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aimed 基本解释

1. A swarm of Jurassic insects and reptiles, allegory of the long terrestrial migration the Pendulum was tracing, aimed at me like angry archons with their long archeopterix-beaks; the planes of Bréguet, Blériot, Esnault, and the helicopter of Dufaux.

2. In the statistical data that basically is aimed at market of aviation of German low cost in this, involved current situation of aerial of European low cost partly among them.

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3. Aimed at PPP projects` risk distribution problem, cooperative game theory is introduced. Some of the PPP project risks can be taken alone, the others need two or more partners` cooperative effort. For the latter, shapley value method is used to determine the income of interested parties from shared risk. The income is normalized to obtain weights of interested parties. Then the risk value which each partner should undertake is determined. And an example is given to illustrate this method.

4. This project aimed to design the setup menus of C2 Microsystems's Network Media Player, TV menu. The TV setup includ the language setting, time setting, video setting adn the audio setting.

5. In this thesis, we aimed at the application of PID and neural network technology in the montion control and try to design a better system for Underwater Vehicles.

6. Chapter 4 is about the corresponding opinions and suggestions aimed to implement comprehensive income report and relevant problem, which aims at the characteristics and current situations of the income statement of our country.

7. aimed的解释

7. The research aimed to optimize the extraction technology of ursolic acid from leaves of Sinojackia sarcocarpa L.

8. A group of Catholic conspirators aimed to blow up the Houses of Parliament in Westminster London while the King was present hoping to foment a Catholic revolution.

9. aimed

9. A group of Catholic conspirators aimed to blow document. write; ad_dst = ad_dst 1; up the Houses of Parliament in Westminster London while the King was present hoping to foment a Catholic revolution.

10. aimed的翻译

10. The disadvantages of point count method were also pointed out, and the use of this method in conjunction with net-catch was suggested, aimed to improve the accuracy of bird survey.

11. Aside from coaching basketball, Lu Libi is also responsible for the team's extracurricular lessons on Tzu Chi's work and philosophy, which are aimed at imparting the value of humanity.

12. Be aimed at above problem, national fishery management department put forward those who build fisher to discard as useless the basic conception with buy out system.

13. The study aimed to provide the base for hybrid identificationof Patinopecten yessoensis×Chlamys f arreri population and paternity testing in family in great scale.

14. This paper is aimed at functions, function and a series of parameter improper integral uniform convergence of discriminate method to make a brief summary.

15. UniCom of shift of Chinese telecommunication, China, China also is aimed at oneself business characteristic to be begun actively check oneself from correct.

16. aimed什么意思

16. The research topics and research ideas and methods aimed at playing a reference for Tianjin Shengyuanxiang Metal Material Sales Co., Ltd. to develop marketing strategies.

17. Behind the perfectly aimed blow we might find the slender, bracelet- tinkling wrist of an Ogiva seized by cold and bloody frenzy, or Image's playful fingers, rocking the dagger to and fro by the blade, then flinging it through the air with inspired abandon along a trajectory that strikes its target almost by chance; or we might find LandLady Macbeth's claw, shifting the curtains of the bedrooms at night as she imposes her presence on the sleepers'breathing.

18. The study aimed to find the optimum RDI project and supply theoretical basis for water-saving and high-yield cultivation.

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19. Aimed at the problem of bolt supporting failure caused by the nut from roof bolt tearing and drilling through the clamp and strip, the mechanics property tests of component cooperation including bolt, clamp, strip and nut were performed in laboratory.

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20. This paper is mainly aimed at making more and more structural engineers to know FRP and promoting future application of FRP for civil structures. CFRP, GFRP, AFRP, BFRP
我国自20 世纪90年代末开展碳纤维片材加固混凝土结构的丁程应用研究以来,尤其是《碳纤维片材加固混凝土结构技术规程》颁布以来,碳纤维片材在加固领域的应用迅猛上升,2004年全年,r】量已达到80余万1n2.1 四种FRP材料的性能比较1。

aimed 单语例句