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facebook 双语例句

1. A lot of people are talking about a Facebook app that lets you solicit anonymous feedback from people who know you.

2. It is no coincidence that sites such as Facebook began as exclusive enclaves.
Facebook 之类的网站开始将自己排除在互联网之外不是偶然的。

3. If you want to find out the value of your Facebook Page, go check out Vitrue`s new Social Page Evaluator.
如果你想了解你的Facebook的价值页,去看看 Vitrue的新的社会网页计算器。

4. Can I throw this picture of us on my facebook..
我可以把这张我们的合照放到我的 Facebook 上吗…拜

5. I suppose when you look at the copy and the video and Facebook page together, the target audience is people in their early twenties, so it might work in terms of creating a buzz around college campuses.

6. He has more than 5200 proponents on Facebook.

7. That's why when FaceBook renovate its system to embedded Twitter-like features more visibly in its user interface, Twitter starts to cry.

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8. In my social circle, I find many people got a Facebook account.
21* 在我的社交圈子中,我发现很多人都有Facebook的帐户。

9. But if you want to ask when the Facebook wiil be on the market, my answer is that would be in two years or three.

10. About two years ago, Facebook into the news once ran rampant in China.

11. For example, writing on a Facebook Wall is a form of personal publishing, but we just don't generally look at it in that way.

12. facebook的反义词

12. Rich guys don't want to socialize only with one another, and once you let in enough attractive young women and such your VIP site loses it cachet and everyone might as well just hang out on Facebook, which Metcalfe's law teaches us is exponentially more useful anyway.
富人不想只和富人接触交流,一旦你让足够多年轻漂亮的姑娘加入,你的富人专享网站就失去了它的尊贵,所有的人可能都会去Facebook上呆着。根据梅特卡夫定律(Metcalfe's law),网络的价值与其节点的平方成正比。

13. To join the next YPEX Photography Group Events, please visit YPEX's Facebook Page or leave me a message.

14. I am saying to get vigorously, the friend is interrupted I say, facebook can care offer Plug-in and port, next with the form of 2, let others develop, oneself receive Money, get the business that pays close attention to oneself as to oneself, want oneself to run in hardware, cost and risk are too high.

15. You are the friend of Buddhist nun of tower of row of my friend cloth, can we become Facebook good friend?

16. You can let Facebook pull contacts from a Web-based e-mail account.
你可以让 Facebook 从基于网络的电子邮件帐户中寻找联系人。

17. The retailer can also make that connection when it is offering coupons to its Facebook fans, like Filene`s Basement is doing.
零售商也可以通过向它的Facebook粉丝们发放优惠券的时候而联系到他们,就像Filene`s Basement正在做的那样。

18. facebook是什么意思

18. I'm looking for someone that can get 15, 000 facebook fans to my fan page.

19. I need 10, 000 facebook fans to my page.

20. I am looking for 5k targeted fans for my Facebook page.

facebook 单语例句

1. By comparison, it takes Facebook about one petabyte of data storage space to hold 40 billion photos.

2. Click " Like " on the Le Chef Facebook page for a 50 percent discount on the a la carte dinner menu till Dec 18.

3. Alibaba is taking a cue from US Internet companies including Facebook Inc and Twitter Inc, which have used private investment rounds to let employees cash in shares.

4. Adam Winfield sent Facebook messages to his parents saying that his fellow soldiers had murdered a civilian and were planning to kill more.

5. This effectively transformed the site into a hybrid of Facebook and Twitter, adapting the latter's system but allowing lengthy postings like the former.

6. A man was captured after allegedly burgling a home when he used a computer in the house to check his Facebook profile.

7. It is popping up on Facebook pages and discussed in the comments section on YouTube, where the original clip gets a steady stream of views.

8. Photos on the couple's Facebook page they previously had gotten close to Obama.

9. Members also received cellphone text messages that classes are closed and that details are available at Planet Yoga's Facebook account.

10. The Air Force is on Twitter, and the US Navy's Pacific Command has a Facebook page with plenty of photos.