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motivating 基本解释

1. 激励球员:Marking:执教盯人能力; | Motivating:激励球员; | Offside:执教造越位能力,无关反越位;

2. motivating的反义词

2. 激发,能激发多少球员实力的能力:Man Management:处理与俱乐部其他人人际关系能力; | Motivating:激发,能激发多少球员实力的能力; | Working with Youngsters :培养年轻球员能力;

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3. 激励:O 领导 沟通 communicating | 激励 motivating | 代表 representing

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4. 制导[陈:motherese 母親式語型[陶] | motivating 制導[陳75] | move 語步[陳76]

motivating 双语例句

1. Responsible for the achievement of target set for key accounts -Manage fixed and promotional budgets for key accounts -Responsible for leading, motivating and coaching staff to achieve...

2. B, Li Hongzhang began to administrate Shanghai area. From we can see the motivating and impelling force that came from the western impact, and signs Chinese people`s awaking and shows that there were some foresight politicians who clearly conscious the situation of the world, of China, and of Shanghai and Jiangnan, also shows these politicians`active and rational reform which was a start of modernization in this area.

3. Ninth, it discusses three objective requirements of personnel incentive, leading method and communication among people on the conditions of new economy. It discusses the innovation of personnel motivation: proposing exact ideal, clearing up the inner obstruction, organizing the group innovation, motivating personnel special motivation. It studies the innovation of leading ways: leading behavior flexibilization, emphasizing on knowledge management, discusses the innovation of communication technique: making communication effective, establishing the new form of realities. Tenth, it discusses the new concept and classification.

4. Something we have done with the new course Playway to English, from Cambridge University Press, for example, is musical plays, acted out by children in England on stage, so students can just watch it on video, or they can, of course, do a project themselves and act it out, which is the idea, and which is extremely motivating.
例如,我们在教剑桥大学出版社最新出版的教材 PLAYWAY TO ENGLISH 时,我们教音乐剧,这些音乐剧是由英国儿童在舞台上表演的,所以学生可以观看录象或者他们自己排练然后表演,这更能发挥他们的能动性。

5. While the purposes for MBO to be introduced among the domestically listed companies are mainly for the withdrawal of state assets from the state-owned enterprises and system transformation, or for the private enterprises identifying property rights and motivating the management, the administrative arrangement has played a decisive role in the management buy-outs, therefore there creates a difference in terms of the background and starting point for the MBO to emerge abroad, and has even caused some problems.

6. An intrinsic goal is a motivating factor that is inside you, instead of outside of you.

7. The role-play simulation has proven to be a motivating and effective method of developing social skills, especially empathy (putting oneself in someone else's shoes).

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8. The chance of this general teamtalk motivating 1-5 players in your squad is amazingly high, I'd say 70%.

9. We know what works in motivating people to make and maintain lasting changes.

10. motivating是什么意思

10. In fact, the main motivating principle of CDA is to explore ideology in language.

11. We find that, (1) the regional market development influences CG——better institutional environment can improve CG and decrease the agency costs.(2) However, there is no influence for perquisite consumption, the reason for which is the existence of compensation regulation in our stated-owned corporate. The perquisite consumption remedies the low monetary reward and undertakes the recessive motivating effect. This is in accord with Li, Sun and Liu (2005) in which the managers` compensation contracts conform to the superior contracting theory.
经过实证检验我们发现:1、上市公司所处地区的市场化程度较高,那么公司的代理成本相对较低,从而证明了地区的市场化程度确实影响公司的治理结构,好的法律制度环境有利于上市公司治理结构的完善,降低公司的代理成本。2、地区市场化程度的高低对于上市公司经理人的在职消费没有显著的影响,这是因为我国国有企业薪酬管制的存在,在职消费作为低货币性报酬的补偿,承担着隐性激励的作用,这与李增泉、孙铮和刘凤委(working paper,2005)关于我国上市公司经理人的薪酬契约符合最优契约论的研究结论保持一致。

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12. This thesis devotes more space to the analysis of semantic motivation of conceptual metaphor (including structure metaphor, container metaphor, ontological metaphor, orientation metaphor) behind the idioms; conceptual metonymy is also the important cognitive model, providing the semantic motivation for idioms; the role that general knowledge plays in motivating idioms shall not be ignored as it permeates all the human cognitive structures.

13. He deserves it for the sole fact of motivating tmac twice now and deke.

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14. The mechanisms for motivating and control I ing entrepreneurial human capital is an issue that covers various academic areas, such as enterprise theory, entrepreneurship, human capital and organizational behavior, etc.

15. motivating

15. That will keep motivating me to keep pushing forward instead of being satisfied with my current form.

16. For example, praise may be useful in motivating students to learn by rote, but it may discourage problem solving.

17. Responsible for salesmen recruitment, training, counseling, motivating as well as business assessment, in order to form an excellent sales team

18. This thesis has an comparative and contrastive analysis of the affecting factors of motivation behaviours between the carefully-selected 20 willing learners, 20 unwilling learners and 20 second-willing learners among 709 students from foreign languages department of two vocational colleges, using both the qualitative research and quantitative research methods, through asking students to fill out questionnaire, observing their studying behaviours, students self-statement and factor, regression and correlation analysis. It has found out the generalities and personalities of the motivation -behaviours affecting factors of the three types of students mainly through the comparative and contrastive analysis of the motivation behaviours from three dimensions: learning initiative, learning perseverance and the degree of diligence. And it has an inquiring into the tactics of motivating and maintaining motivation behaviours aiming at three kinds of students.

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19. You have to find a way of motivating yourself, not just do it.

20. motivating在线翻译

20. We can say to some extent, competition is one of the motivating forces of the development of society.

motivating 单语例句

1. In addition to catching a ride on this favourable wave, the threat of competition is another factor motivating companies to seek listings.

2. Some researchers say the downside in not resting the brain pales in comparison to the benefits technology can bring in motivating people to sweat.

3. Yang explained that a good system of management and corporate culture is vital to motivating employees'initiative.

4. For a long time I wondered if it was the primary factor motivating returnees to move back to China.

5. What is the motivating force behind the surging taste for artificial beauty?

6. Now new research suggests that fears about weight gain may be a motivating factor for many.

7. The work place should give you good vibrations throughout the day, motivating you to be efficient and sociable.

8. The students'family backgrounds are also conducive to motivating them as many of their fathers and grandfathers once worked as porters alongside the Sherpas.

9. The growing interest in Japanese detective stories is also motivating Chinese amateur writers.

10. " That's kind of what's motivating me to be out here, " she said.