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GTM 基本解释

1. GTM

1. 危地马拉:VUT 瓦努阿图 | GTM 危地马拉 | VEN 委内瑞拉

2. 工程陶瓷弹性模量试验仪:.SDY数显多孔抗压强度试验仪 | .GTM工程陶瓷弹性模量试验仪 | .SQW-B综合力学试验机

3. GTM的意思

3. 危地马拉共和国:GRD 格林纳达 | GTM 危地马拉(共和国) | GUI 几内亚(共和国)

4. 普通顶层域:GSMQ GenericSwitchManagementProtocol 普通开关管理协议 | GTM 普通顶层域 | GUSS GenericUserServices 普通用户业务

5. gtm:good this month; 本月有效

6. gtm:go to market; 我认为走上市场

7. gtm:global telecom market; 全球电信市场

GTM 双语例句

1. Otherwise, in this study, our sample firms are which list in TSE and GTM.

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2. In addition, this course covers configuring, monitoring and testing GTM Systems and networks, as well as dynamic and static load balancing, and GTM report screens.

3. HyVac Products, Inc.

4. And based on those measures two I/O linear scalable feature selection algorithms, StaFSOS and EnFSOS, are accurately constructed. 2 On the basis of Quotient Space theory and EnFSOS, granular transformation RBF classification model, GTM-CORBUNfast is constructed. The correctness of this model is proved by complete partial lattice, lattice tree search and property preserved theorems.

5. This article that use GTM method and Marshall method separately carries on a comparing combination design of bituminous mixtures.

6. Developing and program producing of GTM, He and his team have set

7. Put forward to the construction technique complete set of GTM forming method and framework dense gradation.

8. Participants will also gain knowledge of the essential GTM management interfaces that assist network managers.

9. danci.911cha.com

9. The GTM mix design method that apply sciences reason logically and adopt principle of stress and strain to carry on the design.

10. The high speed flexible coupling absorbs the radial and axial misalignment between the GTM and the main reduction gear.
高速灵活的联结吸收辐形和轴向不同心度在GTM 和主要减少齿轮之间。

11. Use GTM as a mobile marketing tool, for promotions, locating business colleagues, or for fun with family and friends.
使用 GTM ,如一件易变营销的工具,找出商业同事,或者跟家庭和朋友一起玩。

12. Only in countries such as Germany or Hawaii, with high power prices, does that final price of electricity from solar compete with that from the grid, notes industry consultancy GTM research.

13. Application of GTM design in flexible base construction

14. Research on the Gradation of Rubber-asphalt Mixtures Based on GTM

15. Applicable for PICANOL GTM type rapier loom made in Belgium.

16. Application of GTM in material designing for high grade bituminous pavement;

17. Gyratory Testing Machine (GTM) method designs asphalt mixture with mechanical properties index. It was proved that this designed mixture has good rutting resistance and strong adaptability to heavy traffic.

18. GTM的意思

18. The six graded curve are selected for ultra-thin asphalt concrete SAC-10. The comparison testing of GTM (Gyratory Testing Machine) and MARSHALL is completed. The mechanics index and volume index are tested and comparison analysis is completed.