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业务往来 双语例句

1. 如贵公司有意与我司建立该商品的业务往来,请提出具体要求,以便寄上样品、目录以及详细说明。
If your company want to cooperate with ours, please give us your specific requirement so we can send you our sample, dectory and details.

2. 业务往来的解释

2. 我公司除了对自身产品进行严格检验外,也可为客户提供的样品进行检验,给出科学的检验证明,除时刻加强自身的检验水平外,我们还与梧州市技术监督局、广西区计量所保持良好手业务往来和合作关系,长期接受上级权威检验单位的监督和指导。
Quality Assurance is the number one goal we tried to achieve, through out each process quality inspection are always on site to make sure each of the steel strip are up to standard. Since year 2000 SJS certified in ISO 9001. Quality control department now has 22 people, responsible for the cold-rolled and heat treatment steel strip inspection. Our laboratory has wide range of advanced inspection equipment and gauge such as

3. 企业与其关联方之间的业务往来如果不符合独立交易原则而减少企业的应纳税所得的,税务机关有权按照合理方法进行调整,需要补征税款的应加收利息;加强对关联交易申报的要求以促进反避税检查
The New Law contains various anti-tax-avoidance provisions, which includes the following:Tax authorities are empowered to make tax adjustments and impose interest surcharges if a transaction between an enterprise and its related enterprise does not comply with the arm`s length principle

4. 我们同ABC公司已有多年的业务往来,从他们那里了解到贵公司并得知你们经营各种纺织品的进出口。
We would like to you that a number of our clients Chinese meat.

5. 目前已与名闻遐迩的中迅、三菱、苏迅、长江等全国三十多家自动扶梯制造商建立了良好的业务往来,并被这些厂家列为长期定点配套单位。
At present we set up the good business relation with thirty famous manufactureer such as ZhongXun. MITSUBISHI, ShuXun, Yang Zhi River, ect. These factories vegard as prescribed dot equipment for long term.

6. 与该外国企业或组织有业务往来的银行出具的资信证明正本,外国企
The documents of the foreign enterprise or organization must be verified by the local Chinese embassy.

7. 我们愿与贵公司建立业务往来。
We would like to set up business constract with your company.

8. 本公司作为代理,有关我的财务情况,请向我业务往来银行横滨银行查询。若有其他进一步要求,本公司定当尽力满足。
Our bankers, the Yoki hama Bank, will give you particulars of our financial position as an agency, and we shall be pleased to furnish any information which you may require.

9. 毫不犹豫地与我们开展业务往来,你会尽最大的渔翁得利。
Do not hesitate to do business with us, you will make utmost profit from it.

10. 企业在对客户进行细分之后,会根据不同的客户制定不同的市场策略,销售策略,服务策略,所以客户活动管理模块可以帮助企业将每个与企业有业务往来的客户之间的活动做出记载,企业通过这里可以了解到哪些客户会对自身发展代来更大的价值。
After analyzing the customers painstakingly, corporation will hand tailor different market policy, selling policy, and service policy at the base of different customer which has bean skilled plotted out. Corporation will note customer`s activities that have contact with them, and know who are their customers that can give them much more profits.

11. 我司现与上百家进出口商有业务往来,拥有多名专业报关人员办理报关手续。
I Division are hundreds of importers and exporters with business, with more than professional personnel for customs declarations.

12. 我司现与上百家进出口商有业务往来,拥有多名专业报关人员办理报关手续。
Secretary and I are on the 100 traders doing business with more than professional staff for customs declaration procedures.

13. 业务往来

13. 为上海电机厂集团,上海浩杰机电设备有限公司,制造加工汽轮发电机,大型直流电机,高速电机的零部件生产,也积极参与和关注海外企业的合作,与日本OPK 株式社,日本车辆株式会社有着良好的业务往来。
Shanghai Electric Works Group, Shanghai-ho-Mechanical and Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd., manufacturing processing turbine generator, large motor, high-speed motor parts and components production, but also active participation and cooperation of the concerned overseas enterprises, and Japan's OPK-strain, the Japanese vehicles Co., Ltd. has a good business.

14. 上海墨诗进出口贸易有限公司是一家自营进出口的贸易公司现代理工厂的产品为主,是跨地区跨行业的企业,主要业务经营进出口贸易,公司建立了以多种经营项目等与世界20多个国家和地区有业务往来和合作关系,主营产品家电电子小五金工具工艺品日用品服装鞋帽,陶瓷家具玩具建材等
Is an import-export trading company in modern justifications for the plant products, are the formation of trans-regional enterprises, the main import and export trade business, the company set up by a variety of operating projects and World more than 20 countries and regions have business contacts and cooperation between Main Products Home Appliances Electronics Crafts commodity hardware tools clothing, hats, footwear, ceramics and other building materials furniture toys

15. 在国际市场方面,与美国、德国、日本、韩国等多个国家建立了良好的业务往来及合作关系,并且已成为国内外多家著名IT品牌的产品配套供应商。
In the international market, with the United States, Germany, Japan, South Korea and other countries to establish a good business and cooperative relations, and has become more than well-known domestic and foreign brands of IT products supporting suppliers.

16. 业务往来

16. 我们将支持合格企业的国际化步伐,境外投资和依照国际惯例进行国际业务往来。
We will support qualified enterprises in going global, making overseas investments and conducting international business in line with general international practices.

17. 公司创建与1986年,与全球100多个国家和地区有密切的业务往来。
Founded in 1986 and, with more than 100 countries and regions have close business links.

18. 911查询·英语单词大全

18. 在长期的国际贸易实践中,本公司积累了较丰富的商务经验和对产品质量的检验和控制能力,并与国内外许多纺织品厂家和商行保持多年的业务往来。
Ltd., as the textiles importer and exporter, has much experience and commercial knowledge in international trading business and the ability of quality control over the textiles production.

19. 交易净利润法,是指按照没有关联关系的交易各方进行相同或者类似业务往来取得的净利润水平确定利润的方法
Net transaction profit method, a method by which the profit is determined according to the net profit obtained from identical or similar transactions between unrelated parties

20. 2000年的智威汤逊只与跨国公司有业务往来,而到现在,超过40%的营业额来自本土公司,当中不乏国有企业和民营企业的身影。
The abdicate of Zhi Wei soup 2000 has business dealings with transnational corporation only, and to now, the turnover of more than 40% comes from native land company, the form of state-owned company and civilian battalion enterprise theres is no lack of in the center.