged position only 200 metres from the ski slopes.

14. Basically, I look high upon the things on STAR. In the solemn and imposing hall, the host is as arrogant and cold as an English duke for his exquisite moustache and fuscous suit.

15. A word may be a fine sounding word, of an unusual length, and very imposing from its learning and novelty, and yet in the connection in which it is introduced may be quite pointless and irrelevant.

16. Through discussion, we hereby give the reply on relevant issues concerning imposing Individual Income Tax on uncompetitive funds paid to individuals by enterprises as follows

17. A general presumption against imposing legal and other restrictions on conduct without sufficient reason.

18. I think it is better to change from imposing a fine to… let the spitter just lick it back ….

19. The reason why Mencius argument sweeps away all obstactes and is so invincible; powerful vigour and full passion are the important reasons of success. However, its powerful imposing and full of passion from behind which also presents lack of insufficient logical proof, especially both machinery analogizes and resorting to the authority.

20. A lethal predator in the box, he possesses a sharp eye for a goal and finely honed dribbling skills, the perfect tool for outfoxing imposing defenders.

imposing 词典解释

If you describe someone or something as imposing, you mean that they have an impressive appearance or manner.

e.g. He was an imposing man.
e.g. ...the imposing wrought-iron gates at the entrance to the estate.

imposing 单语例句



1. used of a person's appearance or behavior
befitting an eminent person

e.g. his distinguished bearing
the monarch's imposing presence
she reigned in magisterial beauty

Synonym: distinguishedgrandmagisterial

2. impressive in appearance

e.g. a baronial mansion
an imposing residence
a noble tree
severe-looking policemen sat astride noble horses
stately columns

Synonym: baronialnoblestately