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tempting英 [ˈtemptɪŋ] 美 [ˈtɛmptɪŋ] 


tempting 基本解释

1. tempting

1. A nap is a tempting idea.

tempting 网络解释

1. 吸引人的:superficial 表面现象的 | tempting 吸引人的 | time-honored 久享盛名的

2. 有诱惑力的:97. main cause主因 | 98. tempting有诱惑力的 | 99. reliable可靠的

3. \u0064\u0061\u006E\u0063\u0069\u002E\u0039\u0031\u0031\u0063\u0068\u0061\u002E\u0063\u006F\u006D

3. 诱惑人的,吸引人的:61. tangible 切实的 | 62. tempting 诱惑人的,吸引人的 | 63. tiring 疲劳的,累人的

4. \u0039\u0031\u0031\u67E5\u8BE2\u00B7\u82F1\u8BED\u5355\u8BCD

4. 吸引人的 attractive 吸引人的:272 since 因为 because 因为 | 313 tempting 吸引人的 attractive 吸引人的 | 314 thankful 感谢 grateful 感激

tempting 双语例句

1. Of course, because we have sentimentalized our plants, it`s tempting to read their lives, like tea leaves, for clues to our own.

2. tempting的反义词

2. It can be tempting to forgo communication tools, like huddles, when you're in the end game and near project finish.

3. Anthony Travers, a former managing partner of Maples and Calder who chairs the Cayman Islands Financial Services Association, argues that this bill would damage the American economy, by tempting hedge funds to move their managers from Connecticut to the Caymans, for example.
Maples and Calder律师事务所的前任合伙人、开曼群岛金融服务监管局现任主席安东尼·特拉维斯表示,这项议案将导致对冲基金将其经理自康涅狄格州转移至开曼群岛等后果,从而使美国经济毁于一旦。

4. tempting的近义词

4. It is a tempting contemporary problem for a nation to be acknowledged in the cultural globalization and to insist on one`s cultural identity at the same time. This thesis took U.

5. They lie still under an ultra-violet lamp, tempting fate with skin cancer.

6. In an age of computer-guided antitank missless and radar spy satellites, it is tempting to see war as nothing more than a technological joust.

7. tempting什么意思

7. But those tempting IPOs keep coming, and corporate investors are still lining up.

8. tempting的近义词

8. At places like Chartres, it`s easy — and tempting — to overlook this other side, the ugly side, of our nature.

9. The astonishing lack of security at the Westward Ho tests makes this a tempting hypothesis- after all, the technology so disclosed would not exactly useful be useful to the Germans.

10. I long to be seductive and tempting.

11. tempting

11. The path of least resistance—of fund-raisers organized by the special interests, the corporate PACs, and the top lobbying shops—starts to look awfully tempting, and if the opinions of these insiders don`t quite jibe with those you once held, you learn to rationalize the changes as a matter of realism, of compromise, of learning the ropes.

12. tempting

12. A time of misrule, when every principle is turned on its head, is a tempting thing indeed.

13. \u0039\u0031\u0031\u67E5\u8BE2\u00B7\u82F1\u8BED\u5355\u8BCD

13. What's the most tempting factor for you to work for your current company?

14. Today, the history of the most tempting to buy gifts online this activity carried out!

15. tempting的意思

15. Carrying a cell phone right in your pocket is far too tempting for most of the drivers on the road.

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16. While hooking back up with an ex is tempting, most of remember exactly why we broke up in the first place.

17. tempting是什么意思

17. For each of the KP-ONE provides the most convenient, in the best and most tempting is the flag of goods King's mission, which is also our brand concept, and consistently put into practice.

18. 911查询·英语单词大全

18. The book ends with a touching exhortation to the people to turn to God who on His part promises the most tempting blessings.

19. Answer: The sins forbidden in the first commandment are, atheism, in denying or not having a God; idolatry, in having or worshiping more gods than one, or any with or instead of the true God; the not having and avouching him for God, and our God; the omission or neglect of anything due to him, required in this commandment; ignorance, forgetfulness, misapprehensions, false opinions, unworthy and wicked thoughts of him; bold and curious searching into his secrets; all profaneness, hatred of God; self-love, self-seeking, and all other inordinate and immoderate setting of our mind, will, or affections upon other things, and taking them off from him in whole or in part; vain credulity, unbelief, heresy, misbelief, distrust, despair, incorrigibleness, and insensibleness under judgments, hardness of heart, pride, presumption, carnal security, tempting of God; using unlawful means, and trusting in lawful means; carnal delights and joys; corrupt, blind, and indiscreet zeal; lukewarmness, and deadness in the things of God; estranging ourselves, and apostatizing from God; praying, or giving any religious worship, to saints, angels, or any other creatures; all compacts and consulting with the devil, and hearkening to his suggestions; making men the lords of our faith and conscience; slighting and despising God and his commands; resisting and grieving of his Spirit, discontent and impatience at his dispensations, charging him foolishly for the evils he inflicts on us; and ascribing the praise of any good we either are, have, or can do, to fortune, idols, ourselves, or any other creature.

20. Anthropomorphizing nonhuman minds is tempting but likely to lead to serious errors.

tempting 词典解释

If something is tempting, it makes you want to do it or have it.

e.g. In the end, I turned down Raoul's tempting offer of the Palm Beach trip...
e.g. If you're slimming, resisting tempting goodies becomes a measure of your 'success' as a woman...

The good news is that prices are still temptingly low.

tempting 单语例句


1. very pleasantly inviting

e.g. a tantalizing aroma
a tempting repast

Synonym: tantalizingtantalising

2. highly attractive and able to arouse hope or desire

e.g. an alluring prospect
her alluring smile
the voice was low and beguiling
difficult to say no to an enticing advertisement
a tempting invitation

Synonym: alluringbeguilingenticing