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不胜 基本解释

不胜[bù shèng ]

不胜[bù shèng]

1. 居民也变得五方杂处,各地的人都来了,有的带来了惊人的新技术,有的显示了防不胜防的狡猾伎俩。
Settlers, too, came from distant countries, some with an alarming novelty of skill, others with an offensive advantage in cunning

2. 珠峰每年都在变,现在8844了,高处不胜寒,我们只是嘉措拉山口,上珠峰要经过我们。
Mount Everest is changing every year, now 8844, altitude deeply cold, we are Jiacuola only mountain pass, mount Everest should pass us on.

3. 乌韦,可能是一个问题想问你,但我将不胜感激任何反应,我一直在学习?
Uwe, probably a question for you, but I would appreciate any responses as i am still learning?

4. 被中科院地理研究所认定为世界级溶洞景观,洞内的喀斯特地貌——2万平方米的边石池景观,堪称为世界溶洞之奇观,洞内景观令人叹为观止,美不胜收。
The karst geomorphy - 20 thousand square meters side stone ponds scene, is considered to be the world-class solution cavity scene. The exterior view is so amazing and gorgeous that it is hard to appreciate all of theme once.

5. 请速寄备有存货的中等品质棉花样品和价格单,不胜感激。
We would appreciate your sending us immediately samples and sheet of your medium-quality cotton available from stock.

6. 不胜的意思

6. 论坛于2005年建立了国际社会的全球青年领袖,接替明日全球领袖组成的40岁的领导人来自世界各地,数不胜数的学科和部门。
In 2005 the Forum has established the community of Young Global Leaders, successor to the Global Leaders of Tomorrow consisting of under 40 year old leaders from all around the world and a myriad of disciplines and sectors.

7. 至于本公司所生产的碳刷种类繁多,诸如:汽车起动马达、汽车发电机、雨刷马达、喷水马达、冷却风扇、鼓风机、天线、电动窗、中控锁、汽车燃油泵等马达用碳刷、摩托车起动马达、电动自行车、健康运动器材、电动轮椅、逆渗透饮水机、吸尘器、缝衣机马达碳刷及其速度控制器碳片组、电动工具、小家电马达、微小马达、碎纸机、按摩器、电动滑板车、电动牙刷、汽车剎车泵用碳精叶片、干式轴承用润滑耐摩碳粒、电动代步车、电动摩托车等等马达用碳刷,不胜枚举。
Our products include carbon brushes for motor of automobile starter and Alternator, Wiper, Fan, Blower, Antenna, Power window, Fuel pump, Motor-cycle, Electric bicycle, Health equipment, Electric wheelchair, Osmosis drinking fountain, Vacuum cleaner, Sewing machine and speed controller, Electric power tools, Household appliances, DC Micro motor, and other motor, etc.

8. 对于我来说,我不喜欢喝酒,也不胜酒力。
As for me, I am not good at and do like drinking.

9. 不胜

9. 你不胜酒力,你会喝醉的。
You`re not knowing spirits, you`ll make yourself tipsy.

10. 我以有点不胜酒力了。
I'm getting a little buzzed.

11. 可能是我生性比较冷淡,不喜欢热闹。而且,我也不胜酒力。
May be my nature to be favorable and do not like fun.

12. 我不胜酒力所以不能喝太多的酒。
Wine always knocks me silly I can't drink much of it.

13. 沿途尽是石灰林山景ヾ,石峰耸秀,碧莲玉笋,远处飞云缀空,美不胜收。
The entire route was lined with lime stone clusters and mountain scenery.

14. 其他常见的健身往往是错误处决的LAT下拉,卧推,腿延长,军事新闻,不胜枚举。
Other common bodybuilding exercises which are often wrongly executed are the lat pull down, bench press, leg extension, military press and list goes on.

15. 如果你能为我安排一下,我将不胜感激。
If you can arrange for me, I will be very grateful.

16. 我的肋骨可从没缺少过……她正为鹫这种食肉鸟而不胜犯愁;她说,鹫不适宜吃草,怕不能养活它;她说鹫原本就是要吃腐肉才能生存。
I have not missed any rib…She is in much trouble about the buzzard; says grass does not agree with it; is afraid she can`t raise it; thinks it was intended to live on decayed flesh.

17. 他说若被邀请共进晚餐,他将不胜荣幸。
He says that he would feel honoured to be asked to dinner.

18. 如果将柔弱解释为软弱、衰老,则他也只属于跃起之后的衰落阶段,也无所谓胜与不胜。
If the soft is weakness and senility, it just is in comedown after leaping. There is no win or lose.

19. 凤仙花、石竹花、鸡冠花、四色梅、江西腊等等,五彩缤纷,美不胜收。
And as summer comes, the courtyard is even beautiful with all variety of flowers, such as touch-me-not, pink, cockscomb, four-colored plums, common China aster and so on.

20. 如果贵公司能给我提供一个合适的职位,我将不胜荣幸。
I feel quite honored if there is any vacant position in you company suitable for me.