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stampedes 基本解释

1. stampedes是什么意思

1. It was often bitterly hard. The cowboy had to protect his herd from the dangers of wild animals and thieves, from snowstorms, tornadoes, desert sunstroke, and stampedes, however lonely and dangerous they are.

2. stampedes的解释

2. Roz Schanzer`s delightful illustrations will keep readers laughing and learning from cover to cover as they see the cowpokes deal with dust, flies, bad food, hail, stampedes, and even treacherous outlaws!
Roz Schanzer的插图幽默滑稽,十分讨人喜欢,牛仔迁徙的途中充满了各种意外和危险,如:尘土、苍蝇、腐烂的食物、冰雹、牛群惊跑乱窜,甚至还有心怀不轨的歹徒!但是,作者却通过自己的笔触让这些场景变得十分让人捧腹,小读者们一定会从头到尾一直笑个不停!

3. stampedes的意思

3. People have studied the most disastrous forms of collective human behavior, such as crowd stampedes induced by panic, which often lead to fatalities as people are crushed or trampled.

4. Surgical experience by 95 malformed stampedes and otosclerosis

5. Thus the latest data series, coming on the heels of stampedes for cooking oil, serves as another reminder of over-heating.

6. Maybe there are emotional stampedes that ripple through social networks.

7. Spiralling food prices have already triggered stampedes at supermarkets for discounted goods.

8. Global disaster databases such as EM-DAT do not track human stampedes.

9. stampedes的翻译

9. More needs to be done to understand stampedes, the authors argue.

10. But they highlight the Hajj in Saudi Arabia one of the world's largest annual pilgrimages as an example of where the introduction of traffic and safety rules has successfully prevented stampedes.

11. stampedes的近义词

11. Say goodbye to human stampedes and bad department store muzak.

12. stampedes是什么意思

12. Such benchmarks can trigger bubbles or stampedes.

13. Have you ever had one of those weeks where the chaos of your home life utterly stampedes on your work life? What happened? How did you cope?

14. The Chinese capital on Friday banned Halloween costumes from its subway system, warning they could cause panic and stampedes.

15. All attempts to destroy young Zarathushtra failed; fire would not burn him nor would animals crush him in stampedes;

16. stampedes

16. Stampedes are caused by either panic attempts to escape a threat or when people in a crowd rush to see something gratifying.

17. Especially the stampedes occur frequently in recent decades, high alert about pedestrian evacuation was aroused in the whole society and the pedestrian traffic problems were look forward to be studied.

18. Later the United States was to see stampedes of miners who rushed westward to find gold.

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19. At times, terrible stampedes have left worshippers injured or even killed.

20. Security is tight and safety measures have been improvedtoprevent a repeat of stampedes which have killed thousands overtheyears.

stampedes 单语例句

1. Here is a chronology of some of the worst stampedes of recent years.

2. A baby and a woman died after they were crushed in stampedes in crowded voting booths in the east of the country on Sunday.

3. In the several school stampedes that have taken place in the past couple of years, narrow staircases were seen as the direct culprit.

4. Researchers say walruses hauling out on shore could lead to deadly stampedes and too much pressure on prey within swimming range.

5. Such stampedes remain a danger at large events in Nigeria, where police often have no formal training handling large crowds.

6. Owing to the huge crowds, there have often been stampedes during this ritual in the past.

7. In rural India, insufficient security to control crowds often causes stampedes and deaths.

8. Zhang has looked into the causes of 28 school stampedes in the last decade and said he believes the majority could have been avoided.

9. Dirty shoes are just one of the bitter results of such near stampedes.

10. Emergencies such as stampedes and disturbances by football fans are also possible, he added.