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接连不断 基本解释


接连不断[jiē lián bú duàn]

接连不断[jiē lián bú duàn]

1. 接连不断

1. in a row:in a mess 零乱,肮脏,陷于窘境 | in a row 接连不断 | in a sense 从某种意义上说

2. 接连不断的反义词

2. Again and again restart:One drop after another. 一滴接着一滴 | Again and again restart. 接连不断 | We have been apart, 我们分开了

接连不断 双语例句

1. 这就容易解释为什么最近几个月接连不断地发生并购交易了。
This explains many of the deals that have taken place in recent months.

2. 我现在的心很痛,知道吗你,但你可能就此当没有认识过我,现在,在我的心脆弱的时候接连不断地事都在我的身边发生,我很累。。
My heart hurts, you know, but you may not realize this when I am now in my heart when fragile thing after another to have happened in my side, I am very tired..

3. 恶与人很相近,所以接连不断地去找他们。
Evil and people very close, so one after another to find them.

4. 接连不断的意思

4. 他接连不断地和父亲争吵。
He has continual arguments with his father.

5. 季度结算的日子一天天临近,此时美国的一些最知名的公司正接连不断地审核他们第二季度的经济成果。
EARNINGS season is under way and America's best-known companies are queuing up to parade their second-quarter results.

6. 接连不断在线翻译

6. 由于接连不断地收到新订单,他们现在一天三班工作来加快生产。
As new orders keep coming in, they are working three shifts to step up production.

7. 然而,这种审查却接连不断地发生。
Yet this is what happens constantly.

8. 在各种接连不断的伤亡事件中,最近的一次又数间房屋被毁至少10人死亡。
T he la test in a seri e s that ha ve damaged home s and killed at least 10 people.

9. 接连不断什么意思

9. 亨利沃登勋爵躺在用波斯毡子做面的无靠背长沙发上,照例接连不断地抽着无数只的烟卷。他从放沙发的那个角落只能望见一丛芳甜如蜜、色也如蜜的金链花的疏影,它从那颤巍巍的枝条看起来载不动这般灿烂绚丽的花朵;间或,飞鸟的奇异的影子掠过垂在大窗前的柞丝绸长帘,造成一霎那的日本情调,使他联想起一些面色苍白的东京画家,他们力求通过一种本身只能是静止的艺术手段,来表现迅捷和运动的感觉。
From the corner of the divan of Persian saddle-bags on which he was lying, smoking, as was his custom, innumerable cigarettes, Lord Henry Wotton could just catch the gleam of the honey-sweet and honey-colored blossom of a laburnum, whose tremulous branches seemed hardly able to bear the burden of a beauty so flame-like as theirs; and now and then the fantastic shadows of birds in flight flitted across the long tussore-silk curtains that strechted in front of the huge window, producing a kind of momentary Japanese effect, and make him think of those pallid jade-faced painters of Tokio who, through the medium of an art that is necessarily immobile, seek to convey the sense of swiftness and motion.

10. 当今大不列颠国王的历史,是接连不断的伤天害理和强取豪夺的历史,这些暴行的唯一目标,就是想在这些州建立专制的暴政。
Repeated injuries and usurpations, all having in direct object the establishment of an absolute Tyranny over these States.

11. 当今大不列颠国王的历史,是接连不断的伤天害理和强取豪夺的历史,这些暴行的唯一目标,就是想在这些州建立专制的暴政。
To prove this, let Facts be submitted to a candid world.

12. 当小快乐接连不断的发生,随着时间的推移,聚沙成塔,它就能改变你的生活。
When good things happen a lot, over time it changes your life.

13. 中无法摆脱的矛盾造成的苦闷及精神上接连不断的碰撞造成的无奈,意在说明人生的苦痛和悲哀,显露了作者以哀动人、以悲感人的美学观。
Close-up capital can not get rid of the contradictions and mental anguish caused by successive collisions caused by frustration, is intended to explain the suffering and sorrow of life, revealed the author sad and moving, with sorrow of people aesthetic.

14. 假如他的队友跟着他接连不断地对判罚抱怨,那么这支湖人队的注意力将会过多地转移到一些他们本不该去注意的东西,却忽视了他们需要做的事情。
And if his teammates follow his lead in complaining constantly about the officiating, this Lakers team can easily become more focussed on what`s not going in their favor than they are on what they need to do.

15. 接连不断的翻译

15. 假如他的队友跟着他接连不断地对判罚抱怨,那么这支湖人队的注意力将会过多地转移到一些他们本不该去注意的东西,却忽视了他们需要做的事情。
And if his teammates follow his lead incomplaining constantly about the officiating, this Lakers team caneasily become more focussed on what`s not going in their favor thanthey are on what they need to do.

16. 我们仿佛在接连不断的危机中举步维艰。
We seem to stagger from one crisis to the next.

17. 据介绍,在自2008年1月开始至今的第三次大规模挖掘中,山东诸城恐龙化石群重大发现接连不断,截至目前已发现恐龙化石15000多块,不但发现了目前世界上最大的鸭嘴恐龙化石,还首次发现了大型角龙类化石。
It is understood that many significant discoveries have been successively revealed since the third large scale excavation of fossils began at January of 2008. So far more than 15, 000 fossils have been discovered. Not only the fossils of the largest duck-billed dinosaur in the world have been found; but also the fossils of a unique horned dinosaur had been discovered for the first time.

18. 接连不断的近义词

18. 他们可以在驶过敌舰的过程中接连不断的开火。
This way they could sail past the enemy and fire a broadside after broadside in rapid succession.

19. 一年前,当踌躇满志的我,带着美好的憧憬来到了 galaxy ,面对海外事业部忙碌而步伐匆匆的同事,接连不断的电话声,会议室里的各抒己见,传真机传出的一摞又摞的单据时,体会着 galaxy 人为建设百年 galaxy 的奋斗精神,体会着一种收获的喜悦,一种奋斗的满足,深深感受到企业发展的勃勃生机。
One year again, when I entered into Galary with great ambition and wonderful dream, face to abroad department coworkers step hasty, phone continuously, speak out each suggestion in the meeting room, fax one copy by one copy data, I could deeply feel galary person's striving spirit for 100 years galary buliding, the gladness of gain, the satify of striving, and also the vigor and vitality of the enterprise development.

20. 接连不断什么意思

20. 到头来,是非曲折的纠缠,烦心恼人的折磨,如堕深渊的恐慌和人气下跌的痛苦,将会接连不断的发生,美好的人生毁于一旦是多么可惜的事情啊!
In the end, non-tortuous struggle, bother annoying torture, such as falling into the abyss of fear and pain of popular fall will be the occurrence of successive, destroyed a beautiful life What a pity thing ah!