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AMIS 基本解释

1. 艾米斯:艾米斯(Amis)居住在伦敦,当他决定到遥远的上海工作时,却为雇主开出的薪水而犹豫了:这份月薪只有一万元人民币的工作是否值得自己远赴异国呢?艾米斯决定征求一位中国互联网博客的意见. 这位名叫王建硕的中国博客拥有一个英文Blog(网络日志),

2. AMIS的近义词

2. 阿美族:阿美族(Amis)为台湾原住民,分布于花莲县、台东县和屏东县境内,大部份居于平地,很少居住于山谷之中,为母系社会,人口约十六万余人,是原住民中人口最多的一族.

3. 埃米斯:AMIS || Agricultural Management Information System 农业管理信息系统 | Amis || 埃米斯 | Amman || 安曼(约旦首都)

4. 阿美族哄睡歌 ):Amis ( 阿美族哄睡歌 ) | Atayal ( 泰雅族哄睡歌 ) | Atayal ( 泰雅族催眠曲 )

5. AMIS的意思

5. amis:the managerial information system; 管理信息系统

6. amis:automation management information system; 自动化管理信息系统

7. danci.911cha.com

7. amis:audio messaging interchange specification; 音频报文交换规格

8. amis:accounting management information system; 会计管理信息系统

AMIS 双语例句

1. The purpose of this thesis is to analyze the lexical structures of the'Amis language.

2. AMIS什么意思

2. I've always thought that the Amis are a people that use music to record their lives.
其实 我一直认为阿美族是用音乐来纪录生命的一群人。

3. I have now returned to Taitung, where I will continue my recording of Amis music in beautiful Dulan.

4. I'm never going to sleep with Martin Amis or anyone famous.
我从来没跟Martin Amis或者其他有名的男人睡过。21岁的时候,我浪费了成为世纪荡妇的机会。

5. But at least we know our amis on the other end of the pond are getting some scamware love, too.

6. Ninety-four DNA samples, including people from Amis, Atayal, Truku and Tsou tribes, were analyzed in this study.


7. MICA*019 were also found in Amis, Atayal, Truku and Tsou. It might be an ancient allele in Taiwan aborigines.

8. As the rise of the genetic anthropology, biological anthropologists had started to confer the population genetic relationships about Tawian aborigines for a span of time. And we wonder if the genetic information of Sakizaya would tell us more about their population composition that beyond the naked eye could distiguish. Therefore, my subject was first to reconstract the population history of Sakizaya, and re-evaluates their ethic destination. By next, it would examine the mitochondrial DNA for 9-bp deletion and HV I seqeunces of Sakizaya, the North Amis and and Middle Amis by moleular genetics technologies. And all these data were finally put into genetics analysis softwares to proceed for the further purpose, the distinguishable relationships between Sakizaya, the North Amis and the Middle Amis.


9. Lin A-long, the abbot of the local religious center-Shan Yun Temple, says that even Amis people who have moved to national apartments in Long En Pu still left a lot personal properties in the houses here, and because of the lack of gas provision in Long En Pu, they still come back to the original houses under the Sanying Bridge to cook and sleep.

10. Readers who wonder why writers as talented as Martin Amis and the 2006 Man Booker prize-winner, Kiran Desai, seem to flinch from writing about their own times should study Ms Seiffert.

11. AMIS

11. And, like the Amis youth hub, they have a lot of ancestral property, and you may not touch it. Because the land belongs to the entire ethnic group, you must first negotiate with them and be sure of what you want to do with it. All this is what we want to discuss with the government.

12. Bon chance, mes amis.

13. A vous mes amis, je vous envois tous mes voeux pour ce festival chinois de la mi-automne.

14. 911查询·英语单词大全

14. Comment allez-vous, mes amis?

15. The later test and modification in the progress of developing Web-Based AMIS is also an important procedure.

16. A distinction is made between content words, function words and derivational words to specify word formation of the'Amis language.

17. According to the composition of AMIS, the function and the information process of AMIS are analyzed, some key technologies such as the information payload of artificial satellite face to earth, the high speed communication rates and the chain circuit of satellite to satellite or satellite to earth, the information safety administration, the network safety and protection and so on are studied.

18. It does not describe the user interface to a voice messaging system, specify how to implement AMIS in a particular systems or limit the features a vendor may implement.
该技术规范没有将用户接口描述成话音信息发送系统,而是详细说明了真阳在一个特殊系统中实现 AMIS,或者是对生产商生产的产品功能进行限制。

19. A retired school teacher, Lin Yuanlan learned quite a bit of the Amis language.

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